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LipotropiX 120 capsules

LipotropiX 120 capsules

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Brand: Xymogen
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Xymogen LipotropiX 120 capsules

Xymogen LipotropiX Comprehensive Lipotropic Formula

LipotropiX supports normal liver function by providing a specialized liver formula. 

What LipotropiX is Best For

LipotropiX may be used for the following:
  • Supports Normal Fat Digestion and Metabolism
  • Supports Normal Blood Levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Supports Normal Synthesis of Bile in the Liver
  • Supports Normal Bile Flow
  • Supports Normal Balance Among Bile Components
  • Supports Normal Elimination of Bodily Waste

How LipotropiX Works

Greater Celandine stimulates production of bile and pancreatic digestive enzymes. Animal and in vitro studies have shown this herb can relieve gallbladder spasms and stimulate a sluggish gallbladder. Two clinical trials, (including one double-blind, placebo-controlled), demonstrated the effectiveness of greater celandine extract in reducing the symptoms of indigestion such as fullness, cramping, nausea, etc.

Dandelion, used medicinally as far back as the tenth and eleventh centuries, today among other uses is employed for indigestion, bile stimulation and as a general stimulant, especially for kidney and liver disorders. Dandelion may be hepatochemoprotective, may increase antioxidant liver enzymes, reduce lipid peroxidation and normalize blood lipid levels.

Guggul Extract contains guggulsterone, a selective modulator of a particular bile acid receptor called (Farnesoid X receptor(FXR). Guggul's hypolipidemic effect possibly results from expression of the bile salt export pump through FXR-mediated antagonism and/or transactivation through the AP-1 element.

Choline is involved in cholesterol transport, mobilizing and removing excess fat from the liver. It is produced in the liver through methylation of phosphatidylethanolamine. Choline is sometimes used as a hepatoprotectant. Taurine, synthesized in the body from methionine and cysteine is considered (conditionally essential. It is required for efficient fat absorption and conjugation of bile acids to solubilize cholesterol thereby increasing its excretion.

Taurine is used to protect the liver and to maintain healthy lipid levels. Inositol Hexanicotinate is believed to decrease the mobilization of free fatty acids (especially nocturnal ) and inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Once metabolized, the inositol in this compound is freed up and may work synergistically with other nutrients in LipotropiX such as choline and methionine to support healthy blood lipid levels and to minimize the build up of fats in the liver.

Methionine, a sulfur-containing essential amino acid, is one of the body's most important methyl donors, is used for liver support, especially to prevent accumulation of fat in the liver

LipotropiX Serving Size 

Take two capsules twice daily with meals.

LipotropiX Ingredients

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Niacin (an inositol hexanicotinate) 375 mg 1875%
Choline Dihydrogen Citrate 200 mg **
Inositol Hexanicotinate 500 mg **
Guggulsterones (from guggul extract)(Commiphora mukul)(gum exudate) 37.5 mg **
L-Methionine 200 mg **
Taurine 100 mg **
Dandelion 4:1 Extract (Taraxacum officinale)(root) 75 mg **
Greater Celandine 4:1 Extract (Chelidonium majus)(whole plant) 50 mg **

** Daily Value not established.

All XYMOGEN Formulas Meet or Exceed cGMP Quality Standards.

Other Ingredients: HPMC (vegetable capsule), magnesium stearate, stearic acid.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Wheat, gluten, corn protein, yeast, soy, animal or dairy products, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Vegetable Capsules

Suitable for vegetarians

LipotropiX Side Effects

See label for side effects.

LipotropiX Where to Buy

LipotropiX product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy LipotropiX Online here at or our clinic.

Xymogen's Exclusive Professional Formulas including LipotropiX 120 capsules are only available through selected licensed health care professionals.

The online sale and discounting of Xymogen formulas are strictly prohibited. Therefore if you plan to buy LipotropiX 120 capsules online and you compare LipotropiX 120 capsules prices, you should find that all prices for LipotropiX are the same recommended retail selling price.

As licenced health care professionals, Acupuncture Atlanta makes Xymogen formulas such as LipotropiX available only to patients of our clinic. If you are a patient of Acupuncture Atlanta, you may inquire about buying LipotropiX online by calling (404) 233-5080.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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