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Xymogen Vitamins and Supplements


About Xymogen

The company Xymogen is a family-owned health sciences (nutraceutical) organization that manufactures innovative, high-quality dietary supplements available exclusively to authorized healthcare practitioners, who recommend Xymogen products to their patients after assessing their medical history and carrying out their unique biochemical requirements. This practitioner-exclusivity approach also allows the actual use of the Xymogen supplements to be supervised by a qualified healthcare professional. All formulas are created after taking into consideration the individual feedback the company receives from their customers and licensed healthcare providers, while the company’s core mission is to help people achieve their best possible health and lead a healthy lifestyle of wellness. Xymogen products are distributed to several countries worldwide, including Canada, China, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Indonesia.


The People-First Culture

Xymogen’s core principle is to find creative and effective ways to link what their employees find important of the meaning of the organization. To achieve that, the company:

  • Provides training, education, and resources for their staff to sharpen their skills and find even more delight in what they do.
  • Offers team members 24/7 access to exercise facilities and a fitness center with weights and treadmills as a means to encourage health, fitness, and play.
  • Creates a dynamic business environment that fosters initiatives and problem-solving.
  • Established an organizational structure that promotes and values every team member’s opinions and thoughts.

The Xymogen Facility

Founded in 2003, Xymogen has already expanded to several countries. It constructed a 136,000 sq.ft., state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing facility in Orlando, Florida in 2012, featuring an ultramodern packaging and manufacturing system, which includes a 4,000 sq.ft., full service laboratory where all raw materials and goods are tested, a merchandize center, a conference center that hosts educational programs year-round, and administrative services, among others. The facility is built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and offers not only several “green” qualities but also a friendly and satisfying work environment.

Manufacturing Xymogen Supplements

Most of Xymogen products are manufactured at the company’s Orlando-based manufacturing facility. However, some of them are outsourced to a select few organizations in the USA, each currently GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-registered by either TGA (Australian’s Therapeutic Goods Association), NPA (Natural Products Association), or NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation).

The ePedigree Electronic Track & Trace Program

Pedigree laws have been enacted to make it extremely difficult for criminals to introduce counterfeit or otherwise illegitimate drugs (stolen, adulterated, improperly stored, up-labeled or diverted) to the US market. An ePedigree is an electronic document, a record, which provides information on the history of a particular batch of a pharmaceutical product. What it does is trace the changes in ownership of a drug, starting from the manufacturer and documenting every step of its way until it reaches the company or individual that dispenses or administers it. Although Pedigree laws affect mostly pharma products rather than natural health and supplement organizations, Xymogen’s increasing market presence (hence, the likeliness of having their products counterfeited) urged the nutraceutical company to implement an ePedigree program, which is an industry-first initiative, as a means to protect their customers and their patients against fraud and ensure that authentic Xymogen products have not only been properly stored and shipped, but also have valid manufacture or expiration dates. For the same reason, each Xymogen label comes with QR codes embedded with a unique serial number that is scanned into the company’s ePedigree system before shipping.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives - CleanSeas

A program called CleanSeas, launched in 2017, is a massive cleanup effort that aims to limit the production and consumption of plastic bags, bottles, straws, and other single-use and non-recoverable plastics, and consequently reduce marine litter. Xymogen has joined this collective attempt for a greener environment and is part of a particularly exclusive group of corporations that support the United Nations on this vital environmental problem. The initiative encourages not only community but also government and corporate involvement and is backed up by companies like Volvo and Dell computers, as well as international governments including Canada, Italy, Sweden, the UK, and Kenya. As a member of CleanSeas, Xymogen now uses thin-film dose packs (as a replacement of plastic bottles) which are packaged in paper cartons. Moreover, Xymogen encourages its customers (and their patients) to follow suggestions to help curb the use of plastic from the CleanSeas initiative. The company also calls people to take the pledge to stop using single-use plastic straws by tweeting their planet-protection message, tagging #StopSucking, as well as read the how-to-protect-the-environment tips posted on their website.

The MedPax Program

This program was created to allow the company to further limit its use of plastics. Patients can now ask to receive their practitioner-recommended daily formulas in thin-plastic serving packets that include significantly less plastic. This initiative reduces the use of the large, plastic tubs/bottles that are usually used to contain powders and is expected to deliver a 40% reduction on Xymogen’s use of plastic.

Awards & Recognitions

Inc. Magazine’s 5000 List of Fastest Growing Corporations Xymogen has been recognized as one of the best-operated and fastest growing private companies in the country making its way in the Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list not only once but nine times. Xymogen became a member of the Honor Roll Alumni that comprises of an elite group of companies (considering their overall annual revenue growth over a three-year period), such as Microsoft, Zappos, and Under Armour, which has made it to the list, at least, five times. Only a mere 5% of the current 5,000 honorees, though, has been featured nine or more times, which makes Xymogen part of the elite of the elite.

XaQuil XR Product of the Month

Xymogen’s XaQuil XR was named Finished Product of the Year 2016 and Strategic Product of the Year by NutraIngredients and Vitafoods respectively. The formula is used to treat depression and is an extended-release medical food.

Awarded for Most Demanding GMP

In 2016, Xymogen received a prestigious certification from the Australian equivalent to the American FDA, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), for having the most stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit processes in the nutraceutical industry.

2017 Central Florida Manufacturer of the Year Award

Xymogen received the 2017 Award of Excellence for Manufacturer of the Year from the MACF (Manufacturers Association of Central Florida) after undergoing a rigorous analysis and inspection process. That aside, MACF also identified the company’s attention to its operations and workforce as exemplary.

Xymogen Notable Products

GlutAloeMine – It enhances digestive function and protects the gastrointestinal tract. Due to its ingredients, it can help prevent a laxative effect while also promoting gut microflora. OptiCleanse GHI – A vegan-suited formula that aids in the detoxification of the body and supports gastrointestinal and hepatic function. It also fosters healthy cytokine metabolism and provides eicosanoid balance. 5-HTP CR – It is used to increase the body’s serotonin levels and consequently improve mood, sleep, and behavior. Consuming 5-HTP CR on a regular basis can also deliver better appetite control too. ActivEssentials with OncoPLEX & D3 – It contains a combination of three formulas that foster long-lasting antioxidant support, aid people with increased Vitamin D needs, and promote a healthy response to changes in cytokine production due to aging. It also supports cardiovascular and eye health and strengthens immunity. Adrenal Manager – A multivitamin formula that helps combat everyday stressors and fosters normal metabolic function. It also supports the production of energy during high-stress periods. ALAmax CR – A multifunctional antioxidant that promotes cell health, destroys free radicals, and fortifies the antioxidant properties of CoQ10 and vitamins C and E. The biotin included in the formula also helps regulate glucose metabolism. AngiNOX – Based on a research on nitric oxide that won the Nobel Prize, this formula provides substantial support to the functions of the nervous, immune, and circulatory systems. CoQmax – 100 ME – It is used for its strong cardiovascular and central nervous system support and potent antioxidant activity, alongside the promotion of cognitive and neurological health. It supports healthy mitochondrial function and balances plasma/tissue CoQ10 levels. Liver Protect – Promotes healthy immune function, supports cytokine balance, protects liver tissue, and fosters the production of glutathione. Melatonin – Helps maintain healthy sleep patterns and boost immunity. Can also be taken to support the natural function of the pineal gland and cardiovascular health. OptiMag 125 – A formula that can help in the development and maintenance of teeth and bones, as well as support a healthy formation of tissues and cells, as well as help sustain normal muscle function, protect the heart, and the optimal metabolism of blood glucose, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Prenatal Essentials – It provides the mother-to-be and pregnant woman, whose nutritional requirements are significantly higher than non-pregnant women, with key nutrients that are gentle to the digestive tract and promote the healthy neurodevelopment of the fetus(es). VegaPro - A formula that provides high-quality, sugar-free vegetable protein (15 grams of protein per scoop) to those in need of additional protein to their dietary supplement protocol. It may also be used as part of an elimination diet protocol and is created to address the needs of people sensitive to gluten, sugar, flavorings, sweeteners, and soy/egg/milk proteins. Omega MonoPure 650 EC – It contains enhanced, 5-star certified fish oil that promotes cardiovascular health and fosters healthy mental functioning. It can also be used to encourage healthy insulin and glucose metabolism. RegeneMax Plus – A product that reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and fights aging signs by stimulating the production of collagen. It can also strengthen and thicken the hair, prevent nail chipping, and support bone flexibility and healthy bone mineral density. Regular consumption of RegeneMax Plus can also foster the formation of connective tissue, which, in turn, can make the joints healthier.