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Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins

About Vital Proteins

Wellness doesn’t happen overnight. It is a journey. Vital proteins understand this and provide products that make the most out of your life. The company follows a mantra that speaks to the inner being - performing and looking our best comes from a place within.

Vital Proteins founder, Kurt Seidensticker launched the company in 2013. He has one thought in mind, and that was to help people live fuller and more energetic lives. His desire to start Vital Proteins was strictly personal at first. After a knee injury, he couldn’t run like he used to, and so he went on a quest for something to improve joint health.


After much research, Seidensticker found that collagen was the answer to his problem. He realized that the foods we eat didn’t provide an ample amount of nutrients to make enough amino acids. Amino acid is what produces collagen in the body, and this collagen supports the joint health he needed. And if he needed more collagen in this body to support his injuries, he understood that many others probably needed the same thing for other issues – collagen improves the hair, nail, and the skin.

Vital Proteins continues to offer products to address these issues. Ask spokesperson and celebrity Jennifer Anniston, who uses Vital Protein products.

The Vital Proteins Mission

The mission of this company is to provide a product that can improve a number of issues. They strive to create a formula that not only works but works surprisingly well. As people age, hair, skin, nails, and the joints in the body age with them, becoming weaker and with skin, losing elasticity. While Vital Proteins cannot stop the clock, they can slow it down a little so individuals can enjoy life feeling great. And this all centers around collagen.

The Importance of Collagen

One of the body’s most abundant types of proteins is collagen. Because of this protein, we can comfortably bend and stretch our bodies, moving around with healthy joints and supple skin. As we age, moving around isn’t as easy as before, some of this due to the collagen decrease. Partially this is due to a drastic reduction in collagen.

Hair, skin, and nails also flourish in response to the collagen inside. Collagen helps the nails to grow, hair to shin and grow as well, and helps the skin retain a glow throughout the aging process – it can even slow down the aging process to a certain degree.

Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids, arginine, hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine. When people age, collagen production is negatively impacted. This is why supplements, powders, gummies, and capsules can rejuvenate some of the collagen that was lost.

Collagen makes up 70% of the skin and is found in the dermis. Elasticity and flexibility take an ample amount of collagen to move with the body and stay firm. When aging, collagen helps keep the skin firm, supple, plump, and hydrated. It can even turn back the time just a bit.

Quality and Safety

Doing your part in increasing collagen production also requires a healthy diet and exercise. Foods like bone broth, citrus fruits, gelatin, berries, and cashews help improve the collagen in the body. And make sure you get ample amounts of activity that keep your body at peak performance.

Vital Proteins sources their collagen from the hide of cows. The bovine roam freely and are taken care of by family-run farms. All products derived from this, and other measures are tested in independent third-party laboratories. These labs monitor all products and test for pesticides, glyphosate, hormones, ractopamine, and antibiotics. No chemicals are used to process the products, only pressurized air, proteolytic enzymes, and purified water. The company’s product is flavorless and odorless and mixes with almost any drink or food.

Ingredients Found in Vital Proteins Products

There are simple ingredients found in these products. A sample of these ingredients can be found below.

  • Protein
  • Potassium
  • Caffeine
  • Coconut Water Powder
  • Red Mineral Algae
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
  • Monk Fruit Extract
  • Fruit and vegetable Juice Powder

Best-Selling Products by Vital Proteins

Although all Vital Proteins are quality products, there are a few favorites.

Vital Performance Protein – To improve your fitness routine and stimulate protein synthesis, this product is one of the best to choose. Collagen helps comfort joints and strengthens muscles so sports activities can continue as usual.

Collagen Peptides – This product is a powerhouse of helpful collagen support. It helps strengthen joints and bones and supports nails, hair, and skin. This product also supports ligaments and tendons as well. This is extremely helpful when there are sport’s injuries. Collagen can shorten the time it takes for injuries to heal as well.

Vitality Immune Booster – These individually wrapped sticks provide immune support to help ward off sickness or allergens. Each pack comes in fourteen doses. This product doesn’t just temporarily support the immune system but continues to work and continues to build your resistance to disease.



  • Consult your physician before taking these products if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Vital Proteins contain eighteen amino acids. That’s eight out of nine essential amino acids.
Vital Proteins PRODUCTS