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Vital Nutrients

Vital Nutrients

About Vital Nutrients

Vital Nutrients is a manufacturer of high-quality supplements that promote vitality, wellness, and health. The company uses strict standards to ensure all of their products are highly efficient and health-promoting. All Vital Nutrients formulas have been widely used by both healthcare practitioners and hospitals alike, while they also enjoy the trust of millions of consumers worldwide.

To date, the brand has a product line that consists of more than 200 supplements, including protein powders, antioxidants, fatty acids, botanicals, minerals, and vitamins, spanning over 30+ health categories, from GI support to brain health and nutrition.

The goal is to deliver formulas that can complement an existing healthy lifestyle or help address a wide range of health concerns. To achieve this mission, the company tests each and every raw material independently to ensure potency and purity. Stringent tests are also made on the finished products at US-based labs to guarantee that only top quality is provided through each capsule.


Quality Testing and Assurance

Although most manufacturers of supplements prefer to use Skip Lot testing because it requires less paperwork, shorter time to manufacture, less labor, and fewer expenses to conduct, Vital Nutrients tests every single batch. This is because sometimes, certificates of analysis of raw materials are inaccurate, either due to an honest mistake or intentional/fraudulent error. Of course, this possibility drops significantly if a manufacturer collaborates with a wholesaler that has a stellar reputation. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to run across contaminated, superpotent, subpotent, or misidentified materials.

To prevent this and ensure that every formula delivers optimal health results and the intended health benefits to patients, the company assesses the biomarkers of each raw material, as well as its vulnerability to impurities. Among many others, it microbiologically tests every compound used and end product for:

  • Pathogenic bacteria (e.g., Staph aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterobacter, E.coli, and Salmonella spp).
  • Total mold counts
  • Total yeast counts
  • Total aerobic bacterial count

This method allows the company to identify potentially harmful, contaminated, lower-quality, or otherwise out-of-specification raw materials and reject them to ensure patient safety and practitioner reputation. Microbial testing is also vital for probiotics to make sure they do not contain pathogenic microorganisms and deliver the species claimed on the product label.

To guarantee premium quality, clinically effective, and consistent supplements, Vital Nutrients manufactures its formulas in strictly-controlled, company-owned, FDA-inspected facilities that follow closely monitored manufacturing procedures. Part of its Quality Assurance program is independent lab testing (always using ethical lab practices and scientifically valid methods) that helps the company exceed both regulatory and industry standards. All these measures ensure that all Vital Nutrients products are free from environmental contaminants and come with maximum potency.

Product Categories

The supplements’ manufacturer provides formulas addressing a plethora of health concerns, from general nutrition and antioxidant support to vitamins, weight management, detoxification, healthy aging, and a broad spectrum of women’s, men’s, and children’s health issues. The company appears to have a product for almost every system in the human body, so the optimal functions of the organs and systems are ensured.

Therefore, you can find Vital Nutrients formulas that promote adrenal, blood sugar balance, bone, cartilage, joint, liver, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological, respiratory, urinary, and immune health. They also have a select line for athletes and those leading a lifestyle of increased physical activity. In this case, individuals can treat themselves with sports performance, sports nutrition, and protein powder products.

Best Selling Formulas

Vital Nutrients has a long list of top-rated products. Among these are:

Vitamin D3 2000IU – The product offers an active form of supplemental Vitamin D that helps maintain strong teeth and bones, promotes the absorption of calcium in the intestines, and reduces the amount of calcium that is excreted through urine. It also fosters a healthy colon and immune system function.

Triple Magnesium 250mg – It contains three magnesium forms to activate enzymes that are vital in many body functions. It encourages the normal metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates, and fat, helps maintain bone density and blood pressure levels within a normal range, and fosters emotional and mood well-being before and during the menstrual cycle.

Vitamin C (Pure Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg – An easy-to-digest formula that promotes normal antibody responses and supports the immune system. It also delivers potent antioxidant and nutritional support to all body functions while supporting maximum iron absorption from the GI tract. Besides, the Vitamin C formula plays a vital role in the formation of tissue and the synthesis of collagen.

Vitamin A 100 2500IU – The vitamin in this product derives from fish liver oil and supports eye health, normal cell growth, normal reproductive functions, skin health, and good vision. It also provides antioxidant qualities that shield the body against oxidative damage.

Ultra Pure Fish Oil 700 – It contains key fats DHA and EPA, provides maintenance (and protection) of the normal health, fluidity, and function of the cell membranes, supports connective tissue, joint function, and soft tissue while also relieving mild cramps and mood changes related to the menstrual cycle.

Quercetin 100 – It contains active flavonoids that help encourage inflammatory balance and foster stable mast cells, which, in turn, help combat seasonal respiratory issues and challenges related to the sinus and respiratory health.

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