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Many products claim the ability to improve various health issues and promote healthy lifestyles. However, few of these solutions prove their claims. For the physicians and the consumer, finding the right supplement to improve health and wellbeing can be daunting. There are just so many products to choose from.

TruGen3, however, proves that nutraceuticals work wonders and prove their effectiveness. This company offers supplements providing support for the cardiovascular system, cognitive and adrenal support, bone health, solutions filled with anti-aging properties. TruGen3 solutions also goes to the root of the problem, providing help for inflammation. And as many individuals understand, inflammation can be the cause of more severe illnesses.


With natural ingredients, tested and tried, TruGen3 develops products for everyone. If there’s a need, then TruGen3 has a solution for that need. From head to toe, this company provides high quality supplements that have you covered. TruGen3 hasn’t just designed products to keep your healthy, but they’ve created supplements and solutions that keep you happy as well. After all, the body and mind are connected and work well together when working correctly.

About TruGen3 Products

TrueGen3, also known as the founding family of Douglas Laboratories, provides physician approved supplements. Each product uses the highest class of raw ingredients and materials in production. As far as service and support, these nutraceuticals grade at the highest possible level. TruGen3 products are one of a kind support systems for your body.

You will not find the same combination of raw ingredients and unique manufacturing techniques with other products. All products are backed by clinical trials, proving their effectiveness for the public. TruGen3 products are each crafted to specifically target areas of concern, while also providing supplemental help for other related systems.

With some of these supplements, you may receive support for two or more conditions, improving your quality of life exponentially. But that’s just how TruGe3 products work, and that’s why they are so valuable today.

Quality and Safety of TruGen3 Products

Every product offered by TruGen3 is manufactured with natural ingredients sourced from around the world. After creation, the finished product is backed by scientific data from clinical trials, tested and tried to meet high-quality standards. And each product is tested repeatedly to ensure nothing negative passes under the radar.

VESIsorb technology is used to make sure the maximum effect is reached for each patient. This is one of many test procedures used to ensure quality. TruGen3 products are known for their safety and quality standards, as they are a 3rd generation supplement and nutraceutical company. For years, these products helped millions of people, and TruGen3 continues in its legacy to provide stable solutions for those in need.

VESIsorb and TruGen3 Products

Some supplements are easier to absorb into the body than others. Therefore, VESIsorb technology is important, as it’s been proven in human subjects to provide 6X the normal bioavailability. In other words, VESIsorb mirrors the pathways of nutritional lipids, increasing the speed of absorption for nutritional formulas and supplements.

Ingredients found in TruGen3 Products

TruGen3 products, found at AcuAtlanta, contain a combination of vitamins, botanicals, and natural substances. Each product is crafted with only the best selection of raw ingredients sourced from around the world. To create a solution that really works, only the best possible ingredients are used, including:

  • Vitamin C

  • Zinc

  • Olive leaf extract

  • Garlic bulb

  • Curcumin

  • Vitamin D

  • Hemp oil extract

  • Red rice yeast

  • Vitamin E

  • Thiamine

  • Biotin

  • Riboflavin

  • Copper

  • Lutein


Best Selling TruGen3 Products

True Immune Support/ 90 Veggie Capsules – This supplement supports the immune system by both reducing the risk of illness and strengthening the body during sickness. It also supports respiratory health. It is designed to maintain innate and humoral immunity. Created by Dr. Chris Meletis ND, this supplement is a powerful solution for optimal health.

Truease +Curcumin/ 30 Soft Gels – This supplement provides support for numerous health issues. With its broad-spectrum hemp and curcumin with VESIsorb technology, this nutraceutical provides sleep support, cognitive support, immune support, and lowers stress. It’s a formula that provides soothing help which can improve focus over time.

TG3 Heart Support/ 120 Veggie Capsules – Designed to provide optimal cardiovascular support, TG3 Heart support utilizes innovative technology to build a better supplement. This supplement has a special mixture of coenzyme Q10, Cholesstrinol HP, red rice yeast, palm tocotrienols, and a combination of citrus flavones. It is manufactured with VESIsorb to aid in faster absorption of nutrients.

Tru Derma Health/ 60 Tabs – Tru Derma is the very first supplement formulated with both minerals and vitamins to maintain and repair healthy skin. This supplement was created by Dr. Justin Vujevich, MD, FAAD, dermatologist. The combination of ingredients found in Tru Derma not only keeps the skin supple and smooth, but also has the potential to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Tru M.D. Basic/ 60 Veggie Capsules – For vision support, Tru M.D. Basic focuses on improving the overall health of the eyes. This includes function, vision, and even red or dry eye issues. Yes, it includes chronic dry eye, which is a common condition. Tru M.D. Basic was formulated by ophthalmologists.