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Standard Process

Standard Process

About Standard Process

Based in Wisconsin, a family-owned business dedicates itself to nutrient-dense and quality supplements and has been doing so for generations. All farming, manufacturing, and distribution processes are done from a holistic approach.

Standard Process believes that nature is the key to wellbeing, as it should be. In each supplement or tablet, only the best possible ingredients are found. The goal: to help you reach your top potential in life and in health.


Dr. Sam knew from childhood that she was different. While other children enjoyed food filled with preservatives and unhealthy additives, she was accustomed to eating a diet prepared by her holistically-minded family. After growing up eating fresh and organic vegetables and fruits, she would get sick from eating store-bought packaged foods that her friends and neighbors consumed. She knew she was different and so she decided to change the way others viewed nutrition as well.

After attending university, Dr. Same received her Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine. Over time, however, she discovered her calling was in digestive and female health. Standard Process and Mediherb seemed to help like no other supplements around.

The Standard Process Mission

This company places its mission on the idea that preventative medicine eliminates almost all instances of medicating to solve an existing problem. And this makes sense. By eating the right foods and taking needed supplements to augment what’s missing from the diet, illnesses are preventable.

The Standard Process encourages people to take responsibility for their own health before it becomes much worse. With all the chemicals in the air, the water, and other areas of the environment, there’s no sense in putting chemicals in your body through what you consume, or the medications you do not need.

Facts About Standard Process

Standard Process address issues with digestive health, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal support, Inflammation and the immune system, endocrine and lymphatic system, and sports medicine. They even address overall health and wellness issues and lifestyles. They also help distribute Mediherb’s products along with their own to offer even more healthy sustainable choices for the best of health.

About Mediherb

Mediherb is distributed by Standard Process but is a stand-alone assortment of supplements and vitamins. Its co-founder, Professor Kerry Bone believes medical professionals themselves should get involved in the implementation of herbal supplements for healthcare treatments. When clinics and hospitals, even holistic facilities, lives can change dramatically.

Products like Turmeric Forte, which aids in immunity and serves as an anti-inflammatory, and Kava forte are just two of Mediherb's revolutionary natural supplements available to the public and in healthcare. To find out more about Mediherb, contact directly, or through Standard Process.

Quality and Safety of Standard Process and Mediherb

Raw materials are attained from worldwide quality suppliers of herbs. Numerous tests are conducted to ensure these products truly are safe for the consumer. Tests such as Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry are used to identify any unwanted and dangerous chemicals that could possibly be present in the herbs and materials.

Orders for these raw materials are never placed until extensive testing is done and the materials are approved. Correct packaging and shipping are also closely monitored to ensure freshness. Standard Process wants every individual to receive a high-quality product.

Integria Healthcare has supported Mediherb during more than 20 clinical trials. The positive reports were reported in peered-reviewed medical journals. While Mediherb does invest in the future of herbal medicinals, it does place stringent criteria on partnering with other trials. Mediherb also does not promote testing on animals.

Some Ingredients Present in Standard Process Products

There are many natural and safe ingredients found in both Standard Process and Mediherb’s supplements. Here are just a few of them:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Various vegetables including beets and organic carrots
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Celery Seed
  • Bovine Liver
  • Porcine Stomach
  • Spanish Moss

Best Selling Products from Standard Process

All of Standard Process Products are beneficial, but some are more popular than others. As time goes on, even more, Standard Process supplements will be desired by the consumer, as minds shift away from processed to natural.

A-F Betafood – This product helps in many areas of the body and its systems. By supporting bile production, this supplement supports digestion. Along with that major aspect of A-F Betafood, it also helps with supporting the metabolism, detoxification, and healthy cholesterol. Just one vitamin takes care of several issues, and that’s quite remarkable.

Boswellia Complex – To support healthy joint function, circulation, kidney function, and boost antioxidants, Boswellia Complex is recommended to everyone. This supplement is packed with natural ingredients and has none of the traditional side effects of medications. With a healthy diet and exercise, this supplement can fill in the rest.

Cardio-Plus – Of course, this supplement supports the cardiovascular system, but it also supports other aspects of the body as well. It also supports the increased amount of oxygen needed during exercise or sports, it’s a good source of antioxidant Vitamin C, and improves coronary blood flow.


Note: Standard Process and Mediherb places strict guidelines on the best and most pure ingredients in their products. All other ingredients, less than perfection, are not used.

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