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Sovereign Silver

Sovereign Silver

About Sovereign Silver 

Sovereign (meaning, supreme power) is a leading manufacturer of supreme quality dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. It's also a company that researches and develops colloidal hydrosol formulas using colloidal technology. 

Its vision is to create a world in which people rediscover solutions provided by Mother Nature to combat their health challenges. To achieve that, Sovereign Silver produces the best natural health formulas and mineral hydrosols that can become our first line of defense on our quest to regain overall wellbeing and health.  


Founded in 1966 by Stephen Quinto, it took Sovereign Silver 30 years to be introduced to the U.S. marketplace. During this time, Quinto was making one innovation after another, until he made Sovereign Silver the best-selling silver supplement in the United States in 2005, a position it still holds to date in North America.  

The team behind Sovereign Silver includes medical doctors, engineers, experienced scientists, legal and regulatory counsel, and many more specialties. 

The Sovereign Silver Mission

The company focuses on enabling patients to free themselves from health issues that might be burdening them by providing them with their options, so they can make their own informed decisions and take control of their own health. In doing so, it provides top-tier products using silver’s tissue regenerative properties, which could even be found helpful in organ and tissue regeneration in humans. In medicine, supplementation with silver can lead to enhanced levels of well-being and immunity. 

The company operates out of its 32,000 square feet world-class GMP-certified laboratory and facility in Sarasota, Florida. It's current focus is on launching gold and copper colloids,  along with a range of topical formulas to serve an even wider segment of the population looking for natural solutions to sustain optimal health. 

Microbiological Testing

It enables the company to evaluate endotoxins and pyrogens using an FDA-approved test method. This technique is, in fact, an in-vitro assay that is specifically used to detect the presence of a pyrogen type called endotoxins, which is usually applicable in biological formulas and drugs.

If administered to the human body in doses exceeding certain concentrations, pyrogens can cause fever and even lead to death. Sovereign Silver uses a sensitive colorimetric assay called Kinetic Chromogenic LAL Assay to detect levels of endotoxins in solutions at particularly low concentrations (0.005 EU/mL). 

The GLP (Good Laboratory Practices)-compliant Sovereign Silver lab includes a broad range of other specialized and standard equipment, such as:

  • Water baths

  • Incubators

  • Hot plates

  • Centrifuges

  • Spectrometers

  • Analytical scales & balances

  • Viscometers

  • Ion-selective electrodes

  • Conductivity meters

  • pH meters

The test methods used by Sovereign Silver are validated, which allows for nearly zero possibility of false results. In addition, all lab instrumentation and equipment are routinely calibrated by 3rd parties (ISO-certified) to make sure all variance requirements are met. Plus, qualified lab technicians verify the calibration of analytical equipment on a daily basis using NIST-traceable standards.  

The Sovereign Silver Labs 

The custom Sovereign Silver laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated analytical equipment and tests every batch of finished formulas to ensure strength, composition, identity, purity, and quality. Among others, the company uses:

  • Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) -  It measures the tiny particles within formulas using an electron beam (rather than visible light) to ensure maximum efficacy. 

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) - It determines copper, silver, and other metal concentrations and offers a wide range of capabilities and configurations, such as an 8-lamp mount and advanced fiber optics for improved productivity and detection limits.

  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) - It measures the precise charge, structure, and size of nanoparticles (between 0.4 nm and 10,000 nm in diameter) in less than a second with remarkable accuracy, using two detection systems that operate in parallel with one another. This enables the company to verify particle charge and size uniformity among batches. 

  • Ultra Violet - Visible Spectroscopy (UV-Vis) - It measures the colors of a solution, providing information about its concentration and identity. 

  • Water Purification (Pharmaceutical-grade) - Sovereign Silver produces pharmaceutical-grade USP-NF Standards for Pharmaceutical Grade Purified Water-compliant water with its two state-of-the-art, custom-made, 8-stage water filtration systems. 

Note: It should be noted that Sovereign Silver partners with experts and industry leaders to maximize its understanding of bio-energetics and colloidal science. Together, they conduct extensive scientific analyses that also allow them to identify more applications of bio-energetics and colloidal science. The acquired knowledge is then shared with the Sovereign Silver customers. 

Top-rated Sovereign Silver Products 

The two flagship Sovereign Silver formulas are:

Silver Hydrosol 10 PPM - The company’s best-selling silver supplement since 2005 in the United States. It supports immune health while the fact that it is tasteless, odorless, and clear makes it extremely easy to take. There is also Silver Hydrosol for Kids, and Silver Hydrosol for Pets. Also, in spray (vertical spray and fine mist spray) form. 

Silver First Aid Gel - It helps promote skin healing, reduces topical pain, and calms skin inflammation. Ideal for minor skin infections, it enables the fast healing of wounds while reducing redness and swelling. It can be used to relieve minor cuts and scrapes, minor burns, bug bites, blisters, acne-related skin eruptions, and many more. 


Sovereign Silver PRODUCTS