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Source Naturals

Source Naturals

About Source Naturals

The customer’s wellbeing is the highest concern and priority at Source Naturals. The company explores deep nutritional needs in order to create bio-alignment for consumers, and they believe that the body has an innate intelligence that with poor nutrition can suffer and with proper nutrition can grow.

The body’s balance is its natural good health state. Source Naturals realizes that natural life conditions do not help keep people in good health, it deters this. Things like stress, pollutants, and eating foods full of preservatives can have horrible effects on the systems of the body.


In 1982, CEO Ira Goldberg founded Source Naturals in a quest to change the way we view the individual lifestyle. What he dreamed for the optimal health condition didn’t exist at the time. It was rare decades ago to combine nutraceuticals, herbs, and nutrients into one formula that would change people’s lives.

There were individual supplements, tablets, and pills, full of chemicals and herbs alike. But they only served individual purposes as well. And so, he pioneered the idea of creating formulas, thus creating Source Naturals.

Goldberg’s Bio-aligned formulas were created to align the body so scientists could understand the causes of imbalances. Then the company targeted the underlying problem and provided the proper nutritional products. Source Naturals has over 600 products in bioavailable forms and the highest quality, and now these formulas can target a plethora of illnesses, health issues, and imbalances.

The Source Naturals Mission

One of the missions of Source Naturals is to empower and educate people to take responsibility for their own health, which is a better solution than completely relying on medical intervention and medications. The result of such a mindset produces individuals who are fulfilled, productive, and strong. People who are fulfilling these strengths will do what it takes to be better each day.

The wellness revolution of today includes Source Naturals supplements and vitamins, created as a unique formula for each person. With people having a new perspective on their lifestyles and health, paired with this company’s products, a change is inevitable. Utilizing science, raw materials, and the needs of the individual, Source Naturals can fulfill their mission to change the world, even if it’s one person at a time.

Quality and Safety of Source Naturals Products

Source Naturals promises to provide only the best quality products and high standards. It begins with attaining quality raw materials including extracts and botanical powders. These ingredients must be organic and non-GMO verified.

Source Naturals manufactures their own products, so they see firsthand how the product is made and tested for quality. And products aren’t tested just once. They are tested several times to ensure purity, identity, and potency. Source Naturals in-house laboratory and quality control team use both modern and classical techniques during testing.

There are few synthesized ingredients in the products, used only when necessary. The company strives to maintain ingredients that are as natural as possible, even buying whole herbs milling them to extract needed natural medicinal properties. Source Naturals makes sure that customers receive exactly what the labels say.

Raw Natural Ingredients

Source Naturals takes great care to include many natural raw ingredients as possible. You can find some of these ingredients here:

  • Acacia Gum
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Ginseng
  • Green tea extract
  • gingko

Best-Selling Source Naturals Products

Some of the most popular products from Source Naturals have worked wonders for the consumer. A few mentionable ones are listed below.

Vegan Force Multiple – This product produces many positive results and stays true to its vegan principles. Both the Vitamin D for calcium is not animal-sourced, nor the Vitamin B-12, which is missing from the vegan diet. Vegan Force Multiple says a lot. It supports the skin, brain, cellular energy, skeletal, circulatory, immune, and antioxidant systems of the body.

MBP Bone Renew – Clinical trials have proven that MBP Bone Renew works after 6 weeks of use. It’s basically a natural protein found in traces of milk that promotes healthy bone density. It also increases the growth of new bone cells. Bones become more receptive to calcium. This product is great for people who could be losing bone density due to age, or athletes trying to mend breaks.

Screen Time Stamina – Finally, a product to help us combat extensive screen time usage with technology. Some of us spend time in front of screens because of our desire, but for others, it can be a source of income. This product helps reverse the damage done by those long hours of staring at the screen light. The supplement, made with ginseng, green tea extract, and Rhodiola, can restore the body’s strength and endurance. It also helps mental clarity and memory which is damaged by too much screen time.

Melatonin Gummies – Less screen time indeed is best. But people also need to be able to sleep soundly and pick up a healthy sleep pattern as well. Although the pineal gland naturally produces melatonin, it may not be a substantial amount to provide ample rest during the night. Melatonin gummies can bridge the gap.

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