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Shou Wu Tablets 250 tablets

Shou Wu Tablets 250 tablets

Brand: Seven Forests
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Seven Forests Shou Wu Tablets 250 tablets

Seven Forests Shou Wu San Zi Shou Wu Pian 250 tablets

Shou Wu, also known as San Zi Shou Wu Pian, nourishes blood and yin due to blood and yin deficiency.

What Shou Wu is Best For

Shou Wu is recommended for premature graying, loss of hair, backache, and dry skin.

Shou Wu may be used for the following:

  • Backache
  • Blood-Insufficient
  • Premature Graying
  • Premature Loss of Hair
  • Skin-Dry
  • Tinnitus

TCM Functions

  • Nourish Blood and Yin

Shou Wu Serving Size

Take 2-3 count, three times a day.

Shou Wu Ingredients

Pin Yin English Percentage
Zhishouwu Ho-shou-wu 42%
Sang Shen Zi Mulberry 20%
Nu Zhen Zi Ligustrum 20%
Han Lian Cao Eclipta 7%
Yi Zhi Ren Alpinia Fruit 4%

Shou Wu Side Effects

Consult your healthcare provider. 

Shou Wu Where to Buy

Shou Wu product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Shou Wu Online here at AcuAtlanta.net or our clinic.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Shou Wu Tablets 250 tablets Reviews

I have only used this product for about one month so far, I did not see any effect yet. Hopefully I will see some change in my hair shade and thickness.
ENWEI W. - Feb 27, 2013
I simply love this Seven Forests product and can rely on it to improve many conditions associated with old age such as backache, weakness in knee joints, aching in lower limbs. As a nourisher of blood and yin it is superb.
MARILYN B. - Dec 31, 2012
This is the greatest herb I have taken. My hair is coming in brown with grey tips, And sexually it makes nice big loads. Any other claims are happening too.
Earl K. - Dec 20, 2012
Good supplement as are all the Seven Forests supplements I have tried. It nourishes the blood and yin which seems to alleviate dry mouth and other age associated problems such as backache weakness in the joints.
donald p. - May 13, 2012
I have been using this product for over a year based on two independent recommendations by complementary health practitioners. It hasn't been a miracle product for me - I've experienced hair thinning since my mid-twenties (I am now in my early 50s) - but I continue to use it in combination with other healthy-hair supplements to know that I am doing what I can and to avoid severe hair loss and greying.
robin k. - Mar 10, 2012
My sister saw a nutritionist regularly as she worked for the government and herbs etc. were covered by insurance and she had started losing handfulls of hair so she was put on Shou Wu. After 45 days her hair loss stopped and he hair returned to wondrously full, thick and shiny. Her nutritionist then weaned her off of Shou Wu because of conflicting reports on the safety to taking it long term. As my husband's hair was thinning and he had been on Propecia and generic finasteride with decent results but knowing those medications had serious side effects namely decreased sexual drive and ejaculate, so decided to try Shou Wu. He has had the same decent results without the bad side effects. The research is still sketchy about whether it is safe long term - some say no problem, others are hesitant. and concerned because of lack of research. But we recommended it to a friend who had male pattern baldness (my husbands was thin in front wear a ball cap could sit when pushed back) and this friend had a saucer -ize totally bald area on the top back of his head and when I saw him last week the hair had ALL filled in! He was thrilled; said he is experiencing renewed sexual vigor and loves the product. We disclosed the concerns of long term use so he could do his own research and decide for himself but he was so pleased he said he'll stay with it. It is also purported to return gray hair to normal color but I have seen no real evidence of that in our personal experience.
Sharon S. - Apr 21, 2011
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