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Red Peony Tablets 100 tablets
Red Peony Tablets 100 tablets

Red Peony Tablets 100 tablets

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Red Peony Benefits:

  • Helps vitalize blood
  • Clears toxin and heat
  • Alleviates herpes zoster symptoms
  • Can combat liver tumors
  • Fights painful skin eruptions
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Seven Forests Red Peony Tablets 100 tablets

About Red Peony Tablets

Red Peony Tablets is a Seven Forests product that is also widely known as Huo Xue Jie Du Pian. It has been specifically designed to help clear toxins and heat while also vitalizing the blood. The formula is based on modern Chinese clinical approaches to treating herpes zoster. Herpes zoster is a viral infection that takes place when the virus varicella-zoster is reactivated in the body. It is usually accompanied by a painful dermatological rash that is self-limited. The symptomatology includes pain as the virus spreads on the skin, creating small blisters, which is considered a chronic infection of the nervous system. However, our immune system keeps it dormant over the years. It has been found that high levels of nervous stress and/or immune suppression (could result from drug therapy or disease) can lead to the eruption of herpes zoster. Red Peony Tablets comes to play, then, combining antitoxin herbs and blood stasis.

How Red Peony Tablets Work

Herpes zoster is marked by heat-toxin, given that it manifests as red pus-filled eruptions, as well as blood stasis, which is the reason behind the severe pain. Red Peony Tablets has been formulated to contain key antitoxin herbs, such as Isatis, Forsythia, Ionicera, and Taraxacum, which have been used to treat viral infections for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. On top of that, the product also contains herbs that aim the vitalization of blood (i.e., Carthamus, Persica, Corydalis, and Red Peony), which also rush to address the disruption of circulation that occurs on the affected site. All these compounds join forces and help alleviate pain and relieve the negative effects of herpes zoster.

Note: When still at the early stages of herpes zoster, you could consider adding more toxin-clearing herbs, such as Isatis 6, Bidens 6, or Gentiana 12, for a few days. If the eruptions clear, but the pain of the virus lingers on, you could incorporate more blood vitalizing herbs, such as Corydalis, Upper Palace Tablets, or Myrrh Tablets.

Red Peony Tablet Ingredients

The formula contains the following key compounds:

Chinese Name English Percentage Uses

Yan Hu Suo Corydalis 12% Helps fight mild mental disorders, depression, and limb tremors. Also, it has mild sedative and tranquilizing properties. It can relax spasms in the intestines, lower blood pressure, and treat nerve damage.

Pu Gong Ying Dandelion 12% Reduces ulcerations and swelling while also resolving snakebite toxins. It treats jaundice, painful urinary dysfunction, and many cancer types.

Jin Yin Hua Lonicera Flower 12% Clears heat and damp heat from the lower jiao. It also relieves toxic fire, alleviates hot, painful swellings, and expels wind-heat.

Lian Qiao Forsythia 12% Removes toxicity, supports cardiovascular health, disperses wind-heat, clears heat and heart heat, and supports respiratory health

Ban Lan Gen Isatis Root 12% Relieves swellings and sores, alleviates sore throats, cools the blood, and removes toxins and heat.

Hong Hua Carthamus 10% Eliminates blood stasis, invigorates the blood, nourishes the blood, regulates menses, and helps treat dermatological problems.

Gan Cao Licorice 6% Soothes pain, expels phlegm, tonifies the spleen, clears heat, augments Qi, and resolves toxicity.

Tao Ren Persica 10% Unblocks the bowel, moistens the intestines, breaks blood stasis, and activates blood circulation.

Important Notes:

  • The manufacturer suggests you take 2-3 tablets three times a day on an empty stomach. However, always consult your healthcare practitioner before starting the formula because the serving size might need to be moderated per your individual case.
  • Herbal remedies can be helpful when used to treat herpes zoster. Nevertheless, some cases are resistant to most herb therapies unless they (the therapies) involve high doses of both an oral supplement and topical applications. In this instance, it might be best to consider using the reasonably preventative drug therapy available for the virus, especially if you have experienced a bout of eruptions in the past.
  • Ensure you speak with your healthcare professional before taking any supplements., especially if you are taking drugs for a severe medical condition or are pregnant or nursing.

About the Manufacturer

Seven Forests is an Institute for Traditional Medicine branch that provides licensed practitioners with traditional Chinese herbal formulas. Since 1986, when Seven Forests was founded, it has offered hundreds of products that contain the herbal wisdom of many centuries. The company marries classic herbal remedies with modern approaches and practices as a means to provide formulas that meet the health requirements of modern people. All Seven Forests products are manufactured in the company-owned GMP-certified facility and come in easy-to-swallow or dissolve tablets.

Some of the best-selling Seven Forests formulas are Pinellia 16, which helps resolve stagnant Qi, disperse phlegm, and ventilate the lungs, Isatis 6, which helps clear toxin and combats sore throat swelling, muscle aches, sneezing, and coughing, Xanthium 12, which helps regulate fluids, tonify Qi, dispel wind, and clear heat to combat allergy symptoms, and Lily 14, which is a superb option when you need a product to resolve phlegm, moisten dryness, and nourish lung Yin.


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California Proposition 65. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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