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Perilla Seed Tablets 100 tablets

Perilla Seed Tablets 100 tablets

Brand: Seven Forests
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Seven Forests Perilla Seed Tablets 100 tablets

Seven Forests Perilla Seed Tablets 

Perilla Seed Tablets, also known as San Zi Jiang Qi Pian, settles uprising Qi, ventilates lungs, and tonifies kidney and lung.

What Perilla Seed Tablets is Best For

Perilla Seed Tablets is recommended for people with athlete's foot and cough.

Perilla Seed Tablets may be helpful for the following:

  • Athlete's Foot
  • Cough
  • Lower Body-Inflammation

TCM Functions

  • Settle Uprising Qi
  • Ventilate Lungs
  • Tonify Kidney and Lung

How Perilla Seed Tablets Work

Perilla Seed Tablets by Seven Forests is a Chinese herbal formula is used for settling uprising Qi.

Perilla Seed Tablets Serving Size

Take 2-3 count, three times a day.

Perilla Seed Tablets Ingredients

Pin Yin English Percentage
Zi Su Zi Perilla Seed 14%
Wu Wei Zi Schizandra 8%
Xing Ren Apricot Seed 8%
Wu Mei Mume 8%
Hou Po Magnolia Bark 8%
Dang Shen Codonopsis 8%
Bai Zhu Atractylodes (Alba) 8%
Dong Chong Xia Cao Cordyceps Mycelium 8%
Ge Jie Gecko 8%
Xuan Fu Hua Inula Flowers 8%
Qian Hu Peucedanum 8%
Gan Cao Licorice 6%

Perilla Seed Tablets Side Effects

Consult your healthcare provider.

Perilla Seed Tablets Where to Buy

Perilla Seed Tablets product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Perilla Seed Tablets Online here at AcuAtlanta.net or our clinic.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Perilla Seed Tablets 100 tablets Reviews

This product was recommended to me by my acupuncturist for chest congestion and reducing phlegm. I am not sure it would work in all situations but the product has helped reduce congestion and I am a repeat customer.
Jacob H. - Aug 20, 2014
Not only does it help me with my insomnia, but it works great for my athlete's foot issues too. I take 3 tablets just before I take a hot shower, and the perilla seed seems to go directly to my toes and stops any itching when I get out.
Mark N. - Apr 17, 2012
I've been taking Perilla seed for about 6 months now, recommended by my accupuncturist for asthma symtoms at night. They work wonderfully to open up my airway; help me sleep even more deeply too.
John L. - Jan 03, 2011
I and my daughters have been asthma sufferers for over 20 years and used Ventolin to help control the cough and tightness in our chests. A Chinese medicine specialist recommended we try Perilla seed about 8 years ago. That in conjuction with using a teaspoon of local honey per day has kept the asthma under control. No flare ups and no need for inhalers since. It is certainly worth a try. Do not stop your inhalers but try to incorporate Perilla seed in the weaning off process.
Roberta K. - Sep 28, 2010
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