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Lysimachia 3 100 tablets

Lysimachia 3 100 tablets

Brand: Seven Forests
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Seven Forests Lysimachia 3 100 tablets

Seven Forests Lysimachia 3 San Jin Hua Shi Pian 100 count

Lysimachia 3, also known San Jin Hua Shi Pian, resolves damp heat and removes accumulation.

What Lysimachia 3 is Best For

Lysimachia 3 is recommended for those who wish to support normal digestive, gallbladder, and kidney functions.
Lysimachia 3 may be used for the following:

Western Symptoms

  • Supports normal digestive functions
  • Supports normal gallbladder function
  • Supports normal kidney function

TCM Function

  • Resolve Damp Heat
  • Remove Accumulation

How Lysimachia 3 Works

Lysimachia 3 by Seven Forests is based on a traditional formula (Sanjin Tang, the three golds decoction, referring to jinqiancao, haijinsha, and jineijin) for preventing, reducing, and eliminating stones. 

Lysimachia, the common name for jinqiancao, refers to several genera of herbs that are reputed to have this stone-resolving effect, including Lysimachia, Glechoma, and Desmodium. Lygodium spore is a very slippery material which, like talc (the slippery stone) is thought to make stones and gravel also slippery (preventing new material from binding onto its surface, thus slipping out more easily). Gallus (chicken gizzard lining) is used both as a digestive aid and to resolve masses. To make the formula specific for stones in different parts of the body, one combines it with a second formula that affects that part of the body. 

Lysimachia 3 focuses on the stone resolving trio. For example, it is possible that the formula can be applied to help treat salivary gland stones by combining with a formula for upper body stasis, such as Upper Palace Tablets.

Lysimachia 3 Serving Size

Take 2-3 count, three times a day.

Lysimachia 3 Ingredients

Pin Yin English Percentage
Jin Qian Cao Desmodium 50%
Hai Jin Sha Lygodium Spores 30%
Ji Nei Jin Gallus 20%

Lysimachia 3 Side Effects

See label for side effects.

Lysimachia 3 Where to Buy

Lysimachia 3 product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Lysimachia 3 Online here at AcuAtlanta.net or our clinic.

Read Lysimachia 3 100 tablets Reviews


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Lysimachia 3 100 tablets Reviews

I am giving this to my dog who has problems with his gallbladder (gallbladder sludge) and high triglycerides. It has helped to lower his GGT something that was not achieved with digestive enzymes alone. Blood count back to normal now. Good product and great service from acuatlanta.
Tasoulla E. - May 13, 2019
This product really helps me by relieving digestive issues such as diarrhea, stomach and gallbladder pain. When environmental allergens are high, I use it with Seven Forests Zhu Dan which helps me with digestion and also allergies. Sometimes I alternate them. I think this may also help with bladder & U.T. irritations.
Cynthia C. - Sep 12, 2018
i am using this per my Vet for my Dog who has calcium oxalate crystals in his urine.so far he has been taking it with no issues and I am hoping when he goes back for his recheck that the crystals are eliminated ..
maribeth s. - Feb 29, 2016
Posting this for what it's worth. My dog has had bladder stones for several years. We always keep an eye on him to be sure he is able to pass urine as we know the seriousness of an obstruction. Anyway, he was having difficulty urinating one day so we took him immediately to the vet. xRay revealed ~12 small stones in his urinary tract. We were not ready for the $4400 sticker price for surgery, so as a preemptive measure, the vet flushed the stones back up into the bladder to remove them from the urinary tract. I had given him Lysimachia 3 in the past but had stopped. I started up again after the stones were flushed back up. Fortunate for me one night I had Buddy out in the snow for his last bathroom trip of the night. I always take a flashlight to be sure he is urinating. Lo and behold, in the snow, I was able to recover 3 stones that he passed in his urine. Not saying it was this herb or just dumb luck after he had the stones flushed back up into his bladder that the smaller ones are the ones that came back down first. Either way, it was encouraging that something was happening. We had our vet send these off to the Minnesota Urolith Center to test the composition of the the stones. The cost for the analysis is $0 if you do it through the Minnesota Center. Anyway, the stone analysis will reveal if these are Calcium Oxalate stones or Struvite stones or perhaps a combination of the two. Both of these stone types requires completely different diets (one very low protein and the other very high protein). The Struvite stones can potentially be dissolved with a high protein diet and treatment with antibiotic because the stone formation is caused by a bacteria in the bladder. We are awaiting the results of the stone analysis which will determine our course of treatment. Again, be sure you are consulting with your vet on any course of treatment for your dog. Always be sure you are monitoring your dog during his trips outside to be certain there is no obstruction and be sure you get him/her to the vet if ever you just see little drips of urine or nothing at all. This was just my dog's experience (so far) so I just wanted to share it.
Paul S. - Feb 16, 2016
This product takes several months to do get rid of the stones in my little dogs bladder. In three months I hope to have another X-ray. I would be glad to respond further.
Janice S. - Apr 30, 2015
I purchased this product following my dog's bladder surgery to remove calcium oxalate stones. In doing some research, I saw Lysimachia recommended as a preventative measure. I decided to incorporate this into our daily routine and see how it works. We are three months post surgery and so far all is clear - in terms of bladder function. Acupuncture Atlanta is fast and reliable on delivery. I am pleased.
Judy M. - Jan 28, 2015
Great product, recommended by my DOM, for kidney/bladder stones. I'm still taking--told it may take up to three months to dissolve stones--but have had occasional moments of feeling a pleasant warmth in the kidney/bladder region. I'm sure the stones are dissolving gently. I'm also taking in conjunction with another TCM product, which I just started, Pyrossia.
Margaret J. - Aug 11, 2014
this works for dogs!! my holistic vet recommended this herb to prevent struvite bladder crystals form forming in my 4 year old yorkie poo. she had to have major surgery at age 3 to remove stones from her bladder. its the kind of surgery you don't want to repeat due to the risks regarding the animals health. (Death is possible if this becomes a more than once problem).the opening of the bladder surgically is what can lead to fatal consequences. it weakens the bladder causing all kinds of problems as result. I am so thankful for this herb!!!! it saved my dog from having any more bladder issues! if I hadn't gotten holistic help for my dog zoey, God knows what could have happened to her. she is five now and in great health. I can't rave more about this herb and its amazing results with my girl. I give one pill cut in half daily in her food. she is also on a raw diet that the holistic vet highly recommended for dogs with bladder problems. actually he thinks raw is the way to go for all animals to have optimal health. I feed her Answers raw diet . she loves it too which makes life a lot easier..
Jill T. - Feb 10, 2014
Thanks for the quick mailing. I received it in about 2 days. I too am giving it to my Shih-tzu for bladder stones. She has had two surgery's and we have been feeding her special dog food, but she has developed the stones again. I have been giving two pills once a day. I do not know if that is the correct dose. Does anyone know the dose for a Shih-Tzu??? Thank You! Can't rate this site yet because we just started her on Lysimachia 3.
Joan G. - Feb 04, 2012
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