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Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific

About QuickSilver Scientific

QuickSilver Scientific is the child of Dr. Christopher Shade, who created the company with a vision to fight environmental toxicity via top quality nutritional supplements and nature-inspired innovation. In doing so, the industry thought-leader patented a diagnostic process that helps analyze toxicity in the human body. On top of this mercury speciation procedure, he also created nanoparticle technology called QuickSilver Delivery Systems to boost the bioavailability of the formulas and protocols as a means to create products of higher efficacy. For over 10 years, QuickSilver Scientific has been working in partnership with (and informing) health practitioners to perfect the system that would contribute to the restoration, maintenance, and advancement of health, both mental and physical. 


All Quicksilver Scientific supplements combine the nutrients and curative power of nature with science-based approaches to deliver the most effective detoxification protocols and products on the market. The goal? To unburden the body of toxins and achieve wellbeing.

The 3 Pillars of QuickSilver Scientific’s Health System

After extensive research, the supplements’ manufacturer has concluded that toxicity, infection, and allergy are the three most critical distortions of our natural health. The Quicksilver Health System enables individuals to identify factors that prevent them from enjoying optimal health. This is done with the help of either a QuickSilver Scientific practitioner or the company’s self-guided assessment (expected to be released soon), which will analyze individuals’ tendencies and then provide them with one potential pattern (out of seven). That way, they can go through the following three characteristic stages:

  • Restore – You remove toxins and also restore microbial balance. At the same time, you address allergies. All that combined will help regain the tone and balance of the autonomic nervous and the immune systems
  • Maintain – The body now needs to sustain the balanced immune and autonomic response achieved in the previous step. To accomplish that, you are provided with all the necessary tools to create your own “armory” of supplements that are specifically designed for the particular needs of your body. 
  • Advance – The protocols involved in this phase are designed to support your mental health, clear brain fog, and improve your mental function (Mental Health products). It also includes formulas that help you tackle physical challenges by boosting your energy, reducing your recovery time, and lowering fatigue (Performance products). Finally, the “Stress Relief” supplements will allow you to minimize stress and reduce anxiety responses and fear while also fostering restful sleep and mood enhancement.

The Quicksilver Scientific Quality Guarantee 

All QuickSilver Scientific products are created in the company-owned facility in Colorado (Lafayette). The manufacturer also develops formulas for esteemed nutraceutical brands, which, too, bear the same nanoparticle technologies used to create the QuickSilver Scientific products – look for the QuickSilver Delivery Systems trademark on them. This is your guarantee that you get supplements distinguished by superior bioavailability. 

That aside, QuickSilver is a cGMP certified company, which means that it manufactures its health supplements according to the FDA-enforced Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations and stringent quality control guidelines. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are provided with products that are designed, controlled, and closely monitored throughout the manufacturing process. 

Last but not least, several QuickSilver Scientific batches undergo 3rd party testing as a means to make sure that the potency, quality, and safety of the brand’s supplements adhere to the high company standards. Among those tests are:

  • Ingredient Identity Tests
  • Particle Sizing Tests
  • Pesticide Residue Tests
  • Heavy Metal Tests
  • Microbial Tests
  • Potency Tests
  • Certificates of Analysis

How it all begun

Dr. Christopher Shade lived in an environment that was particularly toxic. His own need to give himself the chance to reach his full health potential and reclaim his (and the entire world’s) birthright to dynamic energy and total wellness, urged him to start working on exploring the curative and healing powers of nature. To achieve the bright state of being he had in mind, he realized that toxins impair body and mind function significantly. Therefore, if he could find a way to stop the disruptions created by toxins, he was convinced that he would be able to restore a balanced system. 

To reach maximum results, he brought the practice of modern science into the equation. At the same time, he worked with the Rodale Institute to further his understanding of how the environment affects our overall health and wellbeing. He then came to the realization that a healthy diet is not enough to feel healthy and energized. It was paramount to include supplements, given how depleted the food system was (and still is to date). All that has contributed to QuickSilver Scientific coming forward with a pioneering all-around solution that comprises of:

  • Testing that helps identify individuals’ toxicity levels.
  • Protocols that foster body detoxification.
  • Premium supplements that nourish the cells via the most advanced phospholipid delivery system and deliver key compounds more efficiently.

QuickSilver Scientific Best Selling Products

Some of the top-rated QuickSilver Scientific formulas are:

Vitamin C Liposomal – It improves the immune function, provides antioxidant support, helps produce collagen, contributes to the formation of skin, ligaments, cartilage, and blood vessels, as well as protects against heart disease, metabolizes cholesterol into bile acids, fosters tissue repair, and boosts wound healing. 

Original Quinton Isotonic – A marine fluid rich in nutrients that contains 78 trace minerals and essential minerals needed for cellular health. It also enhances the body’s elimination process while fostering natural detoxification.

Liposomal Melatonin 4mg – It promotes regeneration, nightly repair, deep restorative sleep, detoxification during sleep, and also supports bone, cardiovascular, and immune health. 

Nanoemulsified Vitamin D3-K2 – A formula that contributes to the overall health and wellbeing by enabling the body to absorb calcium, achieve normal immune function, fight mood swings, and foster healthy inflammatory responses. The health properties of Vitamin D are even more effective when taken with Vitamin K. 

Methyl B Complex Liposomal 1.7 ounce – A product designed for maximum neurological support. It also supports liver detoxification pathways and helps improve cognitive function immunity, energy metabolism, and gut health. 

Quicksilver Scientific PRODUCTS