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Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs (PRL) is a manufacturer of premier nutritional products and superfood concentrates founded in 1985 by an esteemed clinical nutritionist and uses pioneering (and industry-first) quantum cellular resonance technology to formulate its products. The goal is to deliver highly effective, 100% non-toxic, and uncompromising quality formulas. 


To achieve that, Premier Research Labs products do not contain any excipients, which are to blame for the degradation of the nutritional powder of most supplements. Another reason nutritional supplements usually lose their intended nutritional powder is that the source of nutrients used to be selected based on its (low) price. 

All these factors were identified early on by the PRL founder, who decided to make a drastic change to provide patients and healthcare professionals with supreme quality and highly efficacious supplements. So, instead of referring to the cheapest ingredients on the market, PRL chose to source its raw materials from respected suppliers from all across the globe while developing stringent protocols to ensure premier quality at all times.  

It should also be noted that Premier Research Labs is among the first manufacturers of nutritional supplements that have produced formulas without animal glandulars. 

Screenings and Tests 

To guarantee top quality is consistently being produced, the company scans all of its raw materials using chromatography technology in its on-premises, state-of-the-art laboratory. Besides its high standard lab processes, Premier Research Labs also utilizes its proprietary bioenergetic testing to further screen its raw materials. That way, the brand is certain that its formulas are never produced with compromised compounds. 

To ensure the selected raw materials are not poorly grown, old, irradiated, or pesticided, the company uses its sophisticated photoluminescence device that can screen incoming material fast and identify inferior materials, so they are eliminated. This is ground-breaking given that most typical lab testing measures only a small number of phytonutrient properties, which allows inferior raw materials to pass the tests. 

Another way Premier Research Labs tests its raw materials is via its Quantum Reflex Analysis technique which identifies inferior products or raw materials using a precision kinesiological testing system. 

Quantum Coherence & Improved Cellular Resonance for Limitless Health

Premier Research Labs firmly claims that the most comprehensive definition of anti-aging therapy is fully functional coherence of the human body’s biofield, which derives from quantum physics. When the body manages to restore its quantum coherence to its biofield, it can unleash its innate healing powers and help sustain optimal health by even improving the functions and potential of its genes. 

Quantum coherence allows individuals to obtain limitless health, which is why Premier Research Labs is particularly focused on blending biocompatible, toxin-free formulations with quantum-quality nutrients. To achieve that, the company explores ideal cellular resonance. Providing quantum changes, it believes, will enable people to enjoy great health, provided they also follow advanced lifestyle strategies. 

Restoring quantum coherence is now available through important breakthroughs at this present time, giving individuals the chance to experience improved health and health benefits they never thought possible. 

Why Capsules and Not Tablets? 

Premier Research Labs does not use tablets because tablets cannot be produced without the use of an excipient (i.e., magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and calcium stearate), which often compromise non-nutritive agents and are often highly questionable. 

That aside, when food nutrients are accompanied by toxic excipients, consuming these nutrients can have adverse systemic effects as they (the nutrients) give the toxic excipients improved cell access. 

The same applies to cream agents (i.e., parabens and propylene glycol) that may be absorbed and also obtain access on a cellular level, making a health-hazarding effect.

For all these reasons, Premier Research Labs only uses solvent-free veggie capsules made totally free of chemo-toxins that are packaged in Violite containers, which help obstruct the range of light that rancidifies fats. 

For superior protection of its formulas and the preservation of high-frequency cellular resonance, PRL uses nitrogen-flushing and induction sealing, ensuring the freshness of the products. 

Premier Research Labs Products 

The nutraceutical company manufactures a wide range of hundreds of formulas for cleansing, detoxification, blood sugar, brain, digestive, adrenal, cardiovascular, bladder, urinary, bone, and joint health, among others. 

Premier Research Labs Top Sellers

Premier Hemp Extract – A full-spectrum hemp oil that alleviates pain following exercise and minor aches while supporting a healthy inflammatory response. It contains naturally occurring terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids and has been screened for synthetic cannabinoids. 

Premier DHA – A pure vegan formula that provides potent cardiovascular, eye, nervous system, and brain function support. It includes key Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA derived from non-GMO microalgae. 

Green Tea-ND – A green tea formula using fermented probiotics for maximum gut health and function. 

Premier Neem Oil Ultra – A dietary supplement with rich hydrating and nourishing properties for skin and dental health. It encourages a soft skin and radiant complexion with the naturally occurring glycerides and fatty acids in its formula. 

Premier Oregano Oil – A formula for traditional wellness and health support. It contains European oregano oil that is distinguished for its potent anti-infection, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory qualities. It may also improve gut health and help relieve pain. 

D3 Serum – It promotes calcium absorption and supports bone mineralization and growth. It provides 1000 mg of vitamin D in each dose and even helps improve immune and cardiovascular health. 

Premier Research Labs PRODUCTS