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He Shou Wu Capsules 100 capsules

He Shou Wu Capsules 100 capsules

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Benefits of He Shou Wu:

  • Combats premature graying
  • Fights premature hair loss
  • Hair growth & rejuvenation
  • Tonifies blood
  • Moistens the intestines
  • Replenishes jing-essence
  • Nourishes kidney & liver yin
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Plum Flower He Shou Wu Capsules 100 capsules

About He Shou Wu Capsules

He Shou Wu contains pure extract of the He Shou Wu plant (aka Polygonum multiflorum or Fo-Ti) in high concentrations. The veggie capsules have remarkable rejuvenating properties. Among others, Fo-Ti helps protect and repair the DNA, boosts hair growth, and fights dry skin, backache, and tinnitus.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, the plant is considered a Yin tonic and promotes receptivity too. This means that He Shou Wu also has psycho-spiritual effects as it not only helps enhance intuition and increase creativity but also opens us to our deeper awareness and spiritual nature. This is one of the reasons that make He Shou Wu an excellent herb for people seeking to further develop their experience of reality, including meditators and artists.

He Shou Wu Origins

He Shou Wu was originally known as jiaoteng. It didn’t take long before it got its new name, though, as it was recorded in ancient Daoist texts at around 812 AD when He Tianer, a weak, sterile, 58-year-old man from Hebei Province, found himself waking up next to an unusually long jiaoteng vine after a night of heavy drinking. Being curious about the strange plant, he decided to dig up its roots, which was a practice followed by many Chinese people at the time, and take the plant home for further investigation. A local monk then advised him consume jiaoteng so he could discover the effects of the plant for himself. After regular consumption of the plant, He Tianer saw his infertility problems disappear as he became the father of not only one but several children.

On top of that, he noticed that his grey hair switched back to its youthful black color, his vision improved significantly, his body became lively, strong, and energetic again, and felt like he had emerged a rejuvenated man. He lived until the age of 130 with his hair still black! After his death, the herb was named after He’s black hair (“shou” means head and “wu” means black). Some people consider this story a stretch of the imagination. However, credible scientific studies support and confirm the properties and health benefits of He Shou Wu.

Health Effects of He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu has been found to stimulate the body to produce potent antioxidants (i.e., superoxide dismutase) which promote longevity and have been credited with extending lifespan, protecting and repairing DNA, and reversing a wide range of diseases. He Shou Wu also inhibits the MAO-B (monoamin oxidase B) enzyme, which is also favored for its health-promoting and life-extending properties.

He Shou Wu’s bioactive compounds are also evidenced to:

  • Fight sleep disorders
  • Have strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Support normal lipid levels
  • Helps with degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • Boost libido
  • Promote endocrine system balance
  • Harmonize adrenal gland function
  • Balance and calm the nervous system when under stress
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Stimulate blood-generating hematopoietic stem cells
  • Strengthen red blood cell membranes
  • Protect the liver
  • Enhance immune system functioning
  • Reverse hair loss
  • Restore color to graying or white hair
  • Promote spiritual awareness
  • Boost mental functioning

Recommended Dosage of He Shou Wu Capsules

The recommended serving size is 2-3 capsules per day unless otherwise instructed by your healthcare practitioner, either one hour before or after eating. For severe cases, it is suggested to increase the serving size to 2 capsules three or four times a day and gradually reduce to the recommended dose. The formula can be used from several weeks and up to several months safely.

He Shou Wu Ingredients

The main compound is He Shou Wu plant root, whose health benefits have been described above. Other ingredients include magnesium stearate, dextrin, and botanical capsule.

He Shou Wu Side-Effects

The formula should be used with caution if you have:

  • Spleen deficiency with a tendency to poor appetite, diarrhea, loose stools or chronic digestive weakness.
  • A propensity to phlegm or dampness, especially if followed with loose stools and bloating.

Do NOT take He Shou Wu:

  • During the onset of acute illness or infection (i.e., common cold or flu).
  • If you are dealing with conditions related to excess heat or Yin deficiency.

About the Manufacturer

Plum Flower is a well-respected manufacturer of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) formulas with high potency and purity that promote health, as well as physical and mental wellness and wellbeing. The brand combines herbal recipes used for centuries in China to bring balance to the energies of the body with modern global GMP quality control standards.


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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