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Plum Flower

Plum Flower

About Plum Flower

Plum flower is a brand under the Mayway umbrella – a family business that has been importing and distributing TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) for more than 40 years. It all started in 1969, when the Lau’s, Alan and Meilin, opened a small herb shop that provided top-quality herbal remedies and herbs to fellow immigrants in San Francisco’s Chinatown. That small business thrived and soon became one of the leading US suppliers of Chinese herbal medicine, serving nearly 26,000 health product retailers, herbalists, and acupuncturists across the USA and Europe.

The very founders of Mayway chose the plum flower to be a symbol of their house label, given that the Chinese culture considers the plum flower an icon of perseverance and endurance. Their strong focus on ethical sourcing and manufacturing of their formulas, as well as their work ethics, display their dedication to delivering what the plum flower is all about for the Chinese (and not only). The Plum Flower company products are usually prescribed to help treat both chronic and acute health conditions, sleeping difficulties, digestive problems, and seasonal complaints.


Company Philosophy & Values

Plum Flower, as all Mayway brands, is focused on being an ethical and responsible Chinese herbal products and herbs supplier. They are particularly committed to bringing only Chinese products and herbs of the highest quality with a dedication to environmental protection and sustainable agriculture, and a significant concern over species preservation and biodiversity. Their mission is to allow people to realize the profound and time-tested health benefits of traditional Chinese medicine. In doing so, the company does NOT support or accept cruel animal treatment. For that reason, they do NOT conduct animal testing on their formulas or allow others to do so on their behalf. On the contrary, Mayway insists their suppliers provide proper certification proving that the raw materials that are used in the product manufacturing process are not animal tested.

Plum Flower Product Lines & Quality Standards

The company has a wide range of formulas, including:

  • Modern Chinese medicinal products
  • Classical formulations
  • High-quality extracts
  • Species-authenticated herbs

Plum Flower only partners with manufacturers that are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified and are ranked in the top 1% in China. As for their tablet and teapill producers, these are not just certified for the manufacture of TCM products but also pharmaceuticals.

Quality Controls

To ensure all Plum Flower products meet safety and quality standards, the company conducts scientific testing. For that reason, they (the formulas) are made in carefully controlled environments (always GMP certified), which help assert the transparency of the manufacturing process, the traceability of ingredients, and many more. Speaking of compound traceability, the company assigns tracking numbers to every single formula (on top of the batch numbers given by the manufacturer), which enables them to trace back any product to both the starting materials and its individual batch information.

However, extensive quality control analysis (using from basic organoleptic to HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is performed at each one of the facilities of the company’s manufacturing partners, including an in-house laboratory. This helps confirm potency and identification, and involves the following in-house quality control procedure:

1. The products that are received into the Mayway warehouse are quarantined per the GMP Dietary Supplement regulations.

2. Each individual formula is sampled.

3. The Certificate of Analysis is then verified.

4. The sample product is tested for consistency by comparing it to past lots.

As for herbs, in particular, these are inspected with the help of sensory protocols. Then, if the species and quality need to be verified, the herb is confirmed against standards references. When necessary, Plum Flower also conducts tests for active constituents as well.

After the extensive in-house testing at the manufacturing facility, a third-party lab conducts heavy metal testing to ensure that the strict safety and purity standards of Mayway are met and, of course, to confirm results. If needed, those independent labs will also conduct more sophisticated analyses, such as chloramphenicol and aristolochic acid testing.

Note: To be GMP certified, an organization needs to employ production methods that are subject to a stringent quality control investigation by either a qualified 3rd party organization or a government agency and comply with the pertaining regulations.

In addition to all that, the Plum Flower manufacturers must adhere to the guidelines of the official Chinese Pharmacopoeia or other references sanctioned by the government (reviewed by a scientific committee) in the product making the process.

Donations & Environmental Commitment

Mayway, and its brand Plum Flower, are active contributors in the Chinese medicine community and the San Francisco Bay Area by making regular donations to support local community programs of food banks, as well as Firefighters and Police organizations. Among others, Mayway donates near-expiration and overstocked formulas to community projects and qualified non-profits (local, international or national) while also offering qualified organizations discount products.

The company is also Green Business certified, which showcases their efforts to contribute to a cleaner, better Earth. For that reason, they use solar technology to reduce air pollution and try to reduce product packaging by using biodegradable, recycles packaging materials, among many others. Also, they promote the sustainable production of Chinese herbs and encourage local Chinese growers to reduce the use of preservatives and pesticides.

Best-Selling Products

Some of the best-rated Plum Flower formulas are:

Snake & The dragon Teapills (200 teapills) – It cools the liver fire, clears damp-heat from the lower jiao, helps fight migraines, and fosters the normal function of the liver and eyes.

Soothe Liver Teapills (200 teapills) – It helps move liver Qi, eliminates food stagnation, invigorates the blood, harmonizes the stomach and liver, and helps combat menstrual pain, headache, heartburn, digestion problems, and nausea.

Free and Easy Wanderer Plus Teapills (1000 teapills) – It contributes to the bettering of a long list of health conditions, including bloating, neck tension, stress-induced headaches, breast tenderness, low energy, anxiety disorders, chronic irritability, depression, and low appetite. It softens the liver, clear heat, strengthens the spleen, nourishes the blood, and regulates Qi.

Eucommia Combination Tablets (100 tablets) – A formula that helps with issues such as ringing ears, dizziness, low back pain, insomnia, vertigo, and more. It drains dampness, clears heat, strengthens the kidneys and liver, and calms the Shen.

Pa Min Kan Pills (500 pills) – A product to combat congestion, sneezing, sinus pain, sore throat, common flu, post-nasal drip, and dizziness. It can also be used for wheezing, to unblock the nose, transform the phlegm, clear heat, and disperse wind.

Li Dan Pian (100 tablets) – A formula specifically designed to support normal liver and gallbladder function. It expels toxic heat, moves Qi, and drains dampness, to name a few.

Plum Flower PRODUCTS