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NutraMedix has a wide variety of supplements that help with numerous health issues. From immune support to stress management, this company provides only the best, natural ingredients to create products that go to the root of the problem. No, NutraMedix doesn’t just treat the symptoms, it works with your body to heal from dysfunctions within the body.

When it comes to heart health, NutraMedix has products that support cardiovascular issues, and when gastrointestinal support is needed, there’s also a supplemental solution to that as well. There’s no problem that NutraMedix cannot solve. As long as high-quality products are being manufactured by NutraMedix, any health dysfunction can be eradicated.


How NutraMedix Began

In their travels to places like Peru, Tim and Bertha Eaton got a different view than the one they had while flying. Tim was a pilot and Bertha came from a family of pilots. On the ground, they saw the truth of human health, and they wanted to make a change. Lack of education, extreme poverty, and bad nutrition wrestled with indigenous people’s knowledge of centuries-old plant medicines.

In the 1990s, Tim and Bertha created NutraMedix which offered health solutions from Peru to the U.S. Profits made from the company went toward helping poverty in South America, namely the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the Peruvian people.


NutraMedix' Mission

The mission of NutraMedix was clear, and it succeeds year after year. Their mission: helping others help themselves and develop a closer relationship with their planet and creator. Little did they know, but the Eatons would make their goals and dreams come true much sooner than they thought.

NutraMedix believes in radical generosity. By combining the mission with NutraMedix’ first product, Samento, the company was able to provide abundant help with supplements packed full of natural vitamins and minerals. NutraMedix believes that they are not in nature to take, but to give back. Sourcing natural ingredients helps them understand traditions and health needs at a different level than others.


Quality and Safety of NutraMedix

NutraMedix funds projects on 6 continents and offers 40 different remedies for health issues. The company begins with a holistic approach addressing social, spiritual, medicinal, and environmental wellbeing. Herbs are chosen for their quality. Then they are validated scientifically for their safety and efficacy. Local economies are paid fair wages for the ingredients that NutraMedix takes to make the needed supplements.

Traditional and cultural laws are honored as the company recognizes the spiritual bond between people and herbs. NutraMedix supports regenerating and protecting the land and biodiversity. Botanists are brought to the jungle to guide NutraMedix through the ecology, and also to make contact with the people who live there. From growing to processing, the company invests in clinical studies, tests, and other research to ensure the safety and vibrancy of each product. Around 50% is given back to the people around the world. After all, good health and this planet is not just for some, but for all. It’s the way it was intended.


Ingredients Found in NutraMedix Supplements

Ingredients in NutraMedix make the powerful supplements what they are today. With each component, another aspect of health is improved. At Acuatlanta, NutraMedix provides some of the highest quality products you can find.

  • Uncaria tomentosa bark extract
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • EPA
  • DHA
  • Sorbitol
  • Choline
  • Proprietary blend Turmeric root extract
  • Vegetable magnesium stearate
  • Jerusalem artichoke extract


Best Selling NutraMedix Products

Samento – One of NutraMedix most popular products, Samento delivers a substance called ‘Cat’s claw’ which supports immune health. This form of cat’s claw is different as it doesn’t contain tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids, but instead, is a powerful source of POA (pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids). This supplement is a truly powerful product when it comes to maintaining and building up natural defenses against sickness.

Antarctic Krill Oil – This highly effective supplement fights off free radicals and toxins which can cause cell damage in the body. The product also packs a punch when it comes to long-chain Omega-3 fatty acid absorption. This oil supplement supports joint health and mobility, heart, brain, and memory health. It is 100% traceable and sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

MoodMedix – For mood support and good mental health aspects, MoodMedix is a great choice for calming and uplifting effects. When there’s a dip in your mood, take 2-8 drops per day until you notice a difference and an increase in energy. Do not use this if you’re pregnant or nursing. Seek the advice of a physician before starting a regimen with this liquid supplement.

Quercetin – This supplement helps support the digestive system and genetically derived issues as well. Derived and purified from the flowers of the Japanese pagoda tree, quercetin is highly bioavailable. The ability to absorb quercetin may vary due to size, age, and weight.

Serrapeptase – Derived from the silkworm, this enzyme may assist in breaking down proteins into amino acids. The key ingredients within this supplement may help support healthy airway and sinus functions. It is also a good choice for cardiovascular and arterial health. This product is easy to take and works wonders for respiratory and heart health.

Note: Discontinue use if any adverse reactions should arise.

Nutramedix PRODUCTS