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NOW Foods - Vitamins, Supplements, Essential Oils


About NOW

NOW Foods is a manufacturer of natural supplements that has been providing people with top quality products and services to help empower them to lead healthier lives since 1968. NOW was founded by entrepreneur and degreed physical chemist, Elwood Richard, whose research on ways to improve physical performance via the use of nutrition and health foods was indeed pioneering back in the day. However, his first attempt to provide consumers with stellar quality, yet affordable, nutritional supplements was unsuccessful because of the products’ high prices. NOW became a reality when Elwood decided to take control over product quality and cost by manufacturing his own natural products and supplying his stores with them. The Richard family still owns NOW, which has grown into a leader in the natural product industry.


Local Sustainability Initiatives

NOW has a human face and takes part in and even hosts environmental schemes throughout the local community. For instance, the company hosts an East Branch forest preserve cleanup day, where its employees clean, de-litter, and maintain (i.e., set up fish nurseries, plant native seeds, etc.) the forest area in DuPage County that is right next to the NOW Glen Road plant.

Also, the organization has joined hands with The Conservation Foundation, a non-profit charity organization devoted to promoting stewardship and protecting natural land, watersheds, rivers, and open space, as a means to create awareness towards healthy water conservation in the Chicagoland area. In doing so, they particulate in several different programs, such as special sales on items like rainwater diverters, composters, rain barrels, and more.

Besides, when communities close to home are struck by natural disasters and need help, NOW is among the first to contribute with any possible means, including clothing and food donations. All that aside, the company has its own internal charity drives for back to school supplies, Christmas gifts for impoverished children, and other drives of the kind.

Among their local and international charitable contributions are:

  • Feeding America
  • Children’s Cabinet
  • People’s Resource Center
  • Food Bank of Northern Nevada
  • Autism Research Center
  • Meal-a-Day of the Americas 
  • Vitamin Angels (NOW is a founding member of the organization)
  • Feed My Starving Children
  • World Relief
  • WCF Community Services.

Manufacturing & Testing Facilities

NOW headquarters are in Illinois (Bloomingdale), as is their primary 263,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility. However, the company owns and operates several more manufacturing and distribution facilities across the USA and Canada. All of their distribution facilities are cutting-edge, featuring state-of-the-art laboratories (from sensory and microbiological to analytical and gas chromatography labs) where the company’s quality technicians use the most advanced techniques to perform more than 1,500 tests on both the raw materials and the finished products per month. Many of the manufacturing centers also come with temperature-sensitive storage areas and thermostatically-controlled warehouses in the company’s effort to achieve consistent levels of product safety, efficacy, and quality. The NOW manufacturing lines include tablet, capsule, and softgel formulas. Also, some facilities are GMP-certified green facilities (i.e., see Nevada) and LEED Silver certified, built in accordance with LEED program regulations.

Special Awards

NOW displays an impressively long list of awards which demonstrate the organization’s commitment to helping people lead healthier lives. Among the many things NOW has been are:

  • 2019 Best of Supplements Award Winner by better nutrition
  • 2019 Winner of Chicago’s 101 Best & brightest Companies to Work For
  • 2019 Vity Awards Winner by Vitamin Retailer Magazine
  • 2019 NOW Pets Insight Vanguard Awards
  • 2019 Taste for Life Essentials Award Winner
  • 2019 Natural Choice Award by Whole Foods Magazine
  • 2019 Clean Choice Award by Clean Eating Magazine
  • 2018 The Nation’s Best and Brightest in Wellness Winner
  • 2016 Supplement Award by delicious living.


Besides complying with the specifications of the Natural Products Association GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, NOW also adheres to the US FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices scheme. This means that NOW has put in place all the right quality control measures, making it a responsible manufacturer of dietary supplements. To further ensure regulatory and quality control compliance testing for its formulas NOW has partnered with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) – a reputed leader in safety science for more than 110 years.

NOW has also gained certificates for its (among others):

  • Natural cosmetic line for achieving the highest levels of consistency and quality (ISO 22716:2007 for Cosmetics).
  • Pet line products (certificate from the National Animal Supplement Council).
  • Probiotic products (you will find them bearing the RiboPrinter seal – a quality assurance system that accurately and quickly identifies contaminating organisms and differentiates them).
  • Organic ingredients (QAI Certified Organic and US Department of Agriculture Certified Organic).
  • Sports products (steroid testing).
  • Raw materials (non-GMO).
  • Gluten-free products (<10 or less than 20 parts per million of gluten, depending on the product).
  • Vegan products.
  • Halal products.

NOW Best-Selling Products

Among the most preferred NEW formulas are:

Magnesium Citrate 120 capsules (veggie) – A product that contributes to the normal metabolism function, the transmission of nerve impulses, and bone health. Also, it can help support the health of the heart muscles and can prevent magnesium deficiency. It also fosters normal energy production and healthy enzyme function.

D-Ribose Powder (8 ounce) – It boosts the production of energy as a means to support normal cellular processes while protecting the musculoskeletal and heart systems. The formula helps reduce fatigue and muscle pain, increase blood pumping, and enhance the function of the heart muscles.

L- Carnitine Liquid 300 milligrams (16 ounce) Citrus Flavor – The formula helps protect against aging effect(s) and enables the mitochondria to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – the energy currency for the work the body must carry out. The L-Carnitine included in this formula is three and up to six times more potent per serving size than other brands.

Acetyl-L Carnitine 500 milligrams 50 capsules (veggie) – It has been specifically designed to support the normal cell function, which includes ensuring the normal transport of fatty acids and the increase of cellular energy. A product from the Sports line that includes amino acids for better cardiovascular support.

The company also manufactures essential oils and natural foods, such as cooking and finishing oils, dried fruit, baking mixes, and more.