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NeuroScience Supplements

NeuroScience Inc

About NeuroScience

NeuroScience is a professional grade supplier of dietary supplements that has been recognized as a leading brand delivering top-tier formulas containing minerals, vitamins, botanicals, and amino acids. The privately-owned company was established in 2000 and is located in Saint Croix River Valley near Wisconsin. To date, it has formed partnerships with thousands of licensed healthcare providers, who appreciate the offered proprietary blends of amino acids that have been specifically designed to help in the formation of neurotransmitters (nervous system molecules). 

The NeuroScience Inc. Mission

The nervous system plays a vital role in our overall health as it communicates with every single system in the body, ideally in perfect harmony. Besides, it ensures everything is well-coordinated, connects all systems together, and manifests any dysfunctions in the human body. In fact, every activity that takes place inside our bodies is tied to the nervous system, somehow. 

The manufacturer also believes that no system works alone, and the nervous system is no exception. Likewise, no healthcare provider should work alone either. For that reason, NeuroScience provides them with the needed tools to help enhance the lives of their patients. And, although the company has evolved over the years (and continues to grow with the development of new formulas), its primary focus remains on the miraculous human brain. 


The NeuroScience Pursuit of Quality

The company’s approach to supplements begins with a deep understanding of what lies behind the symptoms. Combined with supreme quality ingredients at the right doses to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness, the NeuroScience formulas reach the intended patient at superb quality and the maximum of their health-boosting attributes.

To support the efficacy of its products, NeuroScience relies on scientific research from peer-reviewed journals while also sourcing its raw ingredients for potency, purity, standardization, and other quality characteristics. 

Quality manufacturing is yet another means to ensure the end product delivers the intended health benefits. For that reason, the company has close ties with select manufacturers to control all stages of the manufacturing process, including ingredient specifications. Everything needs to meet the company’s high standards from beginning to end.

On top of all that, NeuroScience audits its manufacturers regularly to ensure that their qualifications do not fail to meet the high NeuroScience standards. Finally, the finished products are tested from independent laboratories to make sure the results are impartial. Of course, every stage of the development and testing of NeuroScience formulas is validated by its in-house quality control department. 

NeuroScience tests every product for:

  • Microbial contamination, including mold, yeast, coliforms, and aerobic bacteria.
  • Toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. 
  • Harsh chemicals, including 70 different pesticides, 40 different solvents, and more. 
  • Purity

The NeuroScience Multi-System Approach

The company firmly believes that health is a matter of the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems that cooperate and ensure all the bodily functions are performed optimally. This concept has led to NEI (Neuro-Endo-Immune) SuperSystem in 2009. This system is all about using immune, hormone, and neurotransmitter tests to help discover the root causes of health conditions and symptoms within the shortest time frame. With other diagnostic methods, this requires several months. 

NeuroScience uses a multi-approach when formulating its products, which includes Serotonin/GABA, NeuroImmune, EnuroEnteric, NeuroAdrenal, and Catecholamine as a means to address the various factors that lead to the manifestation of symptoms. And, when individual ingredients cannot offer comprehensive support, the holistic NeuroScience formulations can. 

NeuroScience Product Ingredients 

The company uses the following compounds:

  • Amino Acids – These include 5HTP, Taurine, SAMe, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, L-tyrosine, L-tryptophan, L-theanine, L-phenylalanine, L-methionine, L-histidine, L-DOPA, Glycine, Acetyl-L- carnitine. 

  • Botanicals – Apple cider vinegar, Valerian Root, Turmeric, Rhodiola, Piper nigrum, Licorice root extract, Lemon Balm leaf, Huperzine A, Green tea leaf extract, Forskolin, Cilantro leaf, Cannabis sativa, Banaba leaf extract. 

  • Vitamins/Minerals – Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins K/E/D/C/B12/B6/A, Pantothenic acid, Niacin, Manganese, Magnesium, Folate, Chromium. 

  • Other – Resveratrol, Probiotics, Phosphatidylserine, Palmitoylethanolamide, Melatonin, Digestive Enzymes, Coenzyme Q10, Astaxanthin, Alpha-lipoic acid, Alpha-GPC.

Top-Rated NeuroScience Products

NeuroScience has received an award for Digest DTX, which was selected as one of the best digestive health products in 2019 by NEXTY SupplySide. Also worth noting is AdreCor, the company’s first neuro-adrenal-supporting supplement that was created in 2003. Ever since, it remains on top of healthcare practitioners’ list of formulas that help enhance patients’ health. Of course, we could not omit Calm and Kavinace supplement brands that promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle. 

Other than these, NeuroScience has also received praises for the following formulas:

  • TravaCor – It supports serotonin and the mood and promotes relaxation. 
  • Balance D – It helps boost cognitive function, including focus and memory, while also providing the body with the needed energy and weight management control. 
  • Focus DL – It supports the PEA neurotransmitter, combats brain fog, improves attention, and enhances cognitive function.
  • Daxitrol Essential – It helps reduce cravings, break down fat stores, fosters healthy dopamine levels, and resets the reward/pleasure pathway. 
  • Alpha GABA PM – It promotes the natural sleep cycle, helps fight stress and anxiousness,  encourages the stimulation of brain calming waves, and supports the healthy function of GABA. 
  • ExcitaPlus – It lowers fatigue levels caused by stress, helps the body regain its healthy catecholamine levels, fosters the normal function of the adrenals, and boosts concentration, energy, and mood.

You can purchase a wide range of NeuroScience supplements and products here on AcuAtlanta.net.

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