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NeuroHacker Collective


Considering the world is changing so fast, we need to evolve. This means leveling up our lifestyle. And what better way to improve our lifestyle than to improve our health. After all, what you enjoy is directed related to how you feel. Mind and body have never been this connected before.

NeuroHacker Collective comes from a place of understanding the effects of stress on human body and mind. Environmental factors and toxins play huge roles in your health, drastically reducing your positive capabilities and amplifying negativity. And health issues do arise from your mindset. If you think in an empowering manner, you will embody that power.


Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to do this at optimal levels naturally. Therefore, you, as a normal human being, need supplemental help. And there is nothing wrong with that. Supplements come in many forms too. Whether it’s a liquid formulas or capsules, you deserve a boost to combat the stress and environmental toxins that affect your health every day. This is where NeuroHacker Collective products come in.

About NeuroHacker Collective Products

All the products from NeuroHacker Collective come stamped with the word “Qualia”. This word represents a philosophical belief about NeuroHacker Collectives’ product line. Qualia stands for ‘what it means to be you, or the experimental quality of this idea.’ This company’s products, including energy shots, supplements, and liquids help keep you at tip-top performance.

NeuroHacker Collective’s products are different than anything else on the market today. They are specially designed to address health issues from the mind outward. You see, if the mind can be at its best, this controls almost every aspect of the body. Products include cognitive solutions which are caffeine-free all the way to Immune system supplements that both support and repair your ability to fight illnesses and ward off free radicals.

Products also include energy supplements, anti-aging formulas, and products specializing in vision and sleep. As you know, so many people suffer from the lack of proper sleep routines, and with Qualia-based products, there’s a solution that starts with the mind. If you have peace of mind, you often reap the benefits of a more restful night. NeuroHacker Collective has a supplemental formula for most any concern.

Product Quality and Safety

Before NeuroHacker Collective ever sources its ingredients, research is done to ensure safety of a supplement’s components. When ingredients are deemed safe to use, they are sourced from around the world. Only the best ingredients are used to form an authentic and pure line of products. Ingredients are patented and proved to provide benefits to the consumer.

Neuroscience Collective sources only the most potent and bioavailable ingredients as well. Supplements must be strong enough to tackle various issues successfully. Purity of the ingredients are tested to align with standards that are recognized nationally. Even though ingredients are tested, the company then tests the product itself to make sure the ingredients chosen are indeed the best.

Analytical and chemical techniques are used during testing to ensure there are no contaminants and confirm the identity of the ingredients. NeuroHacker Collective has over 2 years of testing experience, and they also retest at a second laboratory to ensure optimal formulas are the only products released to the public. The company remains close to researchers and doctors to make sure their products are safe.

Ingredients Found in NeuroHacker Collective Products

There is a plethora of nutritious ingredients found in NeuroHacker Collective products. You can find these products at AcuAtlanta, where natural formulas and supplements are the specialty. Here are a few notable quality NeuroHacker Collective product ingredients:

  • Vitamin C, D, B6, B12
  • Organic coffee berry
  • Artichoke leaf extract
  • Gotu Kola
  • Wild blueberry fruit
  • Biotin
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Ginger
  • Taurine
  • Selenium
  • Reishi mushroom.

Best Selling NeuroHacker Collective Products

QUALIA MIND, 105 Veggie capsules – This product starts with the mind, the place where good health originates. Qualia mind provides cognitive support to improve the overall mind. This means cognitive support for memory and focus, two areas that often suffer from environmental factors. With a wide array of ingredients, this supplement works wonders.

QUALIA NIGHT, Optimized Sleep, 60 Veggie capsules – Qualia Night is a patent-pending formula that supports cognition, a deeper sleep, immunity, and overall long-term sleep routines. It also enhances clarity and focus, while providing energy for the next day. This means it’s optimized for a well-rested sleep experience.

QUALIA SKIN, 63 capsules  - This product uses plant-based ingredients to improve the appearance and health of your skin. Qualia skin support healthy collagen renewal, smooths fine lines, and promotes hydration. It also evens out any skin discolorations.

QUALIA VISION, 15 capsules – This unique formula supports the vision by protecting your eyes against things like blue light and lessens the harmful effects of this light on your sleep quality. Qualia vision supports healthy vision and visual performance. It’s a great option for treating strained eyes in any situation.

QUALIA IMMUNE, 20 capsules – this formula does more than support the immune system. Qualia Immune also supports the respiratory system and digestive system as well. This product goes to the source by improving the health of the immune cells.

Neurohacker PRODUCTS