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Myco Herb

Myco Herb

About MycoHerb 

MycoHerb is a superior Kan Herb Company product line that utilizes the health benefits tied to mushrooms to improve people’s quality of life and health. Depending on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom and practices that use mushrooms for their health attributes for more than 3,000 years, the company offers potent formulas that provide immune-boosting, cleansing, and antioxidants. Combining this knowledge with Western methodologies and models carried out on the fungi, Kan Herb Company has managed to create the MycoHerbs series to help offer solutions to common (and more serious) health concerns. 


The Powers of Fungi & Mushrooms

Fungi are empowered with the qualities of self-transformation and self-protection which allow them to flourish when the land they grow in is decaying without using the mechanisms of other plants. So, instead of wanting the sun to synthesize nutrients and chlorophyll, and absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen, mushrooms do the exact opposite. So, they exhale carbon dioxide and captivate oxygen, just like human respiration. 

What fungi also do is break down proteins and complex carbohydrates discharged by the plants (which manufacture their food with the carbon dioxide released by mushrooms) into smaller compounds. This extremely complicated (and at the same time, simple) decomposition process gives the soil much-needed nutrients and creates essential substances the plants need to grow in a form they can absorb (the nutrients). 

When consumed, mushrooms benefit the entire human body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are said to support defensive Wei and Qi. The Western world translates the intake of mushrooms (as a food, supplement, etc.) as immune-supporting. Here comes the MycoHerb line, which provides products with pure flavor and clarity that have been extracted through alcohol technology and temperature-specific water. This particular method makes MycoHerb formulas even more active and nutritionally complete. 

The Kan Herb Company Behind MycoHerb

Kan Herb Company is committed to the pursuit of good herbology and for that, it’s on a mission to further improve the practice of Chinese herbology in the Western world by introducing pure and safe herbal formulas of unparalleled quality and effectiveness to modern healthcare providers. 

Part of their ideogram is a symbol representing transformation and power - the dragon. This illustrates the brand’s focus on helping each individual release their inner power to transform discomfort into balance and harmony. In doing so, they accept to use nothing but the best quality herbs while demonstrating manufacturing leadership to ensure superior formulations and final products. 

Quality Assurance 

Unlike many companies selling Chinese herbal formulas who leave the inspection of raw materials procured for their products to third parties (often outside the USA), Kan Herb Company meticulously oversees and controls every single phase of the production process to ensure the safety, quality, and potency of its proprietary formulas.

In addition, they manufacture all products from herbs imported from China at their cGMP-compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices) California-based facility. Surpassing the stringent cGMP regulations, Kan Herb Company is head-over-heels involved in everything about their formulas, from testing the raw materials to procurement, packaging, and manufacturing. This allows them to prevent issues like falsified test results, the substitution of herbs, and contamination (which can all happen if crucial processes are passed on to a third party). 

All Kan Herb Company products, including MycoHerb formulas, are manufactured utilizing state-of-the-art equipment while every proprietary blend carries a Certificate of Analysis to attest the purity and potency of the product. MycoHerb products, like all other Kan Herb Company formulas, are also tested for proper composition and identity before the final formulation leaves the facility to find its place in healthcare practitioners’ clinics. 

Certificates of Analysis 

Although it's highly unlikely to find manufacturers of traditional Chinese herbal formulas providing Certificates of Analysis for their single herb extracts and proprietary products to support testing claims and purity, Kan Herb Company is among the very few that do. However, it is the integrity of the laboratories, tools, and methodologies used to perform these tests that determine the caliber of a Certificate of Analysis. 

Kan Herb Company assigns premier independent USA-based laboratories to validate its tests, using the latest scientific equipment and the most advanced and strict methodologies. Patients, healthcare providers, and individuals can view and download the certificate of analysis of a MycoHerb product (or any other Kan Herb Company product) by entering the formula’s name, lot number, and format on the manufacturer’s site.

Best-Selling MycoHerb Products 

Some of the top-rated MycoHerb formulas are:

Tremella - It supports healthy water metabolism and cholesterol levels, helps fight occasional fatigue and weakness, fosters a healthy respiratory system, and boosts immunity. It also strengthens the Heart, replenishes Essence, and harmonizes Blood, among many others. 

Reishi Forte - It supports mental calmness, healthy metabolism, endurance, and immunity. Moreover, the formula helps alleviate occasional depression, prevents premature aging, and speeds recovery from long-time illness, to name a few. 

Tri-Forte (8 ounce) - It supports healthy immunity and blood sugar levels, while also fostering a healthy respiratory system and fighting occasional fatigue and weakness.

Shiitake (8 ounce) - A product that supports healthy digestion and immunity, eases joint and muscle pains, encourages a healthy lymphatic system and combats insomnia. 

Poria (8 ounce) - A formula that eases water retention, combats digestion with loose stools, supports cardiovascular health, promotes healthy liver function, and encourages immunity.