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Mother Earth Labs

Mother Earth Labs

About Mother Earth Labs

Mother Earth Labs, Inc. is a South Texas Hill Country-based nutritional products manufacturer following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) production processes that utilizes nature’s own nutrient delivery system, namely Humic and Fulvic (substances widely used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries), to supercharge nutrient absorption as a means to ensure body cells receive the full spectrum of natural biologically active nutrients. Their “cell-ready” formulas carry high Humic and Fulvic concentrations and also deliver ORP (Oxidation/Reduction Potential) and pH standards. They have been specifically designed to provide nutrition directly to each cell, allowing the body to maximize its healthy functions. Their products are trusted by a plethora of healthcare practitioners targeting their patients’ utmost well-being and optimal health via the use of high-quality supplements delivered at affordable prices.


The (Personal) Story Behind Mother Earth Labs

Mother Earth Labs is the embodiment of CareyLyn Carter’s vision to help more people combat serious illness, disease, and adverse health conditions. Being diagnosed herself with cancer in 2004, the biochemist and metabolic disease specialist was also on a spiritual path towards fulfilling her life’s purpose at that time. In doing so, she was introduced to Humic and Fulvic by a spiritual guide she met during a seminar in Mexico. After researching, retrieving as much information as she could about Humic and Fulvic, and doing comparative laboratory research on Humic and Fulvic products (the scientist inside her demanded proof of effectiveness), she found out that the use of Humic and Fulvic was indeed affecting people’s lives dramatically, with results shown for various diseases, including cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and many more. Eventually, CareyLyn found Humic and Fulvic deposits of the highest quality and managed to isolate Humic and Fulvic from raw materials. The goal was to produce her own Humic and Fulvic product, so she then blended the gathered compounds according to her research and began taking the produced formula. The results were amazing, especially considering that she was estimated to have only up to 3-4 years to live! After seeing remarkable health outcomes on herself, CareyLyn wanted to help others facing a health crisis live a healthier, longer life too. That is how Mother Earth Labs took off with a signature product called “The Gift” (the same product CareyLyn used), which contains not only the highest concentration of Humic and Fulvic one can buy, but also the minerals and nutrients lacking in our food sources, the deficiency of which can make us sick*, in biologically correct ratios and using the superior pure water separation process. In her attempt to make The Gift available to as many people as possible, CareyLyn managed to provide it at a very approachable price too. This is why one will find 128oz of highly-concentrated top quality Mother Earth Labs Humic and Fulvic blend (it also includes Humic Acids, Fulvic minerals, and nutrients) at a price one would pay for a less concentrated 32oz bottle of Humic and Fulvic alone. *More than 150 degenerative diseases have been associated with mineral and vitamin deficiencies, which lead to inflammation and chronic body acidity.

The Production Processes

The company’s products are manufactured in an ISO 9000, cGMP-compliant facility (led by a PhD in Health Sciences) whose stellar equipment can separate and purify atom-sized Humic and Fulvic, as well as the vitamins, ionic materials, and elements they carry. The production, blending, and packaging takes place in HEPA-filter, climate-controlled rooms. Mother Earth Labs also makes formulas using only non-chlorinated water of supreme purity, without the use of pressure, heat, acids, or chemicals that could lessen the activity of the products.

The Raw Materials

The company uses high-quality raw materials free from impurities and toxins, with high Humid and Fulvic concentrations, from pure-ground-water deposits of ancient vegetation from the late Cretaceous Period (extremely few around the world), which contain an enormous quantity of plant material. The plant sources found in these deposits are used to take Humic and Fulvic, alongside the amino acids, vitamins, essential nutrients, and ionic minerals they naturally carry. Specifically, the brand’s Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Products contain Humic and Fulvic derived from one of the finest Humic deposits in the globe, the Fruitland Formation wilderness in the north of the country.

The (Free) pH Challenge

According to research, when the acid/alkaline balance inside the body (aka body pH) is slightly alkaline, it helps prevent disease. To assist the body to neutralize acidity and become more alkaline, it is crucial to receive minerals. The only minerals that can easily be used by the body are Fulvic minerals, which are also vital for the healthy function of the majority of the body’s metabolic processes and for sustaining body pH. Unfortunately, the average American’s pH is acidic while cancer patient’s pH (also, patients with other chronic diseases, such as diabetes) is extremely acidic. Given that much of the minerals and Humic and Fulvic in our food has been removed by modern agricultural practices, it is no wonder that so many people are sick nowadays. Maintaining a healthy pH will, therefore, allow the body to reverse disease processes and restore good health (or sustain it). Mother Earth Labs provides a free pH Challenge test kit, along with a free booklet with a wealth of information about pH and acidity, where everybody can find out their body’s pH.

Mother Earth Labs Product Facts

High Fulvic & Humic Concentrations – Most Mother Earth Labs products provide over 100,000 parts per million (ppm) of Fulvic and TDS (total dissolved solids) per ounce (or 100 grams per liter or 10%) when the majority of similar products out there range between 1,000 ppm and 10,000 ppm. Optimal pH – The Gift, which is also included in other Mother Earth Labs specialty products (i.e., pHBALANCER and Comprehensive Wellness) tests over pH 9, which means that the body is provided with a product rich in electrons that comprises a highly oxygenated and energetic solution. Potent Antioxidant Activity – The Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP) helps measure how many electrons can be donated into a liquid to maximize antioxidant potential, damage free radicals, improve cell membrane dynamics, and boost energy production. Mother Earth Labs’ formulas have over 170mV (milliVolts), which indicates a potent ability to supply electrons in a liquid and strong antioxidant activity, and surpasses the highest ORP of not only blueberries and other food sources rich in flavonoid and polyphenol antioxidants, but also alkalizing foods, such as spinach and kale. Mitochondria Protection – Research suggests that Humic and Fulvic can support increased mitochondria CoQ10 levels and protect mitochondria against oxidative damage, while the combination of Fulvic and Co10 can provide 56% more cellular energy production in the brain (compared to taking CoQ10 alone).

Functional Health & Mother Earth Labs Products

Dr.Stuart Hoover, the company’s director of Professional services, is a Board-Certified Functional Health Practitioner with over 20 years of clinic experience, who also specializes in Biological Terrain Management and Functional Health for improved cellular functional health. He works closely with healthcare practitioners and offers professional services, including direction on the use of products, practice development, functional health assessments, recommendations, and education, as well as vocational training on the Mother Earth Labs product line.

Most Notable Mother Earth Labs Products

Besides their flagship product, The Gift (in 128 oz economical gallon jug, 90 capsules, 4oz super-concentrated liquid, 32 oz glass quart bottle, and 32 oz quart dispensing bottle), other highly sought-after Mother Earth Labs products include: Lugols Iodine Plus (4oz) – A Fulvic formula that can be used to fight fatigue, support normal iodine metabolism, foster normal thyroid, immune, and breast function, help detoxify, and combat iodine deficiency. Also available in 2oz bottle. pH Balancer (128oz economical jug)– An alkalizing red formula that can support normal alkaline balance, help reverse chronic acidity and fight chronic inflammation. Also available in 32oz dispensing bottle, 32 ounce round bottle, and 32 oz glass quart bottle. Fulvic Liquid Minerals – It contains Fulvic Acid that can fight mitochondrial aging, improve CoQ10 and cellular energy, and deliver nutrients directly to the cells. Among others, the formula is enriched with 18 phytonutrients and amino acids, 10 vitamins, and more than 74 minerals. Comprehensive Wellness Formula – A product with potent antioxidant properties. It can also help digestion and weight management, detoxify the body, contribute to improved vision, and combat aging. Except for the economical 128oz jug, it also comes in 32oz dispensing bottle, 32oz glass quart bottle and 32 ounce round bottle. GI UltraMax Pro – A formula providing strong antioxidant and intestinal barrier support while increasing the production of good bacteria in the gut and enhancing a healthy microbiome flora in the GI tract. It also offers immune system support and promotes both weight management and the elimination of toxins. Available in 60 servings too. Replenish Veggie Protein (32 ounces) – It fosters the production of long-lasting energy, improves fat burning, enhances sleep and mood, and jumpstarts the metabolism. Also available in single-serving package Whey (chocolate and vanilla flavors) or Veggie protein. Pet Wellness – A formula created to help improve the skin and coat of the little furry friends, enhance their immune system, increase nutrient absorption and digestion, and help detoxify of environmental toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals. About Mother Earth Labs Ionic Magnesium + (120ml) – It provides the body with the magnesium required to maintain healthy immune function, improve cardiovascular health, and sustain good bone density. Best Fulvic Concentrated 2X Professional Formula (32 ounces) – A product with superior detox performance that can also supercharge nutrient absorption and restore optimal cellular function. Also available in 32 ounce dispensing bottle and 128 ounce jug. Osteo-wellness (32ounce round bottle) – An organic vitamin and mineral formula that can contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis-caused fractures and help rebuild bone density (or maintain it). Available in an economical 128oz gallon jug, 32 oz glass quart bottle, and 32 oz quart dispensing bottle. Good Nite – A synergistically balanced proprietary blend of herbals that promote good, relaxed, and easy sleep. The formula also contains melatonin and The Gift compounds.

Mother Earth Labs PRODUCTS