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Metagenics Inc. is a California-based company founded in 1983 that operates as a lifestyle and nutrigenomics medicine organization. The idea behind the company is pioneering: We can affect how our genes express themselves via proper nutrition, contrary to what the majority of people believe - that our genes predetermine our health potential. For that reason, Metagenics Inc. has made it its primary goal to deliver science-based lifestyle programs, medical foods and nutritional supplements of superior quality to support healthcare practitioners improve their patients’ health and reach their health goals more effectively via gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegetarian offerings.


At the heart of its mission statement is to support high-caliber research in the fields of nutrition and Natural Medicine by sponsoring research projects across the USA, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

The company has locations throughout the world and serves healthcare providers both internationally and in the USA. Metagenics also operates a research and development office in Washington.

Health Issues That Metagenics Products Address

With a distinct focus on researching, developing, and manufacturing nutritional formulas and medical foods to help people with chronic conditions, Metagenics offers products in various areas, including:

  • Children’s Health
  • Neurological Damage
  • Stress Management
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • General Wellness
  • Joint Health
  • Cardiometabolic Health
  • Body Composition.

In addition, it also provides products to help defy aging, as well as for heart health, menopause, intestinal malabsorption and permeability, endothelial function, and gut function. Finally, Metagenics offers a wealth of lifestyle medicine programs, such as metabolic syndrome, weight loss, and detoxification programs.

Product Quality Assessment

Metagenics uses pure, high-quality raw materials and steers clear from manufacturing methods that could potentially damage the quality. For that reason, they maintain a team comprised of 30 professionals working full-time on product nutritional research and development while also ensure that high manufacturing standards are met at all times by constantly assessing the manufacturing methods used.

For instance, the Metagenics DHA and EPA formulas that are produced with marine oil undergo the following tests to ensure their purity and supreme quality:

  • Testing for raw supplies for hazardous contaminants* (in-house and independent 3rd-party testing).
  • Testing of dangerous bacteria (in-house).
  • Testing for molds (in-house).
  • Testing for yeasts (in-house).
  • Testing for shelf and disintegration balance (in-house).

*Including pesticides (220 in total are tested), hefty metals (6), markets of PCBs (7), furans and dioxins (15), and dioxin-like PCBs (12).

Each purification technology used consists of purity-certified omega-3 fatty acids that often surpass the % and milligram mentioned on the label. Plus, to help item balance, the company also enhances the formulas with antioxidants.

In general, each batch of raw supplies is assessed by stellar independent testing laboratories with a top world-wide reputation on testing for dioxins. As a means to implement an additional security measure, the company also tests every batch of concentrated oil before they are encapsulated or bottled, which is an industry-first practice.

Metagenics Product Categories

Metagenics develops products that fall under these categories:

Most Notable Products

Adrenogen – It is recommended for people that need to regulate their hormones and support their adrenal function. It combines top-quality nutrients and delivers a blend of B vitamins. UltraFlora Spectrum – It supports the normal function of the intestines and is recommended for people with occasional irritation of the intestines and bowel discomforts. The product also helps maintain a normal immune function and relieves from occasional bowel discomforts by providing immune response- and normal intestine environment-supporting probiotic strains. FirstLine Therapy Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program – A carefully structured program that guides patients towards leading healthy lives. The package includes the program guide, along with a simple exercise plan, targeted nutritional support for weight loss as well as a fiber mix, probiotics, supplement packets, low glycerin protein bar, and online support, and more. OmegaGenics SPM Active – Recommended for people that wish to support their normal tissue function and immune response. UltraInflamaX Plus 360 – A rice protein/vegan pea-based product that provides antioxidant support and promotes the normal function of the intestinal mucosa in addition to normal carbohydrate metabolism. It also assists to maintain healthy energy levels and is highly recommended for people with issues in the function of their gut. Ceriva – This product is formulated to support normal cognitive function and memory by beneficially modulating the metabolism of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It’s recommended for people with poor memory and brain aging. Vasotensin – It supports the normal function of the vascular system, the normal levels of blood pressure, and optimal blood flow. This is achieved by providing quality and purity certified peptides that derive from bonito, a fish that is consumed in Japan. All peptides are assessed for contaminants and pesticides.

Continuous Education

One of the main concerns of the company is to provide practitioners with up-to-date information about scientific research so they can make the most effective and informed therapeutic decisions. To achieve this, Metagenics organizes professional practitioner seminars three times a year, provides dedicated toll-free phone lines to satisfy queries, utilizes an email news and information service (the eMed), and employs a total of 25 naturopaths working full-time to answer questions about the Metagenics services and products, to name just a few.

Sustainable Products

Metagenics demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability by practicing sustainability on all levels, from the collection of raw materials to packaging. During Fishing – To source fish oil only from certified suppliers, Metagenics has adopted a specific fishing method that contributes to the reduction of the impact on the ecosystem while also ensuring high-quality standards as far as social accountability and energy efficiency are concerned. During formulation & sourcing – The company confirms that the herbal raw materials come from non-endangered species by undertaking sustainability searches on databases such as the Convention on Independent Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), IUCN Red List, and TRAFFIC. During packaging – Metagenics has signed an initiative whose aim is to reduce packaging waste, increase recycling rates, and ensure sustainable packaging, called the APC (Australian Packaging Covenant). The company uses Envirofill Void Packaging, a biodegradable bubble wrap from potato starch, which they use as cardboard packing boxes, as well as compost. Seventy percent of the materials used for these cardboard boxes are recyclable. Also, the company utilized an automated picking system that is specifically designed to reduce the amount of void packing necessary by calculating the best way to send the products to save optimal space. It should also be noted that Metagenics has also shown great interest in using amber glass bottles for their products. The specific material is fully recyclable and chemically inactive. The adoption of amber glass bottles allows Metagenics to protect their products’ shelf life and integrity. In simpler terms, practitioners that use Metagenics products can be confident that they (the products) have not been compromised in any way during their factory-to-patient journey; hence, they can be safely prescribed.

Awards & Certifications

The Metagenics Washington manufacturing facilities and quality systems have passed a Good Manufacturing Practice audit that included:

  • Materials controls
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Quality management
  • Production
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Lab controls

The USP is a non-profit, scientific standards-setting company and authoritative source of GMP audits of dietary supplements manufacturers that promotes the world’s health via programs and public standards which contribute to maintaining product safety and top quality, alongside all the benefits of foods and medicines. Besides having gained the USP GMP Certificate, Metagenics has also received certificates (i.e., for NSF International Certified for Sport and NSF International GMPs) from other 3rd-party auditing bodies too, such as Canada’s Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority, which also assess the quality, reliability, and purity of manufacturing processes. The target is to verify that the procedures comply with public safety and health standards at all times. Finally, the company has also been awarded certification from the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. Last but not least, a selection of Metagenics products has been verified as non-GMO, from leading 3rd-party verification company for non-GMP products and foods.

Maternity Care Products

Metagenics entered North America’s maternity care market in 2018 in an effort to help pregnant women and young mothers enjoy one of the happiest periods in their life the best possible way, with pregnancy supplements and vitamins to enhance their health and ensure they get all the nutrients required to sustain a healthy gestation and keep their body’s functions at optimal levels.

Metagenics as an Industry Sponsor

Only last February, Metagenics has decided to become an industry sponsor of the San Diego CMI (Center for Microbiome Innovation), which includes a broad spectrum of technologies, such as meta-transcriptions, metabolomics, and metagenomics, and a wealth of expertise from data analysis and microbiome sampling. CMI uses machine learning, among others, in order to improve the knowledge of the effect the microbiome has on people’s health. The target is to provide pioneering treatments and solutions for some of the most significant diseases. With an eye on the significance of gut bacteria to human health, Metagenics is proud to announce this new, much-promising collaboration.

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