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Life Extension

Life Extension

About Life Extension

Life Extension develops premium, clinically studied supplements that provide health-promoting benefits which ensure a long and happy life. For the past 40 years, the company has been providing healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and consumers alike with products that have been formulated with a rigorous, science-based approach and meticulous research.

Up to this moment, the brand has over 400 supplements and vitamins for Longevity & Wellness, Beauty & Personal Care, Lifestyle & Fitness, and many more. In addition, the Life Extension Good to Go Natural Market provides 2000+ additional grocery items and formulas from respected brands, such as Amy’s Kitchen, Quest, Gaia, New Chapter, and more.

On top of everything else, the company gives its customers the chance to have one-on-one consultations with the in-house Wellness Specialists as a means to help them make the right lifestyle choices for maximum wellbeing. Finally, Life Extension runs free events on various health topics while also pioneering blood testing services that are offered at a fraction of the cost charged at commercial blood labs.


The Good to Go Initiative

Good to Go is a Natural Foods Market that offers ready-made healthy snacks and food, as well as organic salads, sandwiches, organic coffee, cold-pressed teas, energy drinks, juices, and more, in the Fort Lauderdale region. Their coffee, in particular, is a Rainforest Blend that consists of Arabic beans (certified organic), which keep more of the healthy compounds that are usually lost when the coffee beans are roasted. To maximize this, the company used a patented HealthyRoast process.

Quality Control & Safety Standards

Life Extension is a GMP registered company with NSF International and has earned multiple accolades for its commitment to safety and quality, including Top Rated Product awards from Consumer Labs. This means that the Life Extension production facilities are both in compliance with the Dietary Supplements Good Manufacturing Practices dictated by the Federal Regulations, and audited semi-annually for safety and quality. The products are also tested for purity, composition, strength, and identity, all of which are details that appear on the formula label.

And, to ensure their products always deliver the maximum of their intended health benefits, the brand focuses exclusively on a specific fourfold – sustainability, efficacy, purity, and quality. On top of that, the company implements a non-GMO self-certification process that involves stringent documentation and investigation of all raw materials used in the formulas. Needless to say, it is also the raw ingredient suppliers that undergo strict evaluation processes to make sure the produced products are always of top quality and efficacy.

The Development of Products

All Life Extension products are designed with consumers’ health, longevity, and wellness in mind. Using supreme raw materials, pioneering formulas, and ground-breaking manufacturing ways to deliver the maximum of their products’ potential each and every time, the company has often been ahead of its time. In fact, many of their formulas found a competing match from a product from a different manufacturer 10 or more years after their development.

Behind researching, testing, and retesting every compound used in the formulations is an expert team of researchers and scientists that ensure all science-based nutritional supplements are packed with health benefits. To achieve that, this team goes through the latest studies, texts, and science to see the newest discoveries in the health industry and pinpoint the ones that will best serve the Life Extension customers. Then, they use the precise dosages and ingredients used in the studies to recreate the selected formulations before they meet again to think of added ways to enhance the formulas even more. The final step involves reconstructing and testing the product again to ensure maximum efficacy and bioavailability have been attained.

Special Notes

Life Extension formulates products that are the result of many decades of research. Using a complex process and the latest scientific findings, the brand has ensured a transparent end result – a COA (Certificate of Analysis) for each and every formula they produce on exacting standards. This entails sourcing only the best raw materials with top potency and purity, and manufacturing nearly all of the Life Extension supplements in the USA. It is, therefore, no wonder that the company has been recognized as the best (top place) Catalog/internet Merchant by ConsumerLab.com for five years in a row.

Best-Selling Products

Some of the top-rated Life Extension formulas are:

Zinc Caps 50mg – It helps support the normal function of the thymus gland, the nerves, the cardiovascular, and the immune system. It also provides antioxidant and inflammatory support.

Advanced Anti-Adipocyte Formula with Meratrim and Integra-Lean African Mango – A formula that provides anti-aging support and fosters normal body weight management. It targets the mechanisms in which the cells that store fat become dysfunctional and cause fat accumulations in the middle section and the rest of the body.

Super Absorbable CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) with d-Limonene – It provides antioxidant support to the cardiovascular system while also supporting the DNA, lipids, and proteins of the mitochondria from oxidation.

Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with PQQ – Besides aging, the formula also supports normal brain, cellular, DNA, and mitochondrial function. It also enhances memory and learning while boosting energy levels.

Boron 3mg – A product that is extremely effective when used to support the normal function of the joints, bones, hormones, and the prostate.

Life Extension PRODUCTS