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About Kyolic

Kyolic is a manufacturer of supreme quality garlic supplements that have been specifically created to deliver exceptional nutritional value. All Kyolic formulas are based on organically grown garlic that is aged up to 20 months as a means to improve the health benefits associated with its compounds. The company also ensures the raw material is gentle to the stomach while also removing the distinguishing pungent odor. Backed up by more than 850 studies, Kyolic uses time-tested farming methods free from chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

The cultivation of garlic

Kyolic organically grows garlic on certified California organic farms, which is harvested at full maturity. To convert allicin and other odoriferous and harsh garlic ingredients into odorless and mild compounds that contain water-soluble sulfur, it allows the garlic cloves to age naturally. That way, the garlic bulbs grow pure and natural, offering the maximum of their health-promoting benefits. 


The Kyolic Odorless Aged Garlic Extract

The three most popular methods to produce garlic supplements are as follows:

  • Garlic oil macerates.
  • Heat dehydrated garlic powder (seasoning/delivered in tablets or capsules). 
  • Heat distilled garlic oil (manufactured in softgel form)

The downside with the above techniques is that the garlic oils and powders have minimal amounts (if at all) of water-soluble ingredients, which are paramount so individuals can gain the primary health benefits of garlic. At the same time, while garlic oils and powders do carry some oil-soluble sulfur ingredients tied to some health benefits, these come with harsh, oxidizing effects and a pungent garlic odor. Many manufacturers of garlic supplements claim that they have managed to remove the odor from their formulas. Nevertheless, the sad truth is that the odor is there; only masked by sugar or chemical coatings. For that reason, when the individual dissolves the tablets or capsules, the garlic odor is released. 

Kyolic has done something groundbreaking, indeed. It has managed to create odorless Aged Garlic Extract with the use of an exclusive aging process. The extract produced is not only 100% odorless, but also free from the harsh side effects related to the consumption of garlic. On top of that, the Kyolic garlic supplements are the only ones that also deliver antioxidant support.

As already mentioned, what makes the Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract stand out from the other garlic formulas on the market is the unique aging process applied in manufacturing the products, which is described right below:

  1. The garlic that has been harvested is tested for conformity to specific quality standards so that only the best quality garlic is used to create Kyolic formulas. 
  2. The selected garlic cloves are thoroughly cleaned and sliced. 
  3. The sliced garlic is stored in a stainless steel tank, where they are left undisturbed to age naturally for up to 20 months, without heating and under carefully controlled conditions.

This procedure results in truly odorless garlic extract that is bioavailable, stable, safe, and health-fostering.

Kyolic Quality Controls & Assurance

All Kyolic products undergo stringent quality checks (over 250 tests) throughout the production process, from the cultivation of garlic to distribution, to ensure the formulas’ efficacy and safety. In doing so, the company adheres to the international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Kyolic has also earned ISO 9001:2015 certification, which demonstrates how serious the manufacturer is when it comes to conforming to Quality Management System and international quality standards. 

That aside, the company produces products with garlic grown under strict controlled organic conditions and forbid the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. One of the manufacturer’s primary responsibilities is to protect the natural environment of the local community, which is why it applies a stringent quality assurance system that fosters precisely that. 

Kyolic Formulas & Top-Rated Products

Besides Kyolic odorless aged garlic extract, the company also manufactures:

Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics – The products contain human strains of beneficial bacteria that are resistant to stomach acid, heat-stable, and specially cultured. They also have no dairy ingredients and need no refrigeration as they can deliver their health benefits at room temperature. See, for example, Kyo-Dophilus Max E-Z Probiotic and Kyo-Dophilus Daily Probiotic

Superfoods & Greens – These are created to help individuals receive maximum supplementation in a quick and easy way. The products contain antioxidants and a wealth of nutrients that have been specifically designed to improve the function of the immune system and enhance one’s energy levels. Among the best-selling products in this category are Greens Blend, 

Moducare – This is a supplement that contains plant nutrients. Taken daily, it can support prostate health and cholesterol while also contributing to balancing the immune system. Also available with a tasty grape flavor (Moducare Grape Chewables). 

Weight loss – This line consists of formulas that deliver clinically proven weight-loss nutrients for effective weight loss results. Each product uses the selected ingredients studied at the levels that have been found via scientific research to give maximum results within the shortest amount of time possible. 

Specialty products – This category includes formulas specifically created to help with liver support, brain memory, brain focus, brain energy, blood sugar balance, prostate function, hormone balance for women experiencing midlife changes (Estro-LOGIC), and male reproductive health and desire (Kyolic Lucky 7).