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Klean Athlete

Klean Athlete

About Klean Athlete

Powering the athlete through peak performance and health means creating dietary supplements that really work. Klean Athlete knows that a truly active and fierce competitor never gives up. They are determined, creating their customed schedule at home, and pushing hard each day with the team.

They set the pace, and they never look back. These supplements support this way of life by providing only the best ingredients, formulas, and measurements to boost the athletes' lifestyle. Not only that, but they also protect the athlete from injury and soothe previous injuries. They promote good health, ample sleep, and loads of energy.


Founded in 2012, by a team of athletes, including sponsored triathlete, Kevin Portland and Timmy Samec, Klean Athlete is a culmination of a team that knows what it means to compete and endure. They also know what it takes to persevere through the rough spots when it seems hopeless.

When feeling like giving up, this team understands why that’s not an option. Klean Athlete supplements provide the fuel to keep athletes going despite the hardships. And the company does this without putting its consumers in danger.

Klean Athlete's Mission

Pure beliefs make the mission of Klean Athlete come to life. The team expects their products to be of the highest quality, moral and ethical standards for those who depend on that boost provided by Kelan Athlete supplements. Klean Athlete cares more about their athletes than about the profits gained through pushing supplements. They strive to make the sport’s world a more inviting place.

Klean Athlete believes in using raw materials, avoiding as many preservatives as possible and man-made supplemental additives. They believe a clean performance starts with clean ingredients. The idea is to help athletes perform at their top potential without sacrificing their health.

Quality and Safety of Klean Athlete Products

Coaches, athletes, and trainers must make well-informed decisions, so Klean Athlete’s products must be third-party certified by the NSF Internationals for Sport program. Klean Athlete is a registered GMP manufacturing facility, which is ISO 17025 certified and accredited. It’s because this team of athletes is determined to do what’s right.

The U.S. and Canada with over 100 Universities with over 200 sports professional sports teams trust Klean Athlete. Even the top world health professionals and coaches approve of these supplements because they are safe and efficient providing the best in wellness and top performance.

Klean Athlete’s products have been tried and tested to ensure the safety of athletes to come. The NSF certifies these supplements are banned from substances and contaminants. They are doctor monitored and approved for usage. All products are GMO-free, and all other allergens are on the bottle’s label.

Some Ingredients Present in Klean Athlete supplements

Klean Athlete provides only the best in tried and tested ingredients to ensure quality like no other. A few examples are windows to the Klean Athlete experience in supplemental nutrition.

  • Vitamin B
  • Calcium
  • Organic Pomegranate Juice Powder
  • Organic Blackberry Juice Powder
  • Citric Acid
  • Beet Juice Powder
  • Monk Fruit Extract

What Klean Athlete Products Do NOT Include

Klean Athlete supplements, while packed full of raw and natural ingredients, do not promote the use of preservatives and contaminants. They do not include:

  • GMOs
  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Artificial Sweeteners, Colors, or Flavors
  • Purified Water
  • Apple Juice Concentrate

Best-Selling Products by Klean Athlete

Klean Athlete has a variety of products to improve sports performance. While all supplements can improve conditions and abilities, some are more popular than others.

Klean Creatine – This powder supports performance, muscle strength, and recovery from the strenuous competition. It is vital for carrying energy to needed areas when short bursts are needed during sports events or training. The secret lies in how it helps muscle synthesize additional protein and helps speed up muscle gains.

Klean Electrolytes – During and after exercise, Klean Electrolytes replenishes needed minerals back into the body. During exercise, a certain amount of important minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium are lost. This causes dehydration and fatigue. Klean Electrolytes are important as they allow the athlete to recover much faster than without the help.

Klean Collagen – This is a natural berry drink that supports the joints and connective tissues. This supplement decreases the chances of joint and tissue damage while helping repair any damages caused beforehand. The promotion of additional collagen serves as a cushion to put that extra layer of protection around joints and tissues.

Klean Omega – Omega fatty acids from fish oil in triglycerides support the cardiovascular system. It also supports and protects the joints and neurological systems as well. Sports can be strenuous, not only on the muscles and bones but also on the heart and lungs. Klean Omega helps strengthen these organs and systems, providing endurance and protection.

Klean Melatonin – Athletes desire to perform well, but they must not forget the importance of a healthy sleep pattern. This spray bottle containing 3 mg of Melatonin in a natural raspberry lemonade flavor can help you feel sleepy at the right time, regulating your natural sleep and relaxation time.

Additional Notes

  • Raw material supplies also must pass a qualification procedure.
  • Klean Athlete has uncompromising standards concerning their products
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