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Klaire Labs Professional Quality Nutraceuticals

Klaire Labs

Klaire Labs is a manufacturer of professional-grade nutritional supplements founded by Claire Farr, whose personal medical needs led to the creation of the company in 1969. Her vision was to provide patients and healthcare professionals with nutritional supplements that were totally clean from fillers, additives, allergens, and artificial compounds, and pharmaceutical-grade formulations.

At that time, this was great news for the medical community that immediately took notice of Klaire Labs. Over time, the brand managed to set the standards for performance, potency, and purity for all other nutritional supplement manufacturers, creating formulas tailored particularly for individuals with digestive issues, food sensitivities, and allergies.


The Klaire Labs Product Innovation 

Besides purity and high potency, Klaire Labs has invested a lot of time and energy in formulating products based on the latest advances and research in nutrition and health. The goal is to create formulations distinguished by specialized compounds, with high potency and maximum utilization and absorbency being the primary target. 

This means that the manufacturer is focused on creating products that include active forms of vitamins, concentrated herbal extracts, amino acids, minerals, and standardized, research-evidenced probiotic strains, among many others. 

To achieve all that, Klaire Labs is very strict regarding the manufacturing process as a whole and requires that all steps are characterized by high standards. All these combined have made Klaire Labs a much preferred nutritional manufacturer by thousands of healthcare practitioners, who turn to Klaire Labs formulas for their patients’ needs, especially children with unique health challenges.  

Custom Manufacturing Services For Healthcare Practitioners

Klaire Labs enables healthcare professionals to have a product formulated and custom-manufactured per their patients’ needs. Whether they require a single-ingredient formula or a blend of compounds not available through the Klaire Labs product line, the company can create it for them. 

The dedicated Custom Manufacturing service includes all the steps involved in the creation and manufacturing of a formula, from formulation guidance to packaging and label design. It should be noted that private labeling is compliant with FDA regulations and helps promote healthcare practitioners’ brand of dietary supplements. Also, the new custom-formulated products go through the same stringent quality assurance and manufacturing practices of all Klaire Labs formulas, ensuring high quality and effectiveness. 

The process to have a formula tailored to a healthcare practitioner’s requirements is simple and involves:

1. Choosing the needed ingredients (formulation experts can assist select the right compounds).

2. Deciding on the desired delivery method (chewable wafers, powders, vegetarian capsules). 

3. Selecting their label from pre-designed label templates.

In the early 2000s, an increasing number of supplement manufacturers shared the same vision as Klaire Labs. This led to the merger of Klaire Labs with sister brands complementary Prescriptions and ProThera that belonged to Soho Flordis International (SFI), an Australia-based, privately-held nutraceutical company. 

Both brands were under Claire Farr’s founding principles and produced even more high-quality products in the Klaire Labs’ new purpose-built cGMP facility in Reno, Nevada, that was primarily funded by SFI. All formulas produced by the Klaire Labs manufacturing unit were formulated via the exacting Klaire Labs quality lens, following the Klaire Labs philosophy. 

Klaire Labs Products

The company now has a product line of more than 160 formulas for both healthcare practitioners and patients. Among the multi-category portfolio of Klaire Labs nutraceuticals, the primary areas of focus for the manufacturer are Gastrointestinal Health, Microbiome Health, Women’s Health, Healthy Aging, Cognition, and Mood. One of their top products is the Ther-Biotic probiotic line that is already being widely distributed to the most selective healthcare practitioners in the United States.

Top-Rated Klaire Labs Products 

Interfase Plus – An enzymatic formula that provides maximum antibiofilm activity while creating and serving to crosslink the polymers anionic regions. It contains EDTA that fosters the normal function and flora of the gastrointestinal. 

Vitamin K2 -  It provides the body with natural vitamin K2 (aka MK-7 or menaquinone-7) that has a much longer half-life in the human body than other similar products and encourages healthy vascular function and bone health. This extract is soy-free to maximum tolerance by individuals with a sensitive stomach to soy.

Ther-Biotic Senior Formula Probiotic – A synergistic inulin-based blend of 10 probiotic species created to improve normal immune and GI functions and support a diverse and balanced microbiota for people over 60 years of age.  

Ther-Biotic Complete Probiotic Powder – A broad-spectrum inulin-based blend of 12 probiotic strains that provides 100 billion CFU per gram. It is also formulated with the Klaire Labs Tactic technology for optimal viability via the digestive tract. 

Thera Vein – A blend of botanicals that provides comprehensive vascular support and helps fight signs of vascular weakness while also strengthening the veins and capillaries. The formula helps blood flow, promotes fluid balance, and protects the integrity and function of blood vessels and capillaries. 

Prenatal and Nursing Formula – It provides key, well-tolerated essential vitamins and highly bioavailable minerals, including active vitamin B12, vitamin D, active folate, and chelates in recommended amounts to support the reproductive health of women trying to conceive or pregnant/nursing women.  

Galactomune Powder – A product that offers optimal support to adaptive immune function and augments body defenses. It contains galactooligosaccharides which support gut microbiota. Galactomune also improves innate immunity with the addition of Beta-glucan while also fostering healthy immune responses. 

Theraslim – It contains Phaseolus vulgaris, a non-stimulant extract derived from white kidney bean (Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer) to assist in weight loss and weight control when the diet includes dietary starches. 


Klaire Labs PRODUCTS