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Kamedis Bio-Herbal Skin Care


About Kamedis 

Kamedis is a manufacturer of exceptional skincare products that are specifically created to maximize the beneficial qualities of botanicals. In doing so, the company combines 21st innovations, technologies, and science with the wisdom of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Their goal is to manufacture efficacious and safe formulas that promote health naturally, without the use of unnecessary additives, coal tar, dyes, parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Benzoyl Peroxide, and other chemicals. 


The people behind the Kamedis Bio-Herbal Skin Care scenes are focused on delivering products that give the skin much-desired and needed care. Some common skin issues that showcase that the skin is out of balance and requires care are redness, irritation, dandruff, eczema, and acne. The company offers treatments to help restore these signs with uniquely formulated, top-quality products that respect the skin’s inborn integrity and work with it so that it eventually glows and radiates pure health. 

All Kamedis formulas impress with their special aromas, textures, and colors that reflect the superior benefits of their botanical compounds. 

The Kamedis Approach to Skin Care 

Factors like disease, allergies, the environment, and stress can have an impact on our skin, depriving it of its natural resilience. If the skin is left unconditioned and properly taken care of, it may end up losing its ability to self-protect or self-heal. When that happens, the skin starts showing signs that it is no longer working optimally. And, considering that it is the largest human organ, something wrong with the skin can cost quite a lot to our health.  

Modern medicine has its own solutions to all sorts of skin problems with modern treatments and drugs. However, these are often associated with serious side effects and only temporary relief. This is where Kamedis steps up and takes an entirely different and more natural approach that draws wisdom from the natural world surrounding us. In this respect, plants have been used for their medicinal attributes for thousands of years. In fact, many ancient civilizations turned to the healing powers of Mother Nature to treat and combat various health conditions. So, Kamedis has decided to merge Western active compounds with proven botanicals and the best of traditional Chinese Medicine principles to create their skincare products.

The resulting formulas don’t just work on the skin but work with it, enabling it to receive the care it needs and find relief from the problems that may burden it. 

Kamedis Botanicals 

The company uses botanicals with proven skin health-promoting properties and centuries-old known effectiveness. To select the ones that best suited the brand’s needs, Kamedis botanical experts started by mapping out hundreds of extracts and then chose the ones that demonstrated the most significant (positive) effect on the skin. 

The next stage involved experimenting with different combinations of the selected compounds as a means to identify synergies that could deliver optimal results than each botanical could do if used separately. After much testing, the company has managed to reach the clinically proven and scientifically tested blends offered today - each featuring its own innovation and unique benefits. 

Finally, the Kamedis botanicals are meticulously purified and carefully sourced and give the quality skincare you need by delivering some of the highest concentrations of botanical extracts in the current market. 

Kamedis Clinical Studies 

The manufacturer is dedicated to skincare research and is highly focused on contributing to the understanding of how skin health and botanicals are impressively closely related to one another. They invest a significant sum every year in product validation and clinical studies so that they can fulfill their core mission and vision at all times. The goal? To help as many people suffering from skin-related problems as possible. 

Leading researchers from across the globe conduct the Kamedis dermatological clinical studies, strictly abiding by the Good Clinical Practice in hospitals, clinics, and professional laboratories. The purpose of conducting these studies is to ensure patients that using Kamedis formulas will allow them to experience a considerable reduction of their symptoms. 

Besides that, though, Kamedis itself also screens its formulations through standard dermatological tests, always sticking to strict industry regulations. Of course, all Kamedis products have been approved and are now marketed worldwide as dermatologically-tested formulas. 

Some of the Kamedis clinical studies are:

  • Spot Treatment Clinical Study 

  • Foot Gel Clinical Study 

  • Face & Body Cream Clinical Study 

  • Novel Botanical for Atopic Dermatitis 

  • Dandruff Shampoo & Scalp Lotion Clinical Study 

Best-Selling Kamedis Products

Some of the best-rated Kamedis Bio-Herbal Skin Care formulas are:

Calming Lotion - A cooling lotion gel that instantly moisturizes, relieves irritated, itchy, and red skin and calms target skin areas. It can be used by both adults and children over 6 months old. 

Acne Face Moisturizer - A product that not only treats acne but helps prevent pimples from reappearing. It contains carefully selected botanicals, shea butter, and salicylic acid that help keep the skin moisturized and resilient while combating acne. 

Hydrating Gel Cream - It nourishes cracked and dry heels and feet and irritated skin instantly while locking in moisture to help restore the skin’s natural barrier balance. 

Acne Spot Treatment - It clears oily-prone skin, acne, blemishes, pimples, and redness with FDA-approved salicylic acid within only 12 hours from the first application. 

Eczema Therapy - A gentle OTC foaming gel that can even be used on infants 6 months and old to cleanse and calm dry, prone-to-eczema skin. After treatment, the skin is healthy-looking, smooth, and soft.