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Jade Dragon Classical Formulas

Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon Classical Formulas

Jade Dragon is a Nuherbs line of Chinese herbal supplements that contribute to overall wellbeing and optimal health. Nuherbs is a respected importer and distributor of supreme quality Chinese herbs, herbal supplements, and herbal extracts since 1979. All of their 1000+ formulas are laboratory-tested for their geo-authenticity, as well as for quality indices, including microbacteria, heavy metals, and pesticide residues. The company started as a family business in Oakland, California, and is now a major distributor of Chinese herbal supplements offered at wholesale pricing to all of their customers, irrespective of the quantity ordered.


Responsible Herbal Sourcing & Safety

Jade Dragon products follow the same principles as all Nuherbs formulas. This includes the sourcing of the raw ingredients, which are selected after assessing whether the herb can be harvested while ensuring sustainability. Then, the company identifies the right geo-authentic region for each herb and collects the plant at just the right time.

To maximize potency and minimize waste, the company follows specific harvesting and processing techniques alongside rigorous safety and quality systems that enable them (the brand) to achieve consistent yield results and the quality and safety of the final product.

For these reasons, Nuherbs partners only with retailers that share the same values as them while implementing a system that allows them to practice responsible stewardship when supplying highly efficacious Chinese herbal supplements, extracts, and herbs.


Geo-authentic Growing Areas

The sustainable management of geo-authentic regions where the herbs grow is pivotal to having these herbs in abundance long-term and deliver the maximum of their health-promoting qualities. Jade Dragon products are created by Chinese herbs sourced from local partners whose botanicals are properly and sustainably managed by Nuherbs.

Geo-authenticity refers to the micro-climate, terrain, soil, humidity, and temperature – all factors that influence the potency of herbs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, practitioners always prefer herbs from cultivated geo-authentic or wildcrafted sources instead of non-native environments as a means to ensure authenticity and potency. This also allows consumers to know exactly where the herbs used on their formulas have come from.

Another powerful benefit of geo-authenticity is that the selected growing regions can be reserved and protected long-term as sources for medicinal herbs. That way, next generations can have the knowledge of where to find these reliable sources.


Scientific Testing

The products are provided in traditional teapill form and are created with consumer-friendly packaging. You will also notice that they feature easy-to-understand names, such as Peaceful Sleep and Digestive Relief. When it comes to testing, all Jade Dragon Classical Formulas products include lab-tested pharmacopeial grade herbs authenticated for the active ingredient, safety, and quality.

The company behind the Jade Dragon line of products, Nuherbs, is compliant with US food Safety Modernization Act and the US cGMPs for dietary supplements. Also, it is one of the first companies in the United States to adopt Australian TGA cGMPs while also distributing formulas bearing a Certified Organic Chinese herb label.  


How Jade Dragon Teapills Are Made

The teapills are made using the traditional way Chinese herbal formulas have nee prepared for centuries. This means that the herbs in the formula are blended together to create a mixture. Then, the mixture is cooked +in water. To form into pills, the tea is simmered down into a concentrate.


Best-Rated Jade Dragon Products

Pe Min Gan Wan – It is highly effective in seasonal allergy with runny nose and sneezing while also clearing Wind-Cold-related nasal congestion quickly.  

Xiao Yao Wan – Also referred to as Tang-Kuei & Bupleurum or Easy Wander, it helps harmonize the Spleen and Liver. Thus, it can help treat anxiety, stress, and depression.

Gan Mao Ling Wan -  It helps boost the immune system by fighting Wind-Heat colds with congestion, fatigue, headache, sore throat, body aches, and malaise.

Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan – It clears heat and nourishes the Yin. It can also help treat menopause symptoms.

Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan – Also called Ginseng & Zizyphus Formula or Heavenly Emperor Supplement, it calms the spirit and helps combat restless Shen, blood deficiency, and Kidney Yin deficiency.

Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan – Also known as Golden Cabinet Kidney Formula, it moves Blood, tonifies Kidney Yang, nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin, and moves Qi to help heal bruises, strains, sprains, and other minor injuries. It is particularly effective for frequent urination, cold legs, weak knees, and low back pain caused by Kidney Yang vacuity.

Ba Zhen Wan – It tonifies Qi and supports fertility and normal menstruation.

An Mien Wan – A soothing formula that fights restlessness and other stress-induced symptoms, including mental exhaustion. It is primarily used for Heart Spirit deficiency.

Bi Yan Wan – It benefits the nose, disperses wind, transforms phlegm, clears heat and nasal congestion from Wind-Heat. The formula can also be used for congestion with pronounced heat and to cool itchy eyes and irritated nasal passages.

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan – It tonifies the Qi and Middle. Hence, it supports the immune function.

Kang Ning Wan – It helps combat bloating, nausea and acute stomach upset while clearing Spleen and Stomach dampness fast and efficiently.  

Sang Ju Wan – A very effective herbal supplement to be used at the early stages of flu or colds with red eyes, mild coughs, fatigue, and slight sore throat.

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