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Integrative Therapeutics Nutritional Supplements

Integrative Therapeutics

About Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative Therapeutics is an esteemed manufacturer of science-based, nutritional supplements. Having realized the extraordinary benefits of integrative medicine and the vital role nutrition and healthy lifestyle play in people’s well-being decades ago, it is no wonder they are considered one of the most preferred manufacturers of supplements in use by physicians, including acupuncture, nutrition, chiropractic, naturopathic, and medical, alongside a wide range of specialty and general health providers.

Integrative Therapeutics combines complementary and conventional medicine while having a distinct focus on identifying and addressing the root cause rather than treating the symptoms. Part of their mission is to help integrative medicine professionals establish healthy practices, which is why the company also provides professional insights and actionable resources so practitioners can offer an all-around approach to their patients’ health concerns.


From Vitaline Formulas to Integrative Therapeutics – 40 Years of Continuous Innovation

Everything started in 1975, when a specialist in cardiovascular, renal, and neurological health expert, Jed Meese, founded Vitaline Formulas. Four decades later, the Vitaline CoQ10 formula (a ground-breaking product at the time) took the world by storm and is now recognized as one of the top CoQ10 brands.

Then came NF Formulas, a company established in 1978 that was among the first brands to develop supplements exclusively for healthcare professionals. Several of their herbal-based nutritional blends are still used to date.

Tyler Encapsulations was another organization that took off in 1987 by a pioneer in gastrointestinal health, Dr. Resnick, whose GI formulations and Digestive Restoration Program are still much talked about and continue to improve.

Finally, 1981 was the date another company was born, PhytoPharmica, which is widely known and respected for its standardized formulas, primarily cellular immunity and adrenal support.

All these companies united in 2000 and became Integrative Therapeutics. Either years later, they served as an affiliate of another renowned organization, Schwabe Group, who also shared the same vision. Schwabe Group have been a leader in manufacturing phytomedicines for more than 150 years and are still guided by the same principles that have made them a go-to source for healthcare practitioners from all over the world - quality, responsibility, reliability, and innovation.

Sourcing Ingredients

Integrative Therapeutics puts a lot of weight on being provided with supreme quality raw ingredients. For that reason, they only partner with suppliers who share the organization’s culture of quality. This includes documenting their processes for testing and sourcing and delivering raw materials that meet the company’s strict requirements. As soon as Integrative Therapeutics find a supplier that satisfies those documented qualifications, they ask for a sample so that they can validate the quality of the ingredient(s) provided to them via qualification processes that include testing the raw material for heavy metals and other contaminants.

The Development of Formulas

The primary concern of Integrative Therapeutics is to come forward with innovative products that are not only efficient but also safe. For that reason, they have adopted an evidence-based approach while investing a wealth of resources and time into developing formulas that enjoy the acceptance and support of the medical and scientific community. They do not care to produce products that meet the latest nutritional fad, rather than work closely with their medical advisory board, which comprises of highly acclaimed integrative healthcare professionals, thought-leaders, and industry leaders, and deliver excellence. This may involve many months of research, along with ingredient and quality assurance testing so that a formula can finally be approved for release.

The Manufacturing of Products

Integrative Therapeutics owns an in-house lab, where a team of more than 30 microbiologists, chemists, and scientists work tirelessly to research what is new in regards to dietary testing methodologies. To keep up with the latest innovations in the development of testing methods, the team participates in the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) method validation protocols, among others.

At this moment, the company is one of the very few ones that manufacture both OTC (over-the-counter) medicine and dietary supplements, which has given the organization a special status – that of a Drug GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-audited facility. Integrative Therapeutics has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and safety-promoting manufacturing controls, such as HEPA filtration, air pressure, humidity, and temperature controls, controlled security cards, and specially designed operation rooms as a means to ensure the safety of both the products and employees and prevent cross-contamination.

When it comes to certifications that tell-tale of the top quality of their formulas, the Integrative Therapeutics factory has received the NSF GMP Registration. NSF or the Public Health and Safety Company is an independent organization that conducts onsite inspections and audits to support regulatory standards. Integrative Therapeutics is also a Gold Emerson Quality Program partner and has received the highest EQP rating. It should be noted that the Gold Emerson Quality program has been designed to provide healthcare practitioners with summaries that include valuable and reliable information about manufacturers’ quality standards.

The truth about labeling

Many manufacturers of dietary and nutritional supplements use misleading terms in labeling, such as non-GMO and natural, which does not allow patients and healthcare practitioners alike to make informed decisions. Integrative Therapeutics is very serious about making claims about outcomes that are 100% true and scientifically substantiated.

The company is also straightforward about the excipients that are used to manufacture tablets. Although none of these excipients have been linked with any health risks, the organization feels obliged to list them on the label of the products that have them in their ingredients. Also, according to the California Prop-65 regulation, all products that contain compounds which might affect a patient’s health negatively should be properly labeled. Integrative Therapeutics formulates all of their products to be compliant with this regulation, which is why their products’ labels do not mention such warnings.

The next big chapter is allergen statements. The FDA requires the labeling of the eight most common allergen groups. However, the company has taken things a step further and has also steered clear from a longer list of ingredients that could cause allergies or sensitivities, such as gelatin, barley, sweeteners, corn, yeast, wheat, salt, preservatives, compounds of animal origin, gluten, soy, and dairy. These allergens are also excluded from all the steps of the manufacturing process so that the formula is 100% free of them.

Last, but not least, the organization clears that they are not 100% non-GMO because the non-GMO chain does not yet meet their high-quality standards and demand. As of now, they have verified about 150 unique ingredients that satisfy these standards, but this is a work in progress; with more being verified every day.

Additional Resources

Integrative Therapeutics implements a Resource Center which provides:

  • Information about body systems, assessment strategies, and more details related to key processes, such as stress response.
  • Resources concerning patient education, adherence, and engagement, including insight from clinicians.
  • Exclusive tools for practitioners, such as physician-developed, patient-centered therapeutic programs, and the Drug-Nutrient Interaction Checker, a reference tool that helps determine possible interactions between a nutrient and a drug which could affect a practitioner’s supplement recommendations.
  • A collection of videos from people of the integrative medicine community, which offer insights for practitioners, students, and patients as a means to raise awareness of integrative medicine. This initiative is called Integrative Wisdom.
  • Access to integrative healthcare experts, which gives fellow integrative medicine clinicians the chance to exchange knowledge and improve their clinical outcomes; this is grouped under TAP Integrative.

All that aside, the company offers two residency programs to top graduating naturopathic medical students, who work at integrative clinics and are given the opportunity for hands-on training in various fields of integrative medicine.

Most Top-Rated Products

Similase GFCF - A digestive enzyme that fosters the breakdown of hidden casein and gluten as a means to support the gastrointestinal system and relieve occasional bloating, gas, and indigestion.

Cortisol Manager – A formula created to help reduce stress and promote a relaxing and restful night’s sleep. Its botanicals and other ingredients have potent anti-stress qualities that help bring cortisol levels back to normal.

Zinc-Carnosine – A product that contains a crystalline chelate compound which consists of zinc and L-carnosine. The combination of these has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of mild gastric discomforts and promote a healthy GI lining.

Theracurmin HP – A formula that contains the first water-soluble curcumin, which is 27x more bioavailable compared to standard curcumin extracts.

Adrenal-Cortex Fractions - Besides promoting healthy energy levels, the product also helps restore stamina while supporting the normal function of the adrenal glands due to the readily-absorbed granular extracts it contains.

Active B-Complex – A formula containing a hypoallergenic B-vitamin complex (active forms of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12), as well as an active form of folic acid, quatrefolic, which helps support healthy homocysteine blood levels and methylation.

End Fatigue Daily Energy Enfusion 21.5 Berry – A berry-flavored revitalizing drink mix that enhances endurance and promotes mental alertness via a multivitamin formula, which also contains an array of antioxidants and whey protein.

Resveratrol Ultra – A formula with potent antioxidant ingredients which contribute to the reduction of oxidative stress and the support of the normal cellular function. It also fights free radical damage, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, and improves the immune system.

Clinical Nutrients 45-Plus Women – A multivitamin designed to cater to the changing needs of menopausal and pre-menopausal women. It contains 50 compounds, including vitamins, herbs, minerals, vegetables, and fruits to support healthy immunity, digestion, bones, aging, blood sugar metabolism, and energy levels.

EHB – A physician-formulated supplement that promotes normal immune function and fortifies the body’s natural defense mechanism.

Tri-Magnesium- A product that supplies the individual with several different forms of magnesium to provide nutritional support for the bones and muscles, and support cellular metabolism. It also contributes to the enhancement of several physiological functions, such as the cardiac function and the production of energy. For the improvement of the heart muscle function, in particular, the company has manufactured Krebs Magnesium-Potassium Chelates.

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