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Host Defense Mushrooms

Host Defense Mushrooms

About Host Defense Mushrooms

Host Defense is a company built on a man’s pioneering research into the potential and health benefits of mushrooms. That visionary was Paul Stamets, a dedicated mycologist for more than 40 years, and he mainly focuses his research on mycelium mushroom that is growing below ground. A significant milestone that defined the company’s path was the discovery that “the mycelium is the immune system of the mushroom”. In other words, not only does it help support the human immune system, mushroom mycelium promotes the immunity and health of its natural habitat as well. It is, therefore, a cellular bridge that brings humans, plants, animals, trees, and bees closer to the ecosystem that supports them. Host Defense Mushrooms is dedicated to using the power of mushrooms to save the ecosystems and build a healthier world.


About the Founder

Besides a passionate mycologist, Paul Stamets, D. Sc (Hon.), is also the founder of Fungii Perfectii, a product of which is Host Defense Mushrooms. He has written 6 books, two of which are now being used as the mushroom industry bibles, and has received many honors and awards for his contribution to the science of ecology and health-promoting mushrooms, such as the:

  • National Award from the NAMA (North American Mycological Association).
  • Gordon & Tina Wasson Award for expanding the field of mycology like no other mycologist has done in the past (awarded from the Mycological Society of America).
  • Recognition for bridging education, scientific discovery, and applications to benefit society by the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. Paul received the “Invention Ambassador” title for it.

Paul Stamets has also provided the field of functional and edible food mushroom cultivation with numerous pioneering techniques. He is now working with several different projects with non-profits and universities as a means to discover fungal solutions to world issues.

The Host Defense Mushrooms Mission

On a global scale, Host Defense has their undivided attention on partnering with doctors to help support health and immunity, as well as protect the natural environment and everything included in it. In doing so, the company invests in neutralizing or breaking down toxic waste using integrated mushroom technologies while promoting strategies to save honey bee using fungi and mushrooms.

They are also determined to work towards:

  • Educating communities about growing edible mushrooms.
  • Assisting forest and agriculture health by building soil with the help of fungi.
  • Replacing toxic pesticides with non-invasive, non-toxic solutions based on mushrooms.
  • Using mushroom mycelium to develop filtration methods to clean the water.
  • Providing initiatives to foster the research of new fungi-based biofuels.

Quality & Sustainability

The organization only uses the highest quality ingredients. Their products are certified organic and grown on their own farm in Washington State, USA. To ensure that the harvest of mushrooms is completely pure and free of contaminants, they follow organic growing conditions and make sure they maintain control over all processes (growing and harvesting) for their mushroom ingredients. At the same time, all wild species and their habitats are well protected, since Host Defense Mushrooms is particularly strict in regards to sustainably cultivating their mycelium and mushroom fruit bodies. Finally, they have devoted part of proceeds to saving rare mushroom strains that live and thrive in old-grown forests.

The Power of Mushrooms

Mushrooms provide a wide range of health-promoting nutrients that are particularly beneficial to the human body. Besides keeping us strong and healthy, mushrooms can also help support our natural immunity, promote mental clarity, foster nervous system health, improve focus, and many more.

The company’s mushroom supplements can be used to:

  • Boost the immune system.
  • Fight stress.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Protect from daily environmental hazards.
  • Support digestion and improve nutrient absorption via the delivery of enzymes.
  • Increase the activity of macrophages and natural killer cells by providing polysaccharides.

Host Defense Mushrooms Extraction Methods

The company uses Double and Triple extraction techniques pioneered by Paul Stamets. The Double extraction refers to cold-water and ethanol extraction, while the Triple extraction includes hot water, cold water, and ethanol extraction. In detail, the three extraction methods used are described below:

  • Hot water – Certified organic fruit bodies of Shitake, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Maitake, and Reishi are extracted with this method to retrieve high-molecular weight compounds, such as glycoproteins and beta-glucans.
  • Cold Water – The extracellular metabolites from mushroom mycelium are extracted with cold, filtered water. The water temperature selected is dependent on the range at which the immune system of the fungi is more active.
  • Ethanol – Certified organic ethanol is used to help extract mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies, providing flavonoids, sterols, ergosterols, inositols, triterpenoids, and terpenes.

Forms of Host Defense Mushrooms Products

You can find the company’s formulas be provided as:

  • Liquid Extracts – They are formed from organic mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies that are extracted with either the double or Triple extraction method. They have been specifically designed to fit in a pocket and provide flexibility of use and quick absorption. To extract valuable nutrients from the raw material, the liquid extracts contain 30-40% alcohol.
  • Powders – They are made with freeze-dried or heat-treated mushroom mycelium powder and come with a pleasant taste. You may add them to drinks or smoothies or even stir a pinch at the end of cooking to make thicker soups and stews. Powders can also be sprinkled on oatmeal or other foods. It should be noted that the company does not concentrate or isolate any specific compounds in their powdered formulas. The reason is that they try to keep the natural chemical architecture of mushrooms intact so that the body can reap the full spectrum of mushrooms’ beneficial health attributes. A plant-based pullulan capsule encases the powders.
  • Capsules – These, too, are made with mycelium powder (freeze-dried or heat-treated), and the mushroom mycelium is harvested when it is forming primordia (depending on the species) or producing the largest number of ingredients (the peak of growth).
  • Teas – The organization’s teas comprise of a mixture of extracts from mushrooms, fruit bodies, and mushroom mycelium. The use of many different herbs in every blend also ensures not only extra aroma and flavor but also added health support.

Note: All Host Defense Mushrooms supplements are non-GMO, certified organic, gluten-free, and vegan.

Using Host Defense Mushrooms Supplements

According to research, mushrooms may deliver more health benefits together than alone (synergistic). This means that you may combine single species supplements, such as Turkey Tail, with any other blend or product of the company. Alternatively, you could use any of the three Host Defense Mushrooms blends (see best-selling products section below) which offer robust immune support.

When it comes to toxicity levels, while there are none established for Host Defense Mushrooms products, it is recommended to take no more of the company’s MycoBotanicals products than the serving suggestion before speaking with your healthcare provider.

If you have a medical condition, are having surgery, or are taking medications (prescription of insulin drugs), kindly consult your healthcare professional before taking any product.

Best Selling Products

Turkey Tail – It promotes enhanced immunity via its unique, protein-bound polysaccharides. It also supports the natural microbiome. The product uses freeze-dried, activated Certified Organic mushroom mycelium with a plethora of constituents.

MycoBotanicals Brain – It supports cognitive function, enhances memory, boosts concentration, fosters brain health, and encourages adrenal and neurological functioning. It contains Lion’s Mane, Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Ginko, and Reishi mushroom, among others.

Lions’ Mane Extract – It promotes cognitive function, memory, focus, and mental clarity while also providing nervous system and cerebral support and optimizing immune and nervous system health.

Maitake Extract – It helps promote immune health due to the beta-glucans in its ingredients. It also supports normal blood sugar metabolism to provide a healthy glycemic balance, and fosters cellular health.

Cordyceps - It enhances the body’s metabolic systems and oxygen uptake, promotes a healthy libido, supports healthy kidney function, and boosts stamina and energy.

Stamets 7 – A blend of 7 mushrooms that promotes systemic, lymphatic, cellular, circulatory, digestive, and respiratory functions. It also boosts immunity by increasing Natural Killer Cells by at least 300% and encourages the body to adapt to stress factors. The blend can also be used to enhance natural blood-sugar modulation.

MycoBotanicals Liver – It contains nutrients, turmeric, milk thistle, Mesima, Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Chaga mushrooms that help support liver health and function, and promote detoxification.

Reishi – It is designed to foster cardiovascular health, improve the body’s response to stress, and support stamina and energy. It includes bioavailable, bio-digestible compounds made from activated mycelium.

MycoShield - A blend of 5 mushrooms mycelium extracts designed with people’s convenience in mind, especially those on the go. It provides targeted immune support for times of discomfort and stress and is available in five different flavors.

Mycommunity – Another blend of 17 species designed for enhanced immune support. It is available in both liquid extract and capsules.

Shiitake Extract – Shiitake mushroom is a gourmet mushroom species that is prized for its unique immune-supporting, protein-free polysaccharides.

Chaga Extract – It provides potent antioxidant support and protects against free radical damage. It also supports DNA and contributes to good overall health.

CordyChi Extract – Besides supporting healthy immune responses in the upper respiratory tract and lungs, it also enhances oxygen uptake, boosts energy, promotes healthy cardiovascular function, and improves the body’s stress response.

Host Defense Mushrooms PRODUCTS