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HomeoPet - Natural Homepathic Remedies For Pets


About HomeoPet

HomeoPet LLC is an animal medicines manufacturer whose target is to encourage animals’ own healing system to deliver relief and ease the symptoms of a health issue that millions of pets are suffering from without side effects. It is a family-owned (and run) business with origins rooted in Ireland – specifically the South West of the country.

The founder, Tom Farrington, VetMFHom, MVB., and MRCVS., has been practicing veterinary medicine for nearly 40 years in Ireland. However, his practice is now based in West Cork and is turned into a full-time holistic practice after he decided to follow his passion for natural pet care and homeopathy. Today, Tom treats not only pets (including farm animals and horses) but also individuals, further developing HomeoPet seeds that were formerly sewn in Dublin, where his previous practice was based.


Over the years, it became apparent that there is an increasing demand for chemical-free animal treatments for common conditions, which caused quite a suffering to animals (though, not life-threatening). In the past, treating such conditions was costly and, in many cases, even harmful to pets and animals, with major side effects. HomeoPet products are exported in countries all over the world, such as Scandinavia, across Europe, Ireland, Mexico, and Canada.

The Vision - A Natural Path to Good Health

HomeoPet LLC was founded in 1994, by Tom and his brother Daniel, who was then based in the USA. The goal was to provide pet parents with a more holistic and natural alternative to good health. With completed studies in the USA, Australia, the UK, and Ireland, HomeoPet medicines are available via veterinary clinics, either online or at local pet stores in the USA and across the globe. Their vision is to make their products available to every pet parent in need of cost-effective, gentle, and safe solutions and services that help enhance animals’ wellbeing and health. For that reason, the company offers exceptional support, service, and training to all of their partners and customers on the benefits of using HomeoPet products while also ensuring it provides a collegiate and fulfilling work environment for their employees.

About Homeopathy & Manufacturing Standards

For hundreds of years, people have been using a natural medicine therapy called homeopathy. In the 1970s, a combination of highly skilled scientists and advances in scientific research has enabled the first to identify the purest raw materials and compounds free of fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals. HomeoPet LLC is a leader in not only researching and developing but also producing and licensing Advanced Health & Physical Therapy solutions that meet (and, in many cases, even exceed) Good Manufacturing Practice standards set by the US FDA. The HomeoPet manufacturing facility is inspected by the FDA to ensure their high standards are indeed met in all finished products that are manufactured there.

Credentials and Research/Development of Natural Treatments

To meet the growing demand from consumers and veterinary clinics alike for quality pet health care products and assure of product development of the highest safety levels, HomeoPet LLC has advanced credentials in:

  • Technology development
  • Original product quality control
  • Substantiated levels of product efficacy
  • Funded university-based research programs

It should be noted that HomeoPet products both meet the criteria of evidence-based medicine in their entirety and are homeopathic by definition. This is to provide novel and highly effective treatments with the use of leading-edge research. All this research aims to improve the quality of life for pets and all other animals. The trials of all HomeoPet products give valuable data (both positive and negative) that helps better and further improve the conditions on which HomeoPet scientists are conducting research. All collected information is published (both positive and negative) so that other researchers can avoid stumbling into the same obstacles in their research.

Note: All trial standards involve the participation of the veterinarian and owner so as to ensure the best possible protection for the pets or animals involved, always respecting animal rights and conducting them based on ethical behaviors. These trials take place in the UK, the USA, Ireland, and Australia.

The HomeoPet Symptom Checker

The HomeoPet website implements a handy Symptom Checker tool that allows pet owners to understand the possible causes of their pet’s illness and symptoms. This is used only for guidance purposes and is not intended to diagnose an illness. The company instructs pet parents to consult their vet in case they are unsure about their animal’s condition. That being said, the Symptom Checker is easy to use. You simply hover the mouse over the animal (dog, cat, or horse) and choose the problematic area. From the symptoms list, select the one your pet displays, and read the possible causes for that symptom.

Note: All HomeoPet medicines are FDA-registered and manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility, and under an FDA-registered process while meeting all Good Manufacturing Practice standards. You do not need to get a prescription for them, though the company recommends having your veterinarian diagnose your pet and then select the solution that best suits the pet’s condition/symptoms.

HomeoPet Best-Selling Products

Among the company’s top-rated formulas are:

First Aid (15 milliliters) – It increases healing time and provides relief for breaks, sprains, burns, cuts, bites, teething, bruises, injuries, and wounds for cats and dogs.

WRM Clear dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – A product formulated to help prevent and remove tapeworms, round, and hook in cats and dogs. It also contributes to the reduction of infestations likelihood of tapes, round, and hook.

Skin and Itch Relief dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – It provides relief from airborne pollutants and allergens that cause scratching and irritation to cats and dogs.

Nose Relief dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – It offers temporary relief from pollen and dust-related discomfort caused by sneezing and coughing in dogs and cats.

Leaks no More dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – Specifically designed to help cats and dogs with sleep problems reduce their anxiety and stress levels.

Joint Stress dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – A remedy that helps relieve pain-induced stress in cats and dogs, particularly lower back pain and pain in the joints.

Hot Sports dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – A formula to help alleviate minor discomforts (i.e., local rashes and wet eczema) in cats and dogs.

Digestive Upsets dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – Cats and dogs with minor digestive problems caused by retained gas, flatulence, and diarrhea can have their symptoms eased with this product and enjoy temporary relief.

Cough dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – Helps boost the pet’s immune system and provide temporary relief of minor cough-related symptoms (i.e., barky or kennel cough).

Anxiety dropper bottle (15 milliliters) – A product for treating anxiety, fear, and fretting caused by various conditions, such as thunderstorms, grooming visits, pet being left alone, visitors, and more. It is a fast-acting liquid that sedates mildly and promotes a calming sensation.