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Herbsmith Inc - Helping dogs and cats be their best through health and wellness.

Herbsmith Inc

Herbsmith is not about cookie-cutter pet foods. No, this company prides itself on providing the best quality for a variety of pet needs. Studies have shown that while some pet foods are good for the health and nutrition of one breed of dog or cat, they can be problematic for others. This is enough reason for Herbsmith to create nutritional foods that have a more customized focus.

This company takes into consideration the predisposition, personality, and metabolism of various dogs and cats. You cannot just serve grocery store foods that claim to contain nutrients to your pet daily. Issues like hair loss, mood disorders, and digestive issues arise sometimes due to hidden allergies and sensitivities.


The herb smith of Herbsmith is Dr. Bessent. She quickly realized that pets were being given only the bare minimum in nutritional care. Dr. Bessent has been practicing in veterinary medicine for over 30 years. She’s treated thousands of patients with various health issues.

She’s learned over their many years of treating pets that what pet parents put in their cat or dog’s food bowl has implications and benefits to their health. The key, she found, is that the appropriate diet starts when you understand a ‘species-appropriate’ diet along with curating their food bowl with nutrition to target the pet’s specific needs.

Herbsmith's Mission

The mission of Herbsmith is to teach each client how to curate their pet’s food bowl. From pets with anxiety to dementia, Dr. Bessent has the knowledge to greatly improve pet health just by helping pet parents understand which herbs and nutrients should be added to their dog or cat’s daily diet. And these elements are completely different.

The end goal is for pets to live a happy and health long life, governed greatly by what they consume. It is up to Herbsmith in conjunction with pet parents to make sure pets have this opportunity for an improved existence.

Quality and Standards of Herbsmith

Dr. Bessent knew that animals needed so much more to have a well-balanced diet and live a meaningful life. Her mission is to reform the idea of many pet parents and the cheap manufacturers that pets don’t need the variety to foods and nutrients that we do. It’s an old mindset that must be changed.

Every ingredient used to curate species-specific bowls is hand-picked and is of high quality. Owned and operated in Wisconsin, Herbsmith uses safe and high-quality measures to ensure pets get only the best solutions individual issues. Herbsmith is a veterinary owned company that uses third-party testing of its products. The company wants to ensure no bias is involved in creating and providing curated ingredients to the market. Only the highest quality ingredients are grown and used in small batches and crafted in Wisconsin.

Herbsmith partners vendors with cGMP (comply with Good Manufacturing Practices), and they also pair with reputable vendors with high standards. Herbsmith also partners with Eco-friendly providers to ensure no wasted resources occur. The company is backed by the NASC Seal.

Some Ingredients in Herbsmith Products

Herbsmith provides a curated diet according to species and the health issues with each individual pet. Pet parents can find healthy ingredients in each properly curated diet.

  • Flaxseed
  • Frankincense
  • Curcumin
  • Asparagus tuber
  • Jujube seeds
  • Condonopsis root

Best Selling Products from Herbsmith

There are many products that can change the life of your pet. For pet parents, finding the right combination of healthy foods and supplements relies on education. Here are a few best sellers.

Sound Kitty, Joint Support for Cats, 75 grams. – This product provides the foundations for building connective tissues, synovial fluid, and cartilage in the joints. It helps reduce pain and supports fluidity in the joints. This helps the cat to enjoy more mobility later into life.

Calm Shen, Calming, 90 tablets – For dogs and cats who show nervousness, discontent, or hyperactivity, Calm Shen provides a more relaxed and normal state for the pet. It curbs destructive behavior without causing lethargy or drowsiness. The product also calms pets when loud noises such as fireworks, or thunderstorms are present. These things can cause anxiety or tension which can affect the overall health of pets.

Support Immunity, Immunity Support, 90 tablets – This product uses homeostasis and the detoxification process to enhance the immune system and response. It increases the body’s ability to resist pathogens, and then keep itself healthy in the long run. For pets, a healthy immune system means less stress, thus avoiding the possibility of medicating for stressful issues as well.

Clear AllerQi, for seasonal allergies, 90 tablets – Allergies can cause a plethora of problems for dogs and cats. Some allergies can be caused by certain store-bought foods, and it can take a long time to discover the source. For pet parents, Clear AllerQi works for seasonal allergies, but can also serve as a soothing relief for other allergies until the source is located. In fact, one of the most important roles AllerQi plays is providing help for food hypersensitivities. Whether it’s from the season effects or from pet food, this product is a high-quality solution. 

Note: Check with your veterinarian before giving your pregnant pet any of these curated solutions.

Herbsmith Inc PRODUCTS