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Herb Pharm Herbal Extracts - Treat Yourself To Better Health

Herb Pharm

About Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm was launched in 1979 by Ed Smith and Sara Katz, who envisioned starting a company that would make undistorted and effective liquid herbal products from high-quality ingredients and thoughtful processes without manipulating nature. At the same time, they were focused on making both the environment and their community stronger – a vision the company continues to have and promote to date.

The manufacturer creates herbal formulas that address several different health conditions, from aging and anxiety to heart health, vision, and digestion. Herb Pharm products are designed to help support nearly all body systems, including the adrenas, circulatory, reproductive, urinary, nervous, endocrine, brain, immune, and the respiratory system.


Harvesting & Farming Techniques

The company is determined to connect their growing and extraction processes as a means to guarantee a high-quality harvest and ensure fresh extractions that are performed within an hour from harvest. For that reason, their extraction facility is located at the Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon, right next to the farms where they get the raw materials from. This also allows the manufacturer to build a relationship with the 65+ herbs they grow on their farm while ensuring that the entire ecosystem surrounding the herbs is ideal for growing them.

Herb Pharm uses Certified Organic, non-GMO, regenerative farming techniques. At the same time, their farms are home to deer, geese, salmon, butterflies, bees, waterways, and more, all of which help create a balance with nature. On top of all that, the company raises monarch butterflies and grows threatened populations of specific herb species, like Milkweed.

Educational Programs

Herb Pharm implements several different initiatives to help herbalists learn in a hands-on environment. Among these projects is the Herbaculture Internship Program and the Botanical Education Garden scheme that enables interns to know more about herbs from a 1.5-acre company-owned farm that grows over 500 plant species.

The manufacturer also nurtures biological diversity by practicing bee-friendly farming methods and providing bees with a pesticide-free environment to flourish while also raising bees themselves. That aside, the Herb Pharm farms protect the wild salmon habitat, as the fish swim upstream from the ocean and spawn in the watershed of the local community. In fact, the company farms are among the first to be Salmon-Safe certified. Finally, to protect and preserve the native plant species of North America, Herb Pharm has co-founded the United Plant Savers organization, where it contributes with research and more.

The Sourcing of Herbs

Herb Pharm works with over 250 plant parts and plants. Given that each plant requires specific conditions to grow best (i.e., higher altitudes or tropical climates), the company ethically sources the herbs they cannot grow locally from cultivators from other regions, which provide the best environment for these plants to thrive. The organization also works with responsible wildcrafters who only use practices that don’t compromise the long-term health of the wild plant populations.

When wildcrafting is not a viable option or when there is no ethical route to an herb, the company does not hesitate to discontinue selling that particular formula. This has happened several times in the past (i.e., see American Ginseng and False Unicorn).

Testing Herbs

As soon as Herb Pharm finds a valid source, it performs multiple corroborating identity tests to determine the phytochemical fingerprint of the herbs. To ensure herbs meet the company’s rigorous specification, it performs:

  • microbiological tests,
  • foreign materials assessments,
  • macroscopic and microscopic evaluations of the herbs’ morphological features, and
  • organoleptic analysis.

Needless to say, Herb Pharm also carries out testing programs for microbial contamination and herbicide (also pesticides, miticides, and fungicides) and heavy metal screenings. Once the herbs pass the necessary tests, the extraction process begins in a way that the herb’s phytochemicals and desired constituents remain intact via careful milling, maceration, and filtering procedures.

Top Rated Products

Some of the best-selling Herb Pharm products are:

Lung Expectorant – The formula features Elecampane extract and Lobelia extract from fresh herbs and seeds. It helps support the normal respiratory and expectoration immune response.

Mullein Garlic Compound – The product delivers all the health benefits of garlic. It also contains Calendula flower, certified, organic olive oil, St. John’s Wort flower, garlic bulb, and Mullein flower.

Super Echinacea – Specifically designed to support the immune system, it is prepared from fresh Echinacea flower juice, leaf juice, seed, and root juice.

Kids’ immune Fortifier – A formula created to fortify and restore the immune system of the little ones. It includes organic extracts from echinacea root, elderberry fruit, astragalus root, cinnamon bark, and reishi mushroom.

Herbal Respiratory Relief – Due to its carefully selected compounds, the formula promotes healthy bronchial and respiratory function. It features a proprietary blend of thyme leaf and flower, licorice root and stolon, skunk cabbage rhizome with root, umckaloabo root, and wild cherry bark.

Female Libido Tonic – A product that supports normal reproductive function in women. It includes ginger rhizome, Chinese ginseng root, shatavari root, and muira puama stem.

Elecampane – The formula carries an herbal blend that is proven to support the healthy function of the respiratory system.

Dragon Blood (Sangre De Drago) – It bears certified organic cane alcohol and Dragon’s Blood tree sap to help support the gastrointestinal system.