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Garden of Life

Garden of Life

About Garden of Life 

Garden of Life is a manufacturer of powder-packed nutritious food supplements with whole food ingredients. They produce protein powders, probiotics, vitamins, and more, and stick to naturally created formulas with no synthetic chemicals. The company is very firm about the use of synthetic chemicals. Garden of Life believes that they may make machines work faster, enabling factories to produce massive amounts of supplements, but they do not provide the value the human body deserves. 


The sole focus of Garden of Life is to improve people’s health and not compromise it in any way. For that reason, they have chosen to slow things down and make their formulas by hand. Also, all ingredients grow in organic, non-GMO, rich-in-nutrients soils with all the much-needed sun, water, air, and rest time so they harvest the highest quality raw materials when the time comes. 


The Three Garden of Life Principles 

The manufacturer stands by three basic philosophies:

  1. Whole Food Science - The human body has been designed to get (eat and process) its nutrition from healthy food. Garden of Life looks at the food(s) missing from our diets - foods that have the most significant potential to impact extraordinary health. Then, they concentrate on making that food available for people to benefit from. 

  2. Traceability - It is critical for the company to know where each of its raw materials has come from. This is why they research all sources and go in great depth to acquire information like the farming practices, where the ingredient is grown, how each farmer pays and treats their workers, and more. It is also paramount that the vegetables and fruits are grown free of harmful chemicals. 

  3. Clean is Healthy - Besides ensuring that what goes in the Gardens of Life formulas is nothing but whole food compounds, the manufacturer also pays close attention to what is NOT included in them. The point is to provide real nutritional food and not formulas that contain harmful ingredients. To ensure its customers that this principle is followed at all times, Garden of Life has a plethora of third-party certifications to prove they are clean. 


Garden of Life Certificates 

The products manufactured by the company bear the following credentials/certifications:

USDA Organic

This means that the formulas are made from Certified USDA Organic Plants that grow free from genetically modified organisms, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, ionizing radiation, or pesticides. 

Non-GMO Verified 

When a brand receives this certificate, it means that they have received an assurance that the formulas produced by them are manufactured according to the best practices (consensus-based) for GMO avoidance. This is ensured through ongoing testing. 

Certified Vegan 

Whenever you see a product with a Certified Vegan label/logo, you know it does not contain any animal-tested products, or animal products, or animal by-products.


Garden of Life Contributions to the World/Planet 

Garden of Life strives to make a difference in this world. With every purchase, its customers also support various charities (besides their own health) renowned for their exceptional work. The brand stands by a specific mission - to Empower Extraordinary Health via top-tier, Certified Non-GMO, USDA Organic, RAW, organic nutritional formulas. Apart from that, they have partnered or sponsored different foundations and organizations to help improve people’s lives and save the planet. 

For example, Garden of Life has supported (or still supports):

Special Olympics - Palm Beach County - From each registration fee, a portion is donated to this foundation that provides competition and sports training to more than 1,600 adults and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities throughout Palm Beach County. 

Vitamin Angels - The company is both a member and corporate partner of the Vitamin Angel’s Founders Circle. Among others, the organization wishes to eradicate vitamin A deficiency-related childhood blindness, which is why they have distributed over 300 million vitamin A doses and other nutritional supplements in more than 80 countries. Garden of Life gives a portion of the proceeds from sales of a plethora of their formulas to the cause. 

SOS Children’s Villages International - Garden of Life has partnered with the organization to help raise funds to build even more houses for children in Peru that can’t continue being with their biological families anymore (for whatever reason, such as the death of parents). 

Women Heart - The brand donates a portion of its Omega 3 Healthy Hormones formula sales to the National Coalition for Women with Heart disease (Women Heart) to help improve the quality of life and health of women at risk (or with) heart disease. 

1% Ocean Fund - Garden of Life contributes to the preservation and health of our oceans and everything living in them by donating 1% of all Dr. Formulated Omega-3 sales to foundations with that cause. 


Best-Selling Garden of Life Products

Some of the best-rated Garden of Life formulas are:

mykind Organics Apple Cider Vinegar - It contains organic apple cider vinegar (500mg per dosage), an organic fruit blend, and whole-food vitamin B12.

mykind Organics Liver Bitters Detox Spray - A contemporary way to detox the body using herbs. The formula has organic ingredients like organic burdock, organic dandelion, and organic artichoke, among others. 

mykind Organics Fermented Organic Turmeric Booster - A product loaded with curcumin and other organic ingredients and juices from organic lemons, organic oranges, and organic berries, to name a few, it supports a healthy inflammatory response and the body’s antioxidant processes. 

mykind Organics Kids Elderberry & Sleep Immune Syrup - A sugar-free formula that provides immune support and contains traditional herbs that promote sleep and a restful night. Besides Black Elderberry, it also contains Vitamin C and Echinacea. 

Mykind Organics Cough & Mucus Immune Syrup - It helps clear mucus and soothe throat irritations while providing immune support. It contains zinc, organic elderberry, organic acerola, vitamin C, and organic English Ivy Leaf.

Garden of Life PRODUCTS