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About Enzymedica

The team at Enzymedica understands the important relationship between the individual and the nutrients needed to support a healthy system. Over 50 million people suffer from malnutrition, making vitamins and minerals a dire need for consumers.

Enzymedica wants to fill that need for as many people as possible while doing so in a natural manner. And the best part is the supplements are only part of the positive improvements provides by Enzymedica. While improving health, they strive to improve the environment as well.


President and CEO of Enzymedica, Scott Sensenbrenner, strives to create products that have the capability to change lives around the world. The team, who support Sensenbrenner agree that while many ingredients are quite rare, they still must be sustainable, as this is one of the most important aspects. To have sustainable products means creating and distributing vitamins and supplements as needed for as long as needed.

Their labels do not just say environmentally friendly, sustainable, and contaminant-free. The product speaks for itself. And among the many supplements, drinks, and vitamins, some products are free of numerous substances undesirable by some individuals, such as gluten, lactose, or animal products. Some products hail dozens or more natural vegetable fibers and nutrients.

The Enzymedica Mission

The mission of Enzymedica is to leave the world in a better place than it was before the company started. They understand the impact left by other businesses and they strive to continuously do better in all imperfect areas of supplement manufacture. They support and sponsor many organizations like Beagle Freedom Rights which fights against animal clinical testing.

Enzymedica offers an app that lets you scan their product bar codes to check for animal testing. You can check other company’s product as well to ensure no animal cruelty was involved. Most clinical and product testing is done in a clean manner because the ingredients are clean from the beginning. Only the best ingredients will do.

Enxymedica also supports the Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center. The company is a sponsor of this local non-profit and other non-profits in the area. Enzymedica promotes a service called ‘Vitamin Angels’ a mission that provides vitamins and nutrients to mothers and children in need. And Enzymedica provides financial support to the Autism Hope Alliance as well. The company raises funds for treatment and awareness of Autism.

Quality and Safety

Enzymedica partners with Green Mountain Energy and has been carbon neutral since the year 2009. This offsets carbon emissions by 100%. Enzymedica Is LEED Gold Certified and Green Seal Certified.

A Few Other Ways Enzymedica Contributes to Green Planet Awareness:

  • Cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly
  • The headquarters has 113 solar panels
  • Motion detector lights
  • Low energy form of lighting
  • Packaging is recycled
  • The steel building is actually recycled as well
  • Saved electricity on Virtual IT servers
  • Organic and chemical-free
  • Solar shades

Their products are clean, sustainable, and affordable. Only the best and purest ingredients are sourced from around the globe, no matter the costs. Every single batch of products is tested to ensure you only get the best supplements and vitamins that are free of artificial additives or contaminants.

Enzymedica is the first brand that’s certified by the Clean Label Project – they are free of over 130 contaminants. And some products are vegan and vegetarian friendly. They also have products that are free of a multitude of additives and preservatives to benefit the body even more.

Some Ingredients Included in Enzymedica’s Products:

  • Fermented fruits and vegetables
  • Barley grass
  • Some vegan ingredients
  • Ginger
  • Charcoal

Best Selling Enzymedica Products

Enzymedica has some of the best natural ingredients on the market. Packed with vitamins and minerals, there’s no wonder these products are going fast.

Prebiotics Drink Mix – Including over 50 fruits, the prebiotics drink mix boosts the diversity of gut microbiomes and strengthens probiotic use. For those who have digestive problems involving the gut, this superfood drink can regulate those issues and quickly improve your health.

Repair Gold – This 100% vegetarian supplement improves tissue, joint, and muscle performance. The product works alongside the body’s regenerative properties to amplify any healing or repair. It also promotes healthy circulation to the muscles and tissues of the body.

Purify Coconut Activated Charcoal – The embarrassment of gas and bloating can be eliminated with this outstanding product. Activated charcoal coats and soothes the digestive system absorbing trapped gasses and then cleansing the body. This product is a great source for natural detoxification.

Immune Max Black Elderberry with vitamins C, D3, and Zinc – A formula for the daily protection and boosting of the immune system has only 4 ingredients. This product works during every season maintaining healthy cells and strengthening the body.

Betaine HCI – Another gastrointestinal issue is indigestion and heartburn. There are several traditional products, but they don’t carry the natural seal of approval as Enzymedic supplements do. This fast-acting formula soothes the stomach lining by improving its natural acidity.

Additional Notes

  • From every product sold, Enzymedic invests in planet-saving ventures.
  • Basically, Enzymedic helps consumers now and sponsors programs to help individuals of the future.
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