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Enzyme Science

Enzyme Science

About Enzyme Science

Enzyme Science is a supreme manufacturer of premium, natural, science-based, innovative supplements that help support total well-being and health. Its products contain no binders or artificial filers and are an excellent option for individuals wanting to make valuable dietary and lifestyle changes. 

The primary, flagship, ingredient used by Enzyme Science is Thera-blend enzymes, which are scientifically designed to give people with health concerns related to their wellness and digestive health optimal solutions to combat their problem or address their concern(s). Thera-blend enzymes are, in fact, a synergistic blend of multiple variants that work together in unison throughout the human body’s broad pH range. 

The brand is independently audited by NSF International, as part of its commitment to Good Manufacturing processes. 


Ensuring Effectiveness, Efficacy, and Purity of Enzyme Science Products 

The company ensures that all its formulations are clean. Here are some of the ways the ensure that:

  • They select the purest natural ingredients and search the entire world for the best raw materials with the highest possible efficacy. 

  • They test each batch for purity so label claims are met at all times. 

  • Enzyme Science products are free of more than 130 contaminants, which has earned the company Clean Label Project certification. 

  • Whenever possible, the brand uses vegetarian and vegan ingredients. 

  • Whenever possible, the formulas are certified Kosher.

  • No artificial fillers and excipients are used. 

Best-Selling Enzyme Science Products

Some of the top-rated Enzyme Science formulas are:

Telomere Pro - It fosters healthy aging, promotes telomerase activity that helps encourage cellular rejuvenation, and supports optimal health with a synergistic blend of Vitamin D3, Rhodiola extract, Broccoli seed extract, and Astragalus root. 

Serrapeptase Pro - A product that encourages healthy responses to systemic stress, reduces the period the body needs to recover after intense activity and fosters immune, circulatory, and cardiovascular health. 

Stem Xcell Pro - A polyphenol-rich formula that boosts stem cells, supports the natural repair processes of the human body and promotes general health. It contains Vitamin D3, plant extracts, and herbal compounds which also foster cognitive and mental health while improving cellular health and regeneration. 

Nattokinase Pro - A formula containing a comprehensive blend of enzymes and NSK-SD, the first natto-derived nattokinase introduced in the US market, which aims to promote healthy cardiovascular function, blood coagulation, and total body wellness. It also contributes to sustaining healthy levels of fibrin with the carefully selected ingredients used in the formula. 

MyoMend - A targeted-delivery formula that includes Rutin (potent antioxidant properties) and vegetarian proteolytic enzymes for the optimization of mobility and joint and optimal muscle function. It consists of a therapeutic enzymic blend of high potency, including serrapeptase and nattokinase that provide soothing to joint and muscle functions that are compromised by physical stress. Simultaneously, it accelerates tissue and muscle repair and combats physical fatigue.

Lypo Optimize - A formula that helps relieve digestion-related indigestion, as well as indigestion linked to dietary fat. It also offers supreme liver, pancreas, and gallbladder support while fostering the proper nutrient absorption from food. Finally, the product contains ingredients that support the healthy function of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

Enzyme Science Contributions to The World 

The company is a sponsor of Vitamin Angels, SPARCC, and various autism initiatives, along with schemes that promote a greener world. In detail, they participate in the following projects/initiatives/non-profit organizations:

  • Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) - A non-profit organization and the only state-certified center for sexual and domestic violence in Sarasota county. It helps violence survivors get back on their feet again while also promoting social change to prevent violent incidents from occurring in the county. 

  • The Beagle Freedom Project - A program that is an advocate for animal rights and strives to eliminate animal testing. Enzyme Science (under the sister organization called Enzymedica, has partnered with the Beagle Freedom Project team to enhance the Cruelty-Cutter application (it allows you to scan products and see if they have been animal-tested or not) with a new dietary supplement registry. 

  • Vitamin Angels - Enzymedica has joined hands with the organization to help reduce mortality, blindness, and illness among malnourished mothers and children by providing vitamins to more mothers and children across the globe. 

  • Bless the Children - An effort to uplift unprivileged and impoverished children across the world. 

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) - Enzymedica supports AFSP’s mission to bring hope back to individuals affected by suicide, save lives, and help change the mindset and conversation around mental health. 

  • Autism Hope Alliance (AHA) - Enzymedica stands by the organization’s cause since its inception. In doing so, they offer educational and financial support while creating an Autism Approved list of formulas that support the organization’s mission. 

The company has also sponsored several other autism-related causes (non-profits) within its community, such as AutismOne, Talk About Curing Autism, and Generation Rescue. It also provides scholarships for families wishing to attend the Autism Treatment Centre of America. 

Enzyme Science Contributions to The Planet 

Among others, Enzymedica helps initiatives that aim at the restoration of reefs via micro fragmentation technology while also offsetting 100% of its carbon emissions (carbon neutral since 2009). It has collaborated with Green Mountain Energy and also had its headquarters Green Seal Certified and LEED Gold Certified. Besides these, the company uses solar block shades, low-energy lighting, recycled paper in packaging and shipping, recycled steep building, eco-friendly cleaning agents, and many more. 

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