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Emu Gold

Emu Gold

About Emu Gold 

Emu Gold is a manufacturer of high-quality personal care formulas utilizing the remarkable health benefits of emu oil, an ingredient widely used by the Australian Aborigines for many centuries due to its health-giving qualities. This natural compound is at the heart of every Emu Gold formula. Also considered liquid gold, emu oil has played a significant role in Aboriginal culture, helping people treat hair and skin issues. Emu Gold’s emu oil is an American Emu Association certified emu oil and infused into personal care products. It also exceeds all best practices for food products recommended by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). 


What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil derives from the fat of an ostrich-like, flightless Australian bird called emu. According to research, a single emu bird can produce nearly 250 ounces of oil. One of the biggest benefits of emu oil is how deep it can penetrate into the skin and deliver other compounds with it, such as ingredients that help fight high cholesterol, dry skin, inflammation, and more. The remarkable way it's absorbed into the skin is related to its smaller particles and its increased carrier capabilities.

Emu oil can be used as a carrier oil or a topical treatment and mixed with creams and lotions to help the skin absorb the ingredients better. It can even be taken as an oral supplement in the form of tablets or capsules for cholesterol and inflammation. 

According to studies, emu oil can:

  • Moisturize the skin, body, and face and prevent water loss. Research also suggests that individuals with eczema and dermatitis may have fewer side effects with emu oil. 
  • Prevent skin aging by boosting collagen production and keep the skin wrinkle-free, plump, and elastic due to its antioxidant properties which also target oxidative stress-related signs of aging.
  • Improve sun damage, scars, and wounds and heal bruises, burns, and cuts due to the linoleic acid in it. Emu oil may even help heal the skin after the inflammation stages.
  • Help nail and hair growth, especially when mixed with peppermint oil and massaged to the scalp. It may even promote new hair follicles and improve hair density if combined with a diet rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. 
  • Repel bugs as it carried natural substances called terpenes that can be effective against cockroaches, adult head lice, and triatomine bugs.
  • Reduce nipple sensitivity when part of an oil-based cream, which is ideal for new mothers after delivery that want to enhance hydration around the areola and nipple, as well as reduce nipple trauma or pain due to breastfeeding. Studies have found that emu oil doesn't affect the elasticity, temperature, or pH of the areola. 

Important Note: Of course before using any supplement, it is always advised to speak to your doctor first.

The Misconceptions Related to Filtered and Refined Emu Oil 

Many people believe that refining emu oil reduces its effectiveness. Nevertheless, recent studies and case histories suggest that ultra-refined emu oil is, in fact, even more effective (than non-refined). This is because refining emu oil actually makes its journey into the human body smoother and easier as all hurdles that could prevent the absorption of polymers, metals, proteins, and other nutrients are being removed. 

Emu Gold oil is treated under high temperature and low absolute pressure to maximize the yield and quality of the finished oil. Since the oil is also treated with natural clays, all bacteria, pigments, and impurities are absorbed into the clays and then get disposed of via filtration. 

The company is very meticulous about its filtering process and allows the use of no harsh chemicals. Indeed, the entire procedure is eco-friendly and all-natural from start to finish and has been backed up and perfected through nearly two decades of exhaustive lab testing and research. 

All that aside, the technology used in the Emu Gold process described above has never been used for emu oil, although it is particularly popular in food processing. This uniqueness ensures that Emu Gold’s emu oil is non-comedogenic and also more active in the human body. 

Emu Oil Handmade Bar Soap

This is one of the first Emu Gold products that has been specifically created for the whole family to moisturize, clean, and at the same time condition the skin, helping smooth an even complexion. The fully refined emu oil used in the formula contains a nourishing complex of vitamins A and E, along with Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids. It is also gentle for the face, fragrance-free, and made with pure ingredients and organically grown oils. Also, among its ingredients are potent nanoparticles of colloidal silver hydrosol, which make a powerful natural cleansing solution for sensitive or dry skin.

Best-Selling Emu Gold Products

Some of the top-rated Emu Gold  formulas are:

Nearly all formulas contain 99.985% fully refined emu oil, as well as antioxidants (usually Vitamin E) to preserve the freshness of the oil.