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About Emerita 

Emerita is a leading women-operated company of natural women’s wellness formulas that has been providing its products to women wanting to improve their lives and health since 1978. At its early stages, the company marketed natural midlife formulas through physicians’ offices and the Transitions for Health catalog, which has also appeared in a Sex and the City TV show episode. 

The major breakthrough came in the 1990s for the company when Pro-Gest cream, Emerita's flagship progesterone cream, was first introduced at natural food stores. This has led to the launch of an entire category of Natural Wellness formulas for mature women. Ever since, Emerita has been continuously expanding its product line so that it includes skincare, health supplements, feminine care, and intimacy products as well. 


Today consumers can find Emerita’s products in many online retailers and natural food stores across the globe. Besides providing formulas for common women's health, issues such as menstruation, vaginal dryness, menopause, sex of all ages, and feminine odor, the brand is an advocate for women and also offers education about these issues - topics that many people prefer not to talk about, and topics that are not always easy to discuss despite their major significance in women's lives. 


The Emerita Philosophy

The company shows equal focus on caring for the balance and health of both women and the planet as a whole. For that reason, it has been incorporating environmentally-friendly practices for nearly four decades, which are included in every single aspect of the business, such as the offices, the manufacturing process, and more, whenever possible.

For example, each product includes select certified organic compounds and is scientifically formulated while also being cruelty-free and eco-friendly. In addition, the company uses recycled materials in the packaging stage (enables packaging to be recycled), whenever possible. 


High-Quality Ingredients

Emerita only uses the highest-quality materials available. For instance, its progesterone derives from Mexican Wild Yam and is then transmuted into pure USP progesterone according to the standards set by the US Pharmacopoeia for quality, purity, and strength.

Also, no Emerita formula contains SLS, phthalates, petroleum, parabens, or mineral oil and is never tested on animals. The only two formulations that contain animal products are the Hair Removal Pre-Waxed Strips that contain beeswax and OH Warming Lubricant which has honey in it. Finally, the products are also free of fragrances and artificial colors.

As for the Emerita tampons, they are made of pure certified organic cotton (certified by the ICEA - Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute) that also meets the standards set for Global Organic Textile. Plus, the cotton used for the Emerita pads and tampons is free from dioxin traces from chloride bleaching as it is cleansed with a mild hydrogen peroxide solution. Lastly, neither polymer additives nor cellulose is contained in the Emerita pads. 


Emerita Product Categories 

At this given moment, the company has formulated products belonging to any of the following categories:

  • Lubricants 

  • Health Supplements 

  • Intimacy 

  • Feminine Hygiene 

  • Midlife Balance 


Best-Selling Emerita Products 

Pro-Gest Body Cream - A natural balancing cream that contains 48 single-use packets, each having ¼ teaspoon of cream (450 mg of USP Progesterone/ounce). The same product is also available with a fresh scent of lavender (see Pro-Gest Paraben-Free Lavender). 

Organic Cotton Multipack Tampons - Designed from a woman’s health perspective, these tampons are made from 100% certified organic cotton while also featuring a fine, cotton outer mesh and a high-quality security veil to ensure fibers in the core of the tampon are held in place at all times. 

Intimate Lubricant Mayan Choc - A certified-organic, oil-based lubricant that provides enhanced vaginal moisture while also nourishing the skin without losing its glide/slip. It contains Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, and Vitamin E to preserve freshness. 

Estriol Cream - The cream contains estriol (rather than progesterone) and the same type of Vitamin E-formula used to design Pro-Gest Cream. 

Yeast Assist Probiotic Form - It fosters overall vaginal health by providing all the required nutritive support. The formula combines plant compounds that have been evidenced to help maintain vaginal balance, as well as one billion live microorganisms of targeted probiotics. The addition of Bacillus Coagulans ensures shelf stability without having to refrigerate.   

Phytoestrogen Body Cream - A paraben-free cream that’s a superior source of phytoestrogens, containing Black Cohosh, Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Sesame Seed Oil, Clover Flower extract, and Red Clover, among others. It can be used in combination with Pro-Gest cream to provide maximum balance. 

OH Warming Lubricant - A lubricant featuring Cinnamon, Lactic Acid, Bark Extract, Honey, and other key ingredients that help create a warming sensation and provide the same exceptional results as Natural Lubricant. 

Midlife Balance Formula - An herbal supplement specifically designed to help women deal with their midlife issues. It contains Chaste Tree berry, Dandelion, Red Clover, and Black Cohosh. 

Feminine Cleansing and Moisturizing Wash - A wash scientifically designed to provide vaginal comfort and health featuring Ginseng, Chamomile, and other soothing botanicals. It gently and naturally moisturizes and supports delicate tissues while also deodorizing and cleansing without irritating or drying the vagina. 

DHEA Balancing Cream - The product helps balance DHEA levels to prevent the adverse effects of low DHEA, which include decreased sex drive and thinning of vaginal tissues. It provides the body with DHEA rather than progesterone.