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Dr. Garbers

Dr. Garbers

About Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions 

Dr. Garner's Natural Solutions is a manufacturer of unique biotherapy formulas addressing common health concerns enabling people to live a healthier and happier life without the side effects of drugs. 

The company uses a combination of three types of ingredients which are also referred to as biotherapies. These are organotherapy, lithotherapy, and gemmotherapy. The  founder, Dr. Stuart Garber, AVCA , Ph.D, D.C., was the first person to receive a PhD in Homeotherapy in the United States in 1997, after practicing holistic medicine for 15 years already.


Being also certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association as an animal chiropractic, Dr. Garber has even created Maxwell Pet by Dr. Garber’s, a company selling biotherapy products that safely and effectively deal with the most common conditions for animal companions.

Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions formulas are sold in health market chains and Whole Foods Markets in the United States. They are effective, safe, and produce no harmful side effects, while there are no known interactions with other pharmaceuticals, homeopathic, or supplements.

Given the efficiency and natural compounds of Dr. Garber's natural solutions formulas, the products are equally safe and effective for children, and have a great taste. They are also allowable by individuals following Kosher and Halal dietary limitations.  


What is Gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy is a technique that uses extract from actively growing parts of plants, such as the buds, which optimize and stimulate cell function in pretty much the same way stem-cell therapy does. This method is very different from the one used for herbal extracts, in which the active constituents in the new growth parts of the plant are lost as soon as it matures. 


What is Lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is a method in which rocks rich in minerals are turned into a fine powder and then are homeopathically potentized (enhanced bio energetically). The main benefit of this technique is that the produced product (the fine powder) enables immediate absorption and, at the same time, allows for optimization of the balance of minerals within each cell. When this happens, specific enzyme reactions take place, driving the energy of the cell. 


What is Organotherapy?

Organotherapy is a method that uses healthy tissue (i.e., glands) that have been homeopathically prepared. In doing so, it helps balance normal immune function, restore immunity, and activate the immune system. 


Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions Product Line 

The company manufactures formulas for men, women, and children falling in the following categories:

  • Anxiety Relief 

  • Bone Support 

  • Gastrointestinal Support 

  • Immune Boost 

  • Joint Support 

  • Lung Support

  • Mood Support 

  • Skin Support

  • Sleep Aid

  • Thyroid Support 

  • Respiratory Support

  • Seasonal Support

  • Hormonal Balance


Maxwell Pet by Dr. Garber’s manufactures the following products for pets:

  • Skin & Allergy 

  • Calm & Happy

  • Hip & Joint


The Best-Selling Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions Products

The best-rated Dr. Garber’s Natural Solutions formulas are: 

Immune Boost - It is specifically designed to stimulate the functions of the immune system and foster a healthy immune system without causing an autoimmune response. It contains a potenized proprietary blend of Thymus extract, Bornite, Black Currant buds, English Walnut buds, and Hedge Maple buds. 

Thyro Support - A formula that contains a proprietary blend of potentized Thyroid extract, Native Gold, Sweet Almond buds, Bloodtwig Dogberry buds, and Black Currant buds. The carefully selected ingredients help support healthy thyroid function. 

EnvivoDefense - A product designed to provide relief of temporary sinus and nasal congestion, as well as sneezing and watery eyes. It is particularly effective for individuals that have inhaled allergens (i.e., animal dander, pollen, etc.) and even toxic substances from foul air quality (e.g., mold, fumes, etc.), and helps them combat allergic reactions to any of them. It contains a proprietary blend of potentized Pineal Gland extract, Galene, Common Juniper young shoots, Briar Rose young shoots, and Black Currant buds. 

Constipation Relief - It helps relieve occasional constipation by regulating sluggish bowel function. The formula consists of a potentized, proprietary blend of Large intestine extract, Pink Sandstone, Wine Berry young shoots, Rosemary young shoots, and Prim Wort young shoots. 

Skin Health - It helps the skin feel better and look younger. To promote healthy skin, it contains a proprietary blend of potentized Dermal extract, Conglomerate, English Elm buds, Rye Grain rootlets, and Cedar of Lebanon young shoots. 

Lung Health - The product is designed to help repair damaged lung tissue and protect the lungs after inhaling toxic substances from fol air quality (i.e., fumes, smoke, etc.) and other pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and molds. To promote lung function, the formula comes loaded with a proprietary blend of potentized Pulmonary extract, Stibnite, Lithy Tree buds, European Hornbeam buds, and European Fiber buds.  

Bone Strength - It promote bone strength by helping in the assimilation of minerals (i.e., calcium) while maintaining bone density. It consists of a proprietary blend of potentized Parathyroid extract, Calcaire de Versaille, Red Spruce buds, Giant Redwood young shoots, and Blackberry Vine young shoots. Quite similar is Joint Health, which relieves from temporary pain related to daily activities and promotes healthy joint function. 

Anxiety Relief- It helps relieve occasional nervous irritability and anxiousness with a proprietary blend of potentized Hypothalamus extract, Lepidolite, Silver Birch seeds, Lime Tree buds, and Fig Tree buds. 

Sleep Aid - The product helps go back to sleep and remain asleep, fall asleep, and fight occasional sleeplessness. It has potentized Bulbinum extract, Lime Tree buds, Fig Tree buds, and English Hawthorn young shoots. 


Best-Selling Dr. Garber's Products for Animals

Maxwell Pet Calm & Happy - The product helps dogs exhibiting discontentment, hyperactivity, and nervousness to calm down. Also assists dogs that respond to environmental stress to relax. 

Maxwell Pet Skin & Allergy - It helps alleviate issues related to seasonal allergies affecting the skin and maintain a normal inflammatory response. 

Maxwell Pet Hip & Joint - The formula improves the normal processes of connective tissue and joint repair while fostering healthy joints for dogs regardless of their age.

Dr. Garbers PRODUCTS