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Douglas Labs

Douglas Labs

About Douglas Labs

Douglas Labs (Douglas Laboratories) is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing and development of supreme quality, science-based supplements that promote healthy aging. For the past 60 years, Douglas Labs have been researching, developing, and manufacturing formulas that not only help healthcare professionals and their patients in their effort to enjoy long-term health but also maintain an active lifestyle as a means to enable them to live healthier longer rather than just allowing them to live a long life. Part of their mission is to push the potential of both patients and clinical practices to perform at the personal best not only today but also in the future. Douglas Labs is approved to produce NSF Certified for Sport formulas and is both NSF and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.


Douglas Labs is a Pittsburgh-based company and now has facilities across the world including Canada, Spain, Europe, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

The Research

Douglas Labs uses only research-based ingredients to provide their growing network of healthcare practitioners and individuals concerned about their health and how to lead a healthy lifestyle with top-tier products. For that reason, they research their own formulas in stringent clinical trials with the assistance of world-esteemed academic professionals.

The company has put a lot of weight on clarifying and understanding exactly how healthy aging and nutrition are related, which is why they collaborate with renowned medical and educational institutions. Among these partnerships includes a joint effort between Douglas Labs and (1) the University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital to study vitamin D, as well as (2) the Laval University in Quebec, where the cognitive benefits of polyphenols in seniors are analyzed in great depth.

Douglas Labs Manufacturing & Certifications

Douglas Laboratories holds expertise in quality assurance and manufacturing, which is something the healthcare practitioners in their network, alongside their patients, can benefit from. The company is:

  • An approved facility to produce NSF Certified for Sport formulas.
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited and certified for their in-house labs.
  • NSF International registered as a GMP manufacturing facility.
  • cGMPs for nutritional supplements per the 21 CFR regulation (Part 111).
  • Approved to produce certified organic products.
  • A member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Additionally, Douglas Labs implements the Vendor Certification Program (VCP) to make sure their raw materials are always the best quality.

Douglas Labs Quality Assurance

Speaking of quality, the company’s USA-based facility exceeds the standards of the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) for the manufacturing of supplements. Also, Douglas Labs’ ISO-certified and accredited in-house labs perform microbial, physical, and chemical testing while 3rd party testing is also performed by certified laboratories too. Besides, their raw materials are checked for microbial contaminants, potency, identity, and heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. Finally, the finished product is tested (and manufactured) in the USA, according to USP testing methods and NSF International quality standards. However, it is not just their products and raw materials that undergo rigorous testing; their raw material suppliers are also assessed via exhaustive audits and qualification procedures.

All Douglas Labs formulas are GMO-free, which is something that is ensured by requiring documentation from the company’s suppliers which certifies that the raw ingredients provided do not contain genetically modified materials. To confirm the absence of GMOs, the organization also conducts PCR testing for some nutrients. Now, when to comes to allergens, the eight major allergens are listed on the label of each product, according to the FDA labeling guidelines, namely soy, tree nut, peanut, shellfish, fish, wheat/gluten, and milk. To prevent cross-contamination during the manufacturing process or storage, Douglas Laboratories has also put in place comprehensive allergen procedures.

Douglas Labs Initiatives

The company organizes educational events, where they partner with key opinion leaders and experts in their fields, as a means to discuss the science and benefits behind supplementation. These educational events take place via several different channels, including clinical protocols, in-person seminars, and webinars.

Besides that, global sustainability is a core mission for Douglas Laboratories. The organization is particularly interested in finding ways to positively influence patients’ health. This refers to people in need in the communities in which they work and live, as well as in the developing world. So, apart from manufacturing health aging formulas, they also focus on helping their community and the planet. For that reason, they have partnered with SOS Children’s Villages International, a reputed organization with a solid track record of caring for the abandoned and orphaned children of this world for six decades and counting by providing healthcare, education, and childcare for them and their families.

Douglas Labs Milestones

i) Achievement in Science and Innovation Award

Douglas Laboratories is an Atrium Innovations Brand, which received the 2016 Achievement in Science and Innovation Award at the annual Nutrition Business Journal summit in California (June 2017).

ii) Gold Medal of Achievement

Douglas Labs multivitamin and mineral formula from organic vegetables and fruits called Ultra Preventive X received the Gold Medal of Achievement in 2014. The formula has received a 5-star rating from NutriSearch for several years in a row and was also named Best of the Best list in the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional SupplementsTM, whose criteria include product, formulation, research, and manufacturing quality. To receive this recognition, an organization also has to conduct label claim verification testing and even meet a pharmaceutical model for manufacturing. A single serving of the product provides an antioxidant equivalent of 4-5 vegetable and fruit servings, as well as bioavailable forms of trace elements, minerals, and vitamins. Metafolin is a unique compound of the formula (a patented form of 5-MTHF and 6S – the predominant form of folate) that can be used by the body much easier and faster than folic acid; hence, contributing to optimal overall health.

iii) 1st Healthcare Practitioner Brand in the US

Douglas Labs was chosen and the First Healthcare Practitioner Brand in the USA, in the 2012 ConsumerLab.com Survey of Vitamin & Supplement Users. The annual survey was completed by the subscribers of the ConsumerLabs.com e-newsletter, who rated nutritional and dietary supplement companies (whose products they use) based on how satisfied they have been with their health outcomes. More than 10,000 subscribers participated, and their feedback resulted in a detailed 130-page report. Overall, participants reported their satisfaction with nearly 1,500 brands and about 850 supplement merchants.

iv) GlucoPhenol opens new potential for glucose management

Researchers at Laval University’s Institute Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF), a Douglas Laboratories partner, found a potentially new approach to help improve insulin sensitivity for people with pre-diabetes and prevent an increase in the secretion of compensatory insulin. The study suggests that GlucoPhenol, a formula that contains four active polyphenol compounds derived from cranberry and strawberry extracts, may improve glucose management in individuals at risk of type 2 diabetes. It is also shown that polyphenols might stall or even prevent the progression of pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes, which is a major breakthrough considering the millions of people affected by this chronic health condition. The particular study is part of an ongoing research collaboration between Atrium Innovations and INAF that explores the effect of nutritional and lifestyle interventions on heart health. Apart from polyphenols, the researchers also assessed systemic enzymes and fish oil and explored their clinical applications and how they could improve cardio-metabolic outcomes.

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