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Clinical Synergy

Clinical Synergy

From cardiovascular support to women’s health issues, Clinical Synergy provides a wide variety of pure and natural formulas to enhance your lifestyle. Innovative products and protocols are developed through strict training and implementation of the highest quality ingredients. After all, improved health means longer life, and that’s the goal of Clinical synergy Professionals.

Through practice and research this company has developed some of the best solutions to serious health concerns, including adrenal health, breast tissue and overall support, heart health, and anti-aging concerns. There are also products that serve as quality first aid treatments.


What is Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas?

Developed by Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, Lac, Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas provides protocols and multi-targeted products for effective worldwide solutions. Today’s critical health issues can be faced with clinical research driven professionals and advanced integrated supplements.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz founded the Amitabha Healing Center and Medical Clinic in 2001 to provide his services and introduce the Clinical Synergy Professional formulas for his patients. Dr. Eliaz specializes in treatments for many serious conditions such as cancer, environmental toxicity, and immune dysfunction. The Clinical Synergy product line works alongside the clinic to help supplement and maintain patient issues with natural solutions.

Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas: Mission

With research driven solutions and doctor formulated answers, Clinical Synergy strives to improve patient’s health and wellness by supporting healthcare practitioners. Clinical Synergy is consumer driven instead of product driven, making supplements safer and crafted to actually change lives. Dr. Eliaz works closely with patients to understand their needs, then uses this knowledge to continue in research for even more nutritional and smart solutions. Individual goals and wellbeing is what matters most to Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas.

Quality and Safety of Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas

Everything begins with clinical research. The Clinical Synergy company partners with research institutions, government agencies, and universities to publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals. For the best patient outcomes, Clinical Synergy uses practice-based integrated protocols, published research, and known mechanics of action to ensure their commitment to scientific sustainability.

Individual therapies and dosages of supplements build the patient-driven approach. This ensures quality of products, as the patient comes first in development and research. The company takes all feedback into consideration and maintains an educated staff. The ‘Clinical Synergy Standard’  is the foundation of the company’s dedication to high-quality ingredients.

For instance, mushrooms used in some supplements are grown specifically by USDA organic growers. There is constant monitoring of Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas to maintain rigorous quality assurance. Raw materials are tested for contaminants and for purity, while manufacturing audits are completed. Clinical Synergy guarantees batch to batch consistency, and all supplements are cGMP certified as needed for USDA approval.

Some Ingredients in Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas

Locate Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas at Acuatlanta. There are many natural and highly effective ingredients used when creating clinical Synergy products. These ingredients are organically grown and tested for highest quality selections in the manufacturing of Clinical Synergy’s various supplements.

  • Magnolia officinalis bark
  • Sweet wormwood
  • Artemisinin
  • Kelp
  • Citrus pectin
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Amla fruit
  • Holy basil leaf

Best Selling Products: Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas


ARTEMAX – Designed to support and strengthen the immune system, this supplement uses on natural ingredients to build a strong reserve.  ARTEMAX is formulated to improve deliverance of synergetic effects and absorption in the system. This supplement is quality tested and doctor formulated to work well against infections and sicknesses.

PURE HONOKIOL – This supplement supports a stress-free and relaxed mood which, in turn, helps regulate physical systems in the body. It also helps support cellular health, relaxation, and restful sleep without leaving you drowsy the next day. This product provides the highest support with 98% pure formulations.

GlyphoDetox– One of the best supplements for GI health, this product removes agricultural toxins to prevent buildup in the organs and tissues of the body. The supplement includes pre-biotic agents that support long-term digestive health. This product is also good for thyroid support as well.

Men’s Essential Plus – For overall support for men’s health, this supplement offers minerals and nutrients that focus on the liver, prostate, cardiovascular system, and men’s metabolic health. This product is doctor formulated as an essential daily vitamin for men to protect these vital systems and ensure a strong reserve. The long-term health and wellness of each man is considered in the intricate ingredients when creating this specialized formula.

Women’s Longevity Essentials Gold – This special blend of vitamins, nutrients, herbs, antioxidants, and minerals creates a powerhouse blend for women’s lifespan health. This product targets the cardiovascular system, bone, liver, and metabolic health. It also improves physiological energy and promotes a healthy hormonal balance. This supplement works well before and after menopause.

ADVANCED GLUCOSE SUPPORT- To help keep glucose levels at a normal range, a blend of botanical extracts is used to create a supplement that is both easy to use and natural. This formula is approved by doctors to promote both healthy glucose and cholesterol levels. This product also works well for adult metabolic health. It’s suitable for daily use to ensure overall good health.

Clinical Synergy PRODUCTS