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Classical Pearls Single Herb Extracts

Classical Pearls Single Herb Extracts

The Single Herbs product line one of the most powerful lines of Classical Pearls formulas. The single herb transition experiments with the medical capabilities of raw herbs in their most raw and simplistic utilization. The herbs included in Classical Pearls Single Herbs selection are potent enough to tackle some of the most chronic and acute ailments and issues of the human body.


Single herb formulas sometimes include supportive ingredients to help the body absorb or utilize the product. However, there remains one highly active ingredient which serves as the powerhouse solution. Many of the single herb formulas can tackle everything from cardiovascular disorders to severe digestive and immune problems and deficiencies. Even in this starter stage, these formulas prove to be high quality and potent.

About Classical Pearls Single Herbs Products

Classical Pearls does their best to ensure that all products in the Single herb line are stable and safe. Ingredients found in Classical Pearls products are based on classical medical texts, but adjusted to treat modern-day patients, which has proven quite successful. After all, the complex problems of modern times need thoroughly researched and approved medicinal solutions.

Years of research has gone into the development of these formulas, including how to grow, cultivate, manufacture and test for patient safety. Many ailments, diseases, illnesses, and even minor issues have been either eliminated or treated successfully with Classical Pearls formulas, including supplemental formulas in the Legacy, Heritage, and Single Herb selection. From chronic illnesses to skin rashes, the raw and pure ingredients go to the source of the problem and not just treating symptoms. This makes a world of difference.

Classical Pearls Single Herbs Mission

The real mission of Classical Pearls, Legacy, Heritage and Single Herb solutions, is to return to the power of our roots. This is where the true cure resides. With ancient Chinese herbal medicines, there is a better understanding of what the body truly requires. It isn’t just physical or mental, but a spiritual unity that drives the health of the human body.

The company’s mission revolves around integrity, proper sourcing of ingredients, and safe preparation. Classical Pearls believes that good health starts with pure and potent ingredients. Classical Peals also believes in building relationships with those who grow and produce raw herbs for production of products. Basically, Classical Pearls wishes to restore and honor the origins of Chinese medicine.

Quality and Safety Standards of Classical Pearls Single Herbs

Ingredients included in Classical Pearls Single Herbs are some of the purest around. Precise processing, along with traditional and local growing techniques provide high quality herbs with high potency. This ensures formulas perform well and work safely. All products are tested independently in a U.S. laboratory and in China.

The company is aware of all locations where raw ingredients are derived. This helps them understand what truly goes into each and every formula – from planting to cultivation, be it Legacy, Heritage or the Single Herb formula. All formulas are consistent with the formulas in Chinese medicinal texts and also based on 3 decades of research and experience by Dr. Fruehauf. Quality and safety of Classical Pearls products is checked on a regular basis to ensure the same high standards and powerful solutions.

Ingredients Found in Classical Pearls Single Herbs

Classical Pearls Single Herb products have fewer ingredients as they are based on pulling the most power from natural and simplistic formulas in their rawer forms. With fewer herbs, all the aspects, from flower to root, can be examined and extracted as needed in order to create the highest quality and most powerful solution to various illnesses. Here are some of the simple ingredients present in the Single Herb selections, found at AcuAtlanta:

  • Aconite root
  • Wild Asian raspberry
  • Licorice root
  • Magnolia bark

Classical Pearls Single Herbs Best-Selling Products

Fuzi, White, ZHI – This formula, made with aconite root, is powerful for the balancing of yang. When putting these energies in order, issues such as kidney deficiencies, cardiovascular disorders, digestive problems, and more are greatly improved. Although aconite can be quite potent, even toxic when not properly tested and prepared, Fuzi has been strictly tested and proved to provide a safe solution for many health issues.

Fupenzei – This formula contains wild Asian raspberry which is full of flavonoids. This product is effective in improving and supporting kidney and liver functioning. It decreases frequent incontinency and helps strengthen muscles. This formula is also effective for erectile dysfunction, impotence, and infertility. Fupenzei is an overall safe product for prostate health.

Gancao 5:1 – This formula is one of the most commonly used Chinese herbal products in the world. This is because it is used in conjunction with other herbal products to lessen harsh side effects or lessen potency when needed. It has a calming or soothing effects and even used in some chemotherapy treatments.

Houpo – This single herb formula is crafted from magnolia bark and is quite effective for bloating and related issues. But its most significant impression is how well it works for heart and blood related illnesses. It also serves as a great anti-anxiety formula for women.

Classical Pearls Single Herb Extracts PRODUCTS