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Classical Pearls Legacy Series

Classical Pearls Legacy Series

The original formulas created at Classical Pearls all fall into the Legacy series category. Original formulas have been modified for long-term patients with the use of stabilizing agents. Difficult disorders in modern medicinal practice benefit greatly from these formulas. And these supplemental products improve health in many areas such as the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, and with improvement to the immune system as well.


Each formula is based on a yin/yang balance of special herbs, making them more suitable for chronic illnesses, stronger and much more soothing as well. The Classical Pearls Legacy series is a foundation for all other formula series that follow, creating a stable structure on which to create better solutions and improve and adjust existing formulas. However, many of these basic formulas are more than enough when it comes to conditions such as inflammation and nervous system issues alone.

About Classical Pearls Legacy Series

Holistic practitioners of the 21st century have been able to battle conditions previously encountered by western practitioners who came to a dead end with medicinal solutions. By paying attention to patterns, the root of many problems was treated instead of the symptoms, greatly improving the health and lifestyle of patients.
Now, both seasonal and beginning practitioners can take advantage of the benefits of Classical Pearl legacy formulas to combat illness and disease more effectively. In conjunction with acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, and massage, these formulas can help enhance medical treatment and eliminate a high percentage of severe health conditions. After all, lifestyle and health depend greatly on not only nutrition, but the environment associated with day-to-day life. Supplements help bridge any gaps.

Classical Pearls Formulas Mission

The mission of Classic Pearls is to honor and restore the origins of Chinese medicine. Since it is a spiritual artform and sophisticated science, Classical Pearls goes beyond being a source of medicine and into a source of self-discovery and appreciation. Classical Pearls appreciates health and the human body, as well, as naturally sourced ingredients.
Preserving efficacy and clinical power is the goal of Classical Pearls educational concepts. To learn and then teach others only helps create higher-quality products that can change the world. And improving health, both physically and mentally can create change one step at a time. Unfortunately, the simple foundational principles are misunderstood. Classical Pearls formulas can change that.

Quality and Safety of Classical Pearls Formulas

Classical Pearls Formulas manages the sourcing, formulation, and production of each product. They ensure that only the highest quality of ingredients are used when created each solution. They base their knowledge on classic texts, then manufacture products for modern patients.

Classical Pearls insist on traditional growing and cultivation techniques. While processing ingredients precisely as the medical classics, manufacturers use the same formulas, but with adjustments and specialized preparations. Strict testing procedures, in lab and at third party locations, are conducted throughout the manufacturing process to make sure there are no preservatives, heavy metals, yeasts, dyes, or sugars. All herbs are ensured to be of purest quality and high potency when creating Classical Pearls Legacy formulas.

Ingredients Found in Classical Pearls Formulas

A plethora of organic and pure ingredients, found in locations around the world, are utilized in the production of Classical Pearls Formulas. These ingredients are potent, and safety tested, providing loads of benefits to the patient. This is only a small list of the amazing ingredients present in Classical Pearl Legacy Formulas.

  • Angelica
  • Gyngko leaf
  • Lily
  • Wormwood
  • Lonicera
  • Forsythia
  • Lotus seed
  • Dry fried citrus peel
  • Bran friend coix
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon twigs
  • White, wine-fried peony
  • Steam-processed aconite mother root
  • Licorice
  • Red poria
  • Wine-fried salvia


Classical Pearls Formulas: Best-Selling Products

Lightning Pearls – Used mainly to treat chronic inflammatory disease, Lightning Pearls implores an arsenal of natural and powerful ingredients. Utilizing the age-old issues of Gu Syndrome, a parasitic source of neurological swelling, this formula goes straight to the source to provide relief and healing. Lightning Pearls also treat breathing problems as well.

Amber Pearls - Suitable for children with poor digestive function and appetite, Amber Pearls is created with blander food grade herbs to avoid upsetting sensitive stomachs. This formula also supports a weaker immune system, and most of all stabilizes spleen functioning. This supplement can serve as a remedy for the entire taiyin system, improving the respiratory system. And, in addition to those issues, Amber Pearls can also help improve cognitive function in children as well.

Bamboo Pearls – Bamboo Pearls is designed to open blocked collaterals, and diffuse stagnation to alleviate pain. This formula benefits multiple chronic issues concerning the musculoskeletal, neurological, and immune system. With these benefits, cold symptoms, injuries, and pain can be lessen and healed over time.

Heart Pearls - This formula is specially designed to improve heart function and support overall cardiovascular support using a classic body/unity solution. Heart Pearls enhances fluid metabolism, improves heart to kidney circulation, and focus on improving heart health basics. These foundational cardiovascular issues are only a portion of what Heart Pearls support. This formula also supports the urinary tract, the respiratory system, and other systems suffering from chronic issues.

Note: Some formulas cannot be used while pregnant.

Classical Pearls Legacy Series PRODUCTS