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Classical Pearls Heritage Series

Classical Pearls Heritage Series

A more recent version of Classical Pearls products, the Heritage formulas both contrast and compliment the Legacy products. These formulas can be used by practitioners as standalone solutions or in conjunction with other Classical Pearl supplemental formulas.


The Heritage version of Classical Pearl products focuses on balancing heat and cold, and water and fire aspects of the body’s function according to ancient Chinese spirit medicine. Derived from the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and married with western advancement, this line of products strives to address issues of the body ranging from cardiovascular ailments to kidney functioning issues. The formulas even work well when dealing more common ailments such as with the skin or common cold.

About the Classical Pearl Heritage Series

Adding to the basic formulas of Classical Pearl legacy, Heritage also seeks to restore and honor the origins of Chinese medicine, while improving the lives of people around the world. Over the course of creating these supplements and formulas, Classical Pearls Heritage has been highly successful with quality products. From utilizing natural ingredients, simplistic yet complex, the company has been able to go to the source of each health issues and make vast improvements.

Being a spiritual artform and also a sophisticated science, Classical Pearls works from the mental and physical aspects of each person. This is why improving mental and physical health works so well with these formulas. The goal of preserving Chinese medicine is met when used to treat multitudes of difficult problems, especially conditions misunderstood by western medicinal practitioners.

The Classical Pearl Heritage Mission

The mission of Classical Pearls is to return to traditional medicine in order to help with modern illnesses. To learn and then teach others the basic principle of Chinese herbal medicine is a heritage as well as a legacy, hence the honor of the names. As science progresses, traditional knowledge moves with this innovation, constantly improving and adjusting solutions for human health.

Naturally sourced ingredients are important to Classical Pearl Heritage, as well as utilizing a simplistic recipe to create each formula. Moving past the original formulas into a laser crafted solution means targeting roots of health issues instead of creating medicines that only address symptoms. Heritage has moved past that way of thinking and into the realm of curing illness and disease. Modern holistic practitioners work with ancient wisdom to perfect the formulas of Classic Pearl Heritage.

Quality and Safety Standards of Classical Pearl Heritage

Each formula is designed according to the ancient principles of Chinese medicine. From farm to formula, each step is carefully examined, with strict measures to ensure only the best for the public. Special attention is given to the ying-yang balance in the design of the products along with the purity of ingredients. Years of research has gone into growing and manufacturing of each formula, along with quality control.

All products are free of yeast, added sugars, dyes, and any pharmaceuticals. Independently tested at the source and in the U.S. laboratories, all ingredients go through rigorous procedures to ensure safety. The company maintains relationships with farmers and herb distributors to understand where ingredients come from and the state of their purity. Quality control is one of the most important aspects of Classical Pearls Heritage and other products lines.

Ingredients Found in Classical Pearl Heritage

The Heritage line of Classical Pearl formulas strive to simplify and hone solutions for the physical and mental health of individuals. These ingredients are potent and high-quality, found in products like Fengsui, and found at AcuAtlanta, Chinese Herbal Medicines. Some of the most notable ingredients include:

  • Myanamar Amomum
  • Jujube honey-baked licorice
  • Dried ginger
  • While peony
  • Fried apricot seed
  • Bran-fried massa fermentata
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Perilla leaf
  • Lime-cured pinellia
  • Ginger-treated magnolia bark

Classical Pearl Heritage Best-Selling Products

Fengsui Dan – This formula addresses both chronic and acute ailments and helps balance systems of the body with simplistic ingredients. From neurological issues to the immune system, this supplemental formula delivers a pure and potent core remedy to bring your physical and mental health into alignment. Fengsui Dan even addresses both reproductive and menopausal issues as well.

Banxia Houpo Tang – this formula addresses issues concerning the heart, lungs, and stomach. It also helps clear up cognitive issues that connect and directly impact health issues in the body in these systems. Mental-emotional blockages that affect the throat, affect breathing. Banxia Houpo Tang can, in effect, improve symptoms of anxiety in this manner. Whether during menopause or before, this formula helps relieve symptoms that can spread into multiple systems causing other symptoms to occur that worsen and become chronic. With simple and complex ingredients this formula is a game changer.

Shuyu Wan – This formula is best known as a solution that eliminates external pathogens while enhancing immunity – improving the health of the respiratory, urinary, and circulatory systems. With several ingredients, it may be one of the best ways to fight colds and the flu, even preventing infection in this area. It is the equivalent to a modern multi-nutritional supplement. One of the most outstanding qualities of this formula is its ability to help in the recovery after chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Classical Pearls Heritage Series PRODUCTS