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Carlson Labs

Carlson Labs

One of the first companies to understand the importance of Omega-3s and vitamin E, Carlson Laboratories Inc. proved revolutionary in health and nutrition. The company continued to expand past their humble beginnings, spreading the importance of fish oil to North America in 1982, followed by oils from calamari.

But it didn’t stop there – they became well-known for their delicious Norwegian marine oils around the world, discovering other vitamin and mineral supplements that greatly improved the health.

This family-owned company Carlson’s product lines now include, not only vitamin E and Norwegian fish oils, but also Carlson for Kids Children’s supplements, other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. They also provide other nutritional supplements and special formulas, even a multi-mini that includes several basic vitamins.


Carlson Laboratories Inc. Success

In 1965, the Carlson Laboratories was founded in Norway, and it’s there today. John and Susan Carlson created the family business and dedicated themselves to providing only the highest quality of natural supplements. From the start, this family cared about their customers and representing the vitamins and supplements that would hold their family name for generations to come.

In 2010, the Carlson laboratories Inc. celebrated 45 years of hard work and determination toward improving the overall health of all individuals. From the introduction of fish oils in 1982 to building upon their extensive product line continuing onward, the Carlson family passes their mission on to the next generation.

Carlson Labs' Mission

The Carlson Laboratories Inc.’s mission comes from the desire to share positive results of their nutritional supplements to others in hopes of improving even more lives. After Susan Carlson’s father experienced great benefits from a simple vitamin E formula, the Carlson family knew they must share these nutritional benefits with the world. And this is what they did.

With one powerful vitamin E based antioxidant in alpha-tocopherol succinate form, Carlson Laboratories Inc. set out to expand their products beyond the simple formula. Now, you can find a formula for every health concern. This remains the mission of the company.

Quality and Safety of Carlson Laboratories Inc.

The quality of Carlson products is outstanding. From sea to store, each production process is closely monitored and controlled for the best possible end-result. Using sustainable and traditional methods, vitamins, and supplements, like Carlson’s Cod fish oil, are created by combining on the highest potency, purity, and freshness. This is what offers the highest value of nutrition in each product.

Carlson Laboratories Inc. uses third party testing with the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards Program). On more than 28 fish oils, Carlson has received a 5-star rating. Again, this if for purity, freshness, and potency of the product. Carlson also uses IGEN as a third-party testing option to look for genetically modified organisms.

Carlson is also FOS certified, meaning they are considered “friends of the sea”, utilizing natural and organic ingredients while observing and respecting marine habitat conservation. Carlson Laboratories also holds the International Taste and Quality Institute and Superior Taste Award (iTQi).

Ingredients Found in Carlson Labs Products

Carlson’s product line is extension, continually growing and adding new high-quality ingredients to their vitamin and supplement formulas. Some ingredients include:

  • Vtiamin E
  • Omega-3 fish oils
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin D-3
  • Vitamin K-2
  • Coconut and Palm oils
  • Kale
  • Magnesium
  • Spirulina

Carlson Labs Best Selling Products

You can find Carlson laboratories Inc. products at Acuatlanta. Here are a few options provided for health improvement and overall maintenance.

Finest Fish Oil Liquid Omega 3, 500 Milliliters – This high-quality fish oil is bottled with a drop of vitamin E and given a nitrogen flush. This product supports brain functioning, joints, vision, heart health, and the immune system. Fish used to create this oil are wild caught and sourced sustainably/bottled in Norway. Product purity is guaranteed and is approved by the FDA.

E-Gems, 134 Mg – One of Carlson’s first great discoveries was the effects of vitamin E on human health improvements. E-gems helps improve cardiovascular health and the immune system, whiling proving to be a powerful antioxidant. It is also gluten and preservative free.

B-12, 1000 MCG – Naturally found in dairy, eggs, and meat, this vitamin proves its importance in neurological functioning. It promotes the production of energy, brain health, and is also an essential part of red blood cell formation. Quality and potency are guaranteed in this lemon-flavored product.

Mini-Multi – This small batches of multivitamins are perfect when you’re trying to pack a powerful boost to your entire system. The Mini-Multis maintain overall good health by utilizing vitamins A, B, C, and D along with minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium, iodine, chromium, and manganese. These multi-vitamins serve as a very powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin D-3, 10 MCG – This extraordinary vitamin helps boost the immune system while fighting off any germs that may already be in the body. It’s also a great support to the cardiovascular system and also strengthens the bones.

Lutein and Greens, 20 MG – This product provides a supplement for naturally found carotenoids found in the retina’s macular region, an area responsible for good vision. Lutein and Greens is quality and potency guaranteed and supports improved vision.

Carlson Labs PRODUCTS