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BodyBio -


About BodyBio

BodyBio is a manufacturer of research-backed and quality assured nutritional supplements that are designed with zero fillers or colorants that could distort their makeup. The company boasts supreme quality products that are never oxidized, manufactured from the finest raw materials. For more than two decades, the company has been trusted by thousands of practitioners who use the BodyBio formulas to help repair and build their patients’ cellular health. To date, the brand features a long list of supplements specifically designed to help boost brain and cell health, gut health, wellness, and immune and detox, as well as Keto and Paleo formulas. 


The company mantra is “Healthy cells, healthy body”, and for that reason, the scientific team working tirelessly behind the scenes have been using science and research (cell membrane medicine) for over 45 years to develop products that enhance the health of the body cells and improve gut and brain health. Their mission? To improve lives one cell at a time! All BodyBio formulas are made in the USA and are certified by the NSF. 

The company was founded in 1998 but decided to set sails for a new journey to make BodyBio even more readily available even to individuals living in the most remote locations. 

Evidence-Based Formulas

Research is at the core of everything BodyBio does and the very reason for its existence. It all started when Ed Kane, the company founder, wanted to investigate the most complex disorders people struggle with nowadays. In doing so, he developed epigenetic testing and targeted blood chemistry analysis. His first accomplishment was the development of medical software that was capable of assessing an individual’s blood chemistry results and produce a list of all the needed nutrients to help regain optimal health. Over time, the findings from that research led to the creation of formulas that target the formation (or preservation) of a healthy cell membrane, which, in turn, enables cell signaling and contributes to the initiation of disease-fighting processes. 

At the heart of BodyBio lies the urgent need to heal serious and complicated diseases by addressing the oils and fats of the cell membrane that carries the signals throughout the human body. The company is none the least interested in following trends rather than science, which is among the reasons why its formulas have been respected and entrusted by 2000 healthcare practitioners from all around the globe since 1998. 

Quality Standards

BodyBio is on a mission to raise the bar on quality standards, which is why the BodyBio scientific team conducts research that is referenced by scientific literature evidence counting thousands of pieces. That way, they can optimize their products for both quality and efficacy. Plus, they ensure third party testing is also done (besides internal testing) to guarantee that every formula that bears the BodyBio signature meets the company’s stringent product quality guidelines. 

However, BodyBio never ceases to improve itself by pushing boundaries and getting educated on the latest developments and scientific evidence related to the significance of human health at the cellular level. 

BodyBio Products

The company offers formulas in the following categories:

Cell & Brain Health – The hurried everyday lifestyle and stress put a toll on cellular health. Plus, the brain gets loads of toxins from the poor quality of food supply. The formulas in this category supply the cells and brain with top-quality raw materials for optimal function. Some of the best-rated products are BodyBio PC, Kirunal Fish Oil, CoQ10, and Balance Oil (Omega 6+3)

Gut & Digestive Health – These supplements help ensure microbial diversity to help the gastrointestinal system work in harmony, which will, consequently, play a vital role in our good overall health. You can try Betaine HCI, Butyrate (Sodium), Evening Primrose Oil, or Magnesium Carbonate

Wellness – Products designed to help improve the body’s total health and enable the individual to achieve spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing. B Vitamin, and Butyrate (Sodium Potassium) are some of the formulas you could consider. 

Energy & Performance – These supplements give the body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to metabolize energy and help you feel at peak performance and refreshed. E-Lyte and Vitamin B+ are some of the best sellers of this category. 

Heart Health – Formulas like Butyrate (Calcium Magnesium), Balance Oil (Omega 6+3), and Kirunal Fish Oil supply the body with essential fatty acids, magnesium, and coenzyme Q10, which are required to ensure healthy heart function. 

Detox & Immune System – To improve the body’s first line of defense, the company has developed Liposomal Immunity C + Zinc, Liquid Mineral (Zinc), Vitamin C Crystals, and more. These formulas also improve the body’s natural detox processes that help flush off toxins. 

Keto & Paleo – These BodyBio supplements use Phospholipids, bioactive oils, and EFA’s to nourish the body and enable it to maintain health. You could consider Kirunal Fish Oil and Balance Oil (Omega 6+3), or you could browse the rest of the product list to find the most appropriate supplement for your case. Along with proper diet and an overall healthy lifestyle, the formulas in this category can help you feel rejuvenated, healthy, and energetic.