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Blue Poppy Originals Chinese Herbs

Blue Poppy Originals

About Blue Poppy Originals

Founded by first-generation Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pioneers Bob Flaws and Honora Wolfe, around 40 years ago, Blue Poppy is an esteemed manufacturer of quality herb formulas and materials that address the unique health concerns of patients in the USA. Both founders were dedicated to establishing and supporting the developing profession of TCM practitioners. Their mission is to create and disseminate not only goods but also services and information for the improvement, establishment, and advancement of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in the West as a respected, legitimate profession with the main focus being to help improve people’s health and reduce or even prevent disease.


From Book Publisher to Manufacturer of Quality Herbal Formulas

At a time when books about TCM in English were extremely scarce (even non-existent), students and professionals in the Acupuncture Orthopedics Medicine (AOM) industry in the USA were lacking written materials that could allow them to become the best they could be. Blue Poppy stepped in and started a publishing house that gradually created an impressively long list of English-written books about TCM. They also began offering seminars to help further educate the students of the few AOM schools existed back then.

When the availability of educational materials was a covered need, Blue Poppy saw another gap that had to be filled – American patients had specific complaints about their health and were seeking top-quality herbal formulas and materials to address these complaints. That gave birth to Blue Poppy herbal products. Following is a list of their product lines. Besides excipient-free, ground-breaking granules that feature many single herbs, the company also provides:

  • Formulations that are unique and based on modern Chinese research
  • Topical formulas
  • Pediatric liquid formulas
  • Traditional formulas (concentrated) in capsules and tablets

A few years ago, Blue Poppy went on another quest – to manufacture acupuncture needles that provided supreme quality at a low cost. This is yet another successful endeavor considering how well their Balance and Tempo needle lines are doing.

Blue Poppy Continuing Education Program

Blue Poppy has launched a Continuing Education Division learning management system that offers over 130 credit-offering courses related to TCM while also introducing the latest news and most advanced methods to serve the coming generations of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. The courses confer certification by various governing bodies, such as NCCAOM, Florida, Texas, California, and others. They also have a strong social profile, donating needles, as a means to support their professional organizations and acupuncture projects in the developing world.

About Manufacturing Date & Expiration Date

Lately, there is a shift from printing the expiration date of a product to including a manufacturing date on the label. This change makes practitioners wonder about a product’s shelf life and how this change in the industry standard might affect it. What is difficult to define is how long can herbal extracts stay sealed so that they remain effective and fresh. However, it should be noted that all Blue Poppy sealed extracts, especially those that are dried hot water herbal extracts, are quite stable and have the potential for an extended shelf life. As for the company’s encapsulation, it helps protect the formulas against oxygen and moisture while a well-sealed bottle provides extra protection against atmospheric conditions.

The shelf life determines the presumed amount of time the product can be stored – for herbs, this refers to room temperatures away from extreme elements or exposure to the sun. Also, most of the extract formulas maintain their efficacy for far beyond the 3-5-year period of use that most manufacturers specify. For maximum efficacy, though, Blue Poppy recommends consuming their glycerin-based tinctures within 36 months, and their tableted and encapsulated formulas within five years of the manufacture date.

Note: Shelf life is significantly reduced if a herbal product is stored in places distinguished by highly variable conditions (i.e., get hot and cold repeatedly) or in a place of high humidity or temperature.

Product Quality & Manufacturing Practices

Blue Poppy only uses the highest quality Chinese herbs to manufacture their products. Then:

  • A trained Chinese medical pharmacognosist checks the botanical identity of the raw materials when each ingredient reaches the factory.
  • To further confirm identity, the company may also use Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC).
  • After that, a TLC pharmacist and trained staff at the production department re-inspect the bulk herbs.
  • The herbs are washed in purified water (distilled).
  • The herbs are sent for processing to a clean room where they are purified.
  • The herbs are extracted using high-pressure water at 75oC.
  • A vacuum is then used to concentrate the extract – then high-pressure centrifuge.
  • The concentrate is spray-dried and grounded into a fine powder.

All processing takes place in sanitized stainless-steel equipment and performed in compliance with SATCM-approved Pao Zhi texts and the Chinese Pharmacopeia standards. As for the manufacturing facility, it meets all cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards set by the Department of Health of the People’s Republic of China. Besides, the facility is inspected every year by an independent 3rd party auditor so as to ensure it continues to comply with FDA cGMP requirements.

Finally, all Blue Poppy products are tested by an FDA-approved independent lab to assure that the formulas are free from:

  • Pesticide residues
  • Microbial contamination
  • Heavy metals

The Blue Poppy customer service team can also provide full lab results per batch lot if requested, while all formulas have been insured for product liability.

Best-Selling Products

Among the top-rated Blue Poppy formulas are:

Impediment Magic 9:1 extract (60 capsules) – It helps fight chronic pain, such as from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Also, muscle and joint pain. The formula strengthens the spleen, bones, and ligaments, relieves cramping, supplements the kidneys and liver, and nourishes the blood.

Dang Gui & Anemarrhena 10:1 extract (60 capsules) – It helps treat rheumatoid pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other types of pain. It nourishes the blood, rectifies the qi, frees the flow of impediment, eliminates dampness, and clears heat, among many others.

Modified Perilla & Mentha 10:1 extract (60 capsules) – It combats leaky gut syndrome, abdominal distention, digestive disorders, fatigue, Crohn’s disease, food allergies, parasitosis, and many other health concerns.

Cold Quell 10:1 extract (60 capsules) – A product used after sore throat to help treat common cold or flu.

Anti-Nue Boost the Qi 12:1 extract (60 capsules) – A formula specifically designed to combat fibromyalgia, HIV, and chronic fatigue immune deficiency.

Added Flavors Supplement the Center and Boost the Qi 12:1 extract (60 capsules) – It is used for excessive or early menstruation, endometriosis with excessive bleeding, progesterone insufficiency miscarriage, infertility, and uterine myoma.

White Pearl 10:1 extract (60 capsules) – Use it for water blisters, skin lesions, orthostatic hypertension, psoriasis, chronic hives, easy catching cold or bruising, loose stools, lack of strength, and poor appetite.

Blue Poppy Originals PRODUCTS