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When it comes to providing quality products, Biogena USA Inc. has it covered. From supplements that offer gastrointestinal support to a regimen for cognitive health and wellbeing, this company has a solution. Biogena provides supplemental nutrition for multiple systems of the body making it easier to continue your chosen lifestyle. They are dedicated to both health and science, infusing only the safest micronutrients like vitamins and minerals into their products.

Combining innovation with ancient medicinal knowledge, Biogena wishes to share its pure solutions with the world. Biogena is a family-owned business that is committed to providing environmentally friendly products for sustainable health. The company cares about its employees and is always looking for new ways to be better each day.


The Mission of Biogena

The company’s mission is to be 100% devoted to three important aspects: science, health, and continual learning. Knowledge is the key to finding the best possible options for health issues, ways to grow, and possible improvements in the individual’s quality of life.

And Biogena believes that you’ll feel better the more you know. Instead of providing substance with no informative backing, Biogena stands behind the idea that educating while healing is even better. This company strives toward keeping its products as green as possible as well, using only what’s needed without hurting the world around us. Biogena is also carbon neutral and offers the world’s first eco-bottle containers.

Quality and Standards of Biogena

Quality control at Biogena is Completed in an unbiased manner, performed independently on each lot of products. This ensures that Biogena’s supplements are fairly tried and tested offering only the top quality for the public.

The company is proud of their carbon neutrality, eco-bottles, and their growing “Biogena Forest”. This is how the company retains its high standards simultaneously in the products and the environment. All products are free of preservatives, artificial colors, and harmful chemicals.

Biogena has more than 10,000 therapists and partner doctors networking with researchers around the world. As far as universities specializing in life sciences, raw materials manufacturers, and diagnostic experts, the company retains a close relationship with these entities. By doing this, Biogena stays in tune with innovative and new discoveries.

Some Ingredients Found in Biogena Products

With the wide range of supplements and formulas, many active ingredients improve the overall wellness of the body and mind. Here are a few of these notable ingredients used to provide these environmentally friendly and effective supplements, formulas, and liquids.

?  Calcium

?  Vitamin B1

?  Vitamin B-2

?  Vitamin C

?  Vitamin E

?  Pine bark

?  Grape seed extract

?  Ashwagandha root

?  Magnesium

?  Dandelion

?  Artichoke

Best Selling Biogena USA Inc. Products

Biogena has numerous products that provide amazing health benefits. This company offers supplements that help support, maintain and heal individuals from head to toe.

Glutenzyme Formula, 60 veggie capsules - For the gluten intolerant, this complex supports the safe digestion of problematic foods. It contains a gluten degrading enzyme called Tolerase G.  Glutenzyme also contains Calcium. Not only does calcium promote strong bones, but it also supports normal digestive enzymes. Glutenzyme also contains vitamin B-2, which protects mucous membranes.

Ashwagandha Relax Formula, 60 Veggie Capsules - Blending ashwagandha root, B6, and magnesium, Biogena creates a perfect formula for relaxation and decreasing stress. The micronutrients, B6, and magnesium, support inner balance and the nervous system. As an added bonus, the ashwagandha relax formula also supports cognitive function and memory.

Copper 2 mg Energized, 60 Vegcaps - In cooperation with VIVAMAYR Health Center, this product was created to increase copper intake when needed. Copper supports connective tissues, energy, and red blood cell production, and keeps the immune system strong. Copper also helps you absorb more iron into your system.

Cardio Support Q10 Gold, Veggie Capsules - After the age of 30, our Q10 enzymes decrease. With Cardio Support, this enzyme can be replaced, improving overall heart health and the functioning of our blood vessels. The supplements contain both Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B1. Vitamin C improves collagen which supports the integrity of the vascular system.

Vitamin B-12 Liquid, 0.85 fl oz. - The product is vital for the production of red blood cells. It also supports the nervous system, emotional wellbeing, and cognitive health. Vitamin B-12 is important for energy metabolism, supporting homocysteine metabolism. It’s important to note that this liquid helps vegetarians, vegans, and older individuals meet their daily Vitamin B-12 intake.

Arthro UMP Lumbal Gold, 60 Veggie Capsules - This product provides advanced protection, maintenance, and healing of spinal tissue. Working through the nervous system, using ingredients like Vitamin B1, B6, and B-12, Anthro UMP Lumbal Gold provides comfort while supporting the healthy activity of the nerves. It also includes collagen which helps with vertebral discs and the joints.

LiverDX Formula, 60 Veggie Capsules - This supplement supports and protects the health of the liver cells. It also supports the gall bladder in times of intense stress. Substances found in this product also have properties which that cleanse, purify, and improve the functioning of the digestive system, hence including metabolic energy and health.