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BioEssence Nutritional Supplements


About BioEssence Health Science 

BioEssence Health Science is the manufacturer of specialized pharmaceutical-grade TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) supplements and herbs that have been providing practitioners with high-quality formulas for over 20 years. The company combines traditional Chinese medicine practices with modern technology to maximize the qualities (and advantages) of each ingredient and manufacture high-quality and safe health supplements. What is also worth noting is the fact that all products are formulated by experienced BioEssence Health Science practitioners and ancient herb experts who carefully choose every single ingredient for each supplement produced. 


BioEssence Health Science was founded by a world-renowned U.S. practitioner specializing in TCM, Dr. Chris Young, who was also a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and certified nutrition specialist. Dr. Young had a particular interest in the effectiveness of herbs in treating various symptoms, and how people could see noticeable health improvements related to herb consumption. This has led to the development of a series of potent formulas that combine  Western science with Eastern herbs which can deliver significant health outcomes to patients, while also restoring vitality and wellness to their body. 


The BioEssence Health Science Mission

The company is particularly focused on providing healthcare practitioners with all the needed support so they can deliver exceptional care to their patients with top-tier herbal formulas. One of the main challenges local health clinics usually face is to manage herbal pharmacies, and, simultaneously, operate their clinics. BioEssence Health Science is concentrated on supporting and handling the pharmacy aspect of this equation so healthcare practitioners can concentrate on their patients. 


Quality Controls 

Each formula goes through a total of 12 stages from the inspection of the raw materials to packaging and warehousing. The different phases in the manufacturing process from start to finish are as follows: 

  1. Inspection of raw materials 

  2. Wash, selection, and infusion 

  3. Decoction piece

  4. Dispersing 

  5. Automatic extracting  

  6. Concentration 

  7. Low-temperature spraying and drying

  8. Inspection of the semi-finished product 

  9. Preparation of the dosage form

  10. Inspection of the finished product 

  11. Packing (plus, automatic size filtering and bottling)

  12. Warehousing 

Each different phase is meticulously inspected by qualified and highly trained staff members to ensure top quality is carried out throughout the manufacturing procedure. From lab testing and sourcing the raw ingredients to labeling, delivering the finished product, packaging, and manufacturing personalized formulas, BioEssence Health Science strives to maintain top standards continuously. 


BioEssence Customized Formulas 

BioEssence Health Science even enables healthcare practitioners to order personalized formulas that require no minimum order unlike what is usually the case with other manufacturers of nutraceutical and nutritional supplements. It should also be noted that all custom-made products are scientifically researched and come with high potency, following the high standards of all other BioEssence Health Science formulas. Plus, healthcare practitioners can enjoy customized nutrition services provided for free to help face their most common challenges. 


Best-Selling BioEssence Health Science Products 

Some of the best-rates BioEssence Health Science formulas that promote vitality and daily wellness to the body are:

Red Yeast Rice Plus - A formula that fosters a healthy vascular system and encourages the processing of healthy fat. It has been specifically designed to help individuals with high LDL cholesterol production in the liver. 

Agaricus Blazei Mushroom - A product containing 100 capsules that support cellular health and normal immune system function. It also promotes antioxidant activity and provides the body with B-glucans and cellular nutrients (Agaricus Blazei Mushroom extract) that feature high levels of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. 

Women’s Health Plus - It fosters healthy immune system function and promotes anti-aging while encouraging the normal reproductive function of women and improving their cognitive function. At the same time, it supports women’s general vitality and well-being with a plethora of coenzymes, nutrients, natural vitamins, and mycelia extracts. 

Viral Defense - A product that stimulates immune system cells, improves respiratory health and fosters healthy immune system function. It helps protect the body from viral infections and provides it with a combination of minerals, vitamins, L-lysine, chrysanthemum extract, zinc, and other ingredients that also support healthy blood vessel function and calcium absorption. 

Sinus Support - The formula contains radix and rhizomes that are widely been used in Traditional Chinese medicine to improve immunity functions and fortify the respiratory system. It also enhances sinus health and supports healthy nasal passages and mucous membranes. 

Rhodiola Rosea - It helps maintain stamina (both mental and physical), promotes healthy energy levels, and assists in getting boosted immunity. It also enhances memory function and recovery time while improving attention span. 

Reishi Mushroom - A product that strengthens the liver, promotes vitality, enhances respiratory function, encourages hormone balance, and fosters normal resistance function. 

Powerful Joints (180 capsules) - It helps alleviate joint inflammation and pain due to the natural glucosamine HCL it contains. The formula also supports the health of the joints and cartilages and overall mobility and comfort. In doing so, the body gets a powerful load of BioCell Collagen Type II. 


  • No BioEssence Health Science formula contains gluten, sweeteners, or artificial colors.

  • BioEssence Health Science manufactures TCM granulated herbs at an international GMP-certified pharmaceutical facility.

  • The TCM granulated products are sterilized and concentrated while also specifically extracted to create a 5:1 concentration ratio for maximum performance, enhanced results, and better effectiveness.